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Your Best Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

They say, “Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night!” The dazzling city of Las Vegas is located amidst the Mojave desert of Nevada. It boasts a buoyancy and vibrancy which is totally unparalleled. You will not find a similar spark anywhere else in the world. And that spark ignites an eternal flame of unmatched wedding photography, that has Las Vegas written all over it!

Sin City does not earn its reputation of being the Entertainment Capital of the World just like that. Las Vegas is home to some of the most happening resorts, casinos, hotels, and shows in the entire world. Many of which can be beautifully used as wedding venues. 

Being grand and magnificent, this city is home to boundless photogenic locations. Places that are totally Instagrammable! Places that take your breath away! And places that seduce you to lose yourselves in them and take photos as you do that! People who live in this gorgeous city - you know what we are talking about! And for outsiders, be assured that your Las Vegas wedding photography will be iconic. Just like this city! 

Well, for starters, you can never worry about lighting as every corner of this city is full of all sorts of neons and bulbs. The city is a celebration on its own! If you are planning to have your wedding in Las Vegas, its reputation for being a paradigmatic entertainment hub can make it difficult for you to pick your kinda location. One that would perfectly match your personalities as a couple. 

Whether you are a visitor or a local, we are sure you haven’t decided about your wedding venue. Well, considering the fact that you are here. Fret not, we have got your back. We have shortlisted the top 5 wedding venues that we absolutely love in Sin City. Read on to know more about them. 

Las Vegas engagement locations that we simply adore!


For an engagement photography location that is synonymous with grandeur, you could explore the Bellagio, just a 5 minutes drive from the iconic landmark, Caesars Palace. It is located on the Strip in Paradise, Nevada, and is home to a spectacular 8-acre lake that houses the magnificent Fountains of Bellagio. The grandeur of this resort is something that will shine in your photos and give you unmatched memories of your engagement. Also, the fountains here are the most spectacular backdrop for your glam Las Vegas engagement photography. The sidewalk bang in front of the fountains which runs parallel to Las Vegas Blvd is a great place for capturing the fountains as a backdrop for your romantic Caesars Palace engagement photography.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon is another gorgeous engagement photography location located just 12 minutes away from the Canyon Gate Country Club, a well-known wedding venue. The whole area boasts numerous photogenic spots scattered all over the place, although, you might also have to walk a lot, so make sure you wear comfy footwear. The Red Rock Canyon comprises a huge set of red rock formations and a set of sandstone peaks and walls which are known as the Keystone Thrust. The Keystone Thrust is made of 3,000-foot red sandstone walls that provide a spectacular background for romantic portraits. You could include things like hiking, biking, electric bike rides, horseback rides, Segway tours, and so many other activities in your Las Vegas engagement photography.

Botanical Gardens

This amazing piece of property makes for a perfect backdrop for your engagement photography. The lush gardens form a dreamy background as you and your partner pose romantically around the gorgeous landscapes. The garden occupies an area of around 8 acres and is brilliant for couples who wish to have their Las Vegas engagement photoshoot amidst serene nature. The breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip is another reason for you to pick this location. Engagement photography can be romantic, placid, scenic, and glamorous, all the same time - only here! Sit under the shade of a tree, with your partner's head in your lap, or walk hand-in-hand through the gardens, the Botanical Gardens has a place for all your moods.       

Neon Museum

For couples who are looking for an engagement location that spells the glam of Vegas, nothing beats The Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is home to a variety of neon signs which carry decades of history of this Sin City. The vintage neon signs belonging to different eras are preserved and exhibited for historic and cultural enrichment. Years have come and years have gone, these iconic historic neon signs stay as they are. The signs have been restored from various motels, hotels, casinos, and many other entertainment and business centers. So, how about making history a part of your engagement photography! The Neon Museum comprises three parts - the Neon Boneyard which is an outdoor exhibition space, a visitor’s center, and the Neon Boneyard North Gallery which is home to more restored signs. This iconic Las Vegas engagement location is perfect for some iconic Las Vegas engagement photography. After all, Vegas has always been all about Neons! 

Spring Preserve

An engagement location around one of the most popular wedding venues Platinum Hotel & Spa, the Spring Preserve. Spring Preserve is dedicated to the historical significance of Las Vegas and its natural springs. Pose against the magical streetscape of the good ol’ days - that’s the charm of Boomtown 1905. Feel the effect of recreated historical times of 1905-1920 cast a spell on your classic Las Vegas engagement photography! 

Las Vegas Strip

If you are thinking of getting your engagement photography done in a typical Vegas Style, you could always hop to the Las Vegas Strip. Nothing spells classic Las Vegas engagement photography like the Strip does. It witnesses a constant bounce of vibrancy and happiness all around! A 4.2 mile-long belt, it is home to a plethora of entertainment centers like performance venues, resorts, hotels, casinos, and luxury dining places. You could start your Las Vegas engagement photoshoot with the legendary ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. The sign is situated just south of the Strip at  5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South. As the day brings out the true colors of the surroundings, the night is a different story altogether. Our Las Vegas engagement photographers are professionally trained to capture the most of this belt. The colors just add a great backdrop to the romance between you two. As the sun goes down, behold the beauty of this place! The whole place shimmers and glows like a million stars together. The mesmerizing lights make for a dreamy backdrop for romantic engagement photography. 

Las Vegas wedding locations that might sweep you off your feet!

Caesars Palace

This iconic hotel says Las Vegas wedding like none other! Caesar’s Palace is as LV as it can get. Weddings are one thing that we wait for our entire lives. And you want it to be the grandest event of your life! Caesars Palace is ‘that’ Las Vegas wedding venue that lets you do that. The hotel, located along the iconic Vegas Strip is grandeur personified. It is home to five ceremony sites and ten ballrooms that can be used for wedding ceremonies and receptions. You could pick from these spaces, the event space that fits your requirements and style. 

  • Beginning with Classico chapel, which is great for a gathering of 196 guests and is a spectacular sight with stained glass windows and glittering chandeliers. The colors and glam look stunning in photos and make for a classic Las Vegas wedding photography. 
  • The Juno Garden is all about tropical landscaping adorned with palm trees and all things tropical! The Roman-inspired architecture makes this event space a unique place to make unique memories for life. The Juno Garden can accommodate around 128 people. Keeping up with the tropical theme of the place, how about incorporating a tropical decor? Click here for more inspiration on how! 
  • The Tuscana is an indoor event space and is more suited for an intimate gathering of around 80 guests.
  • Venus Garden also bears a tropical theme soaked in the beauty of palm trees and gorgeous vibrant blooms all around. Along with that, the garden is also home to a temple inspired by Roman-style of architecture, a beautiful fountain, and a koi fish pond. The stone-tiled aisle makes for a great earthy prop in your wedding photography as you walk towards your soulmate for the wedding ceremony. 
  • The Romano is for a super intimate wedding of up to 35 guests giving your Vegas wedding a Roman vibe. 

The pergolas of both the gardens are great spots to have a wedding ceremony, especially for your wedding photography. They look every bit of grand and ethereal for a classic and grand Caesars Palace wedding photography. Since, the good ol’ traditions are back, how about incorporating pergolas into your grand Las Vegas wedding? Check out more ways on how you can bring back the old traditions into a contemporary wedding and make a lasting impression on your guests! Our Las Vegas wedding photographers love capturing the combination of vintage and contemporary. Also, let it be known that they offer all sorts of packages as well, from the tiniest to the grandest. They can even have ‘fun somethings’ arranged for you like a cameo by Cleopatra and Caesar at your wedding! Take a cue from Kate and Brad’s luxurious wedding for more wedding inspiration

Canyon Gate Country Club

If you have always envisioned your wedding at a scenic location, overlooking ponds and mountains, this is where your search ends. Ideal for the guest count of 20 to 200, Canyon Gate Country Club is a dream wedding venue in Las Vegas. Overlooking the Red Rock Mountains, this spectacular wedding venue comprises scenic lush landscape, great water features, and breathtaking backdrops for your wedding photography, and you will never regret it. Here, you can exchange your wedding vows overlooking the Red Rock Mountains. The outdoor wedding ceremony is held on the terrace, against a beautiful backdrop of the elegant white exteriors of the clubhouse. The lawns are perfect to have your wedding portraits with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Wedding receptions can be held indoors in the ballroom, which boasts huge 25-foot glass windows that let the natural light and panoramic views in! The ballroom is adorned with a grand chandelier and pillars that lend royal vibes to your wedding photography. The dramatic lighting in the ballroom sets the mood of the wedding as uber-romantic and it looks dreamy in your Canyon Gate Country Club wedding photography. You could have your cocktails and reception outdoors at the terrace as well. The scenic landscape, distant mountains, and string lights form the perfect combination for a romantic Las Vegas wedding. This wedding venue is perfect for a black-tie wedding that immaculately matches the elegance of it. 

A Secret Garden

Nothing spells romance better than a cozy wedding venue, adorned with a lush landscape, elegant interiors, and the warm glow of string lights. That’s A Secret Garden for you. It is also believed to be the prime garden wedding venue in the entire state! A Secret Garden is all about 10 acres of lush landscape and dreamy lighting for unparalleled Las Vegas wedding photography. While an outdoor wedding ceremony at this gorgeous wedding venue looks dreamlike, the indoor wedding reception space is just how you might have envisioned in your most romantic wedding dreams. The white gazebo and lush greenery around it is a sheer delight as the sun goes down. Our Las Vegas wedding photographers love capturing romantic portraits of the newlywed couple, especially after sunset. The string lights wrapped around the trees make for the most romantic Las Vegas wedding photography, like the one they make wallpapers of! Garden weddings or outdoor weddings can be made to incorporate indoor wedding elements as well. From rusticity to glamor, they can add different dimensions to your wedding decor and wedding photography. You could hire a horse-carriage or a vintage car as a prop to make a grand entry as well. Props are always great and add a fun element to the wedding. The indoor reception hall is adorned with drapes in white chiffon and gorgeous romantic park lights. To spruce up the wedding decor, you could also use monograms and initials. Click here for know-how. 

Platinum Hotel & Spa

If you are the kind of couple who has been dreaming about a grand Las Vegas Wedding with iconic Vegas backdrops, then this is it! Platinum Hotel & Spa is a wedding venue in Las Vegas that offers panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip. Located just two blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard, this spectacular wedding venue would make all your Las Vegas wedding dreams come alive with its breathtaking views and elegant interiors. Platinum Hotel & Spa houses both indoor and outdoor event spaces, for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The rooftop terrace, Misora, located on the 17th floor is ideal for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The backdrops provided here are unmatched, with the entire Vegas Strip dazzling behind you! The breathtaking views of the city make for glamorous wedding photography in a true Vegas style!  The attached ballroom is adorned with glass windows and provides equally gorgeous views of the skyline. The Pool Deck is an open-air event space that glows from within with the fire pits and romantic lighting. The Platinum Hotel & Spa can accommodate 80 up to 250 guests. 

The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

A wander of 25 minutes from the Vegas Strip and you reach this one-of-a-kind wedding venue - The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa. This is an award-winning resort and rightly so! Our Las Vegas wedding photographers absolutely love capturing the breathtaking views of the surrounding lake as backdrops as the newly-engaged couples get hitched.  The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa opens to Lake Las Vegas and apart from having your wedding ceremony overlooking the lake, you could have truly dreamy wedding photography! The spectacular Las Vegas wedding venue spans over an area of a whopping 120,000 square feet, alongside the lake. It is home to a variety of event spaces, both indoor and outdoor. Baraka Ballroom is a Mediterranean-inspired ballroom and the decor looks elegant in wedding photography, with perfect lighting. The huge windows allow the natural light to come in and add an angelic glow to the wedding photos. The Casablanca, on the other hand, can accommodate a large gathering of up to 1,200 guests. The elegance and classy urban decor of this ballroom lend a vibe of grandeur which looks stunning and make for a classic Las Vegas wedding photography. The outdoor wedding event spaces, the Andalusian Gardens, and Lotus Court offer some of the most breathtaking views of the lake. The result - epic wedding photography. Our Las Vegas wedding photographers love capturing all the little nuances of your big day against the gorgeous backdrop of the lake. The precious father-daughter moments or the wedding portraits with your mommy, it all looks perfect to a ten in these surroundings.

The vivacious spirit of this flirty city is like none other! The glimmering lights convey the glam quotient that’s in the veins of this city! Iconic streetside shows, grandeur-laden fountains, and the glittering strip are just some of the things which make you realize what a grand city this is! And to have your wedding here is a dream for many. Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, the venue should also meet your desires that you’ve always had about the happiest day of your life! For more wedding inspiration, check out the rest of our blog!

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