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Omni Severin Hotel Wedding Photos

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An Idyllic Destination For Your Elegant Wedding At Omni Severin Hotel, Indianapolis

 You walk into Omni Severin Hotel and get enveloped by the crystal chandeliers, the warm lights, the sweeping curtains, and the hardwood dance floor. The soothing music playing in the background, instantly putting you at ease. For a moment, you feel like you stepped into royal surroundings. Isn't that what your dream wedding is about? Feeling your absolute best? And the Omni Severin Hotel delivers this and more!!

This historic and elegant venue is backed with historic significance and has earned its popularity as one of the longest-running and most amazing hotels located in the center of the city. The decor echos the sublime elegance of the 1900s and grandeur which comes with it. Its historic opulence is seamlessly balanced with delightful modern touches, appealing to starry-eyed couples looking for a historic wedding venue with a contemporary twist. Details like the notably beautiful foyer and the sparkling chandelier whispers of elegance and the promise of a good time.

The Severin Ballroom, with its fascinating adjoining lobby, plays the part and looks stunning as you and your beloved descend down the marble staircase and welcome your guests with finesse. Don't hold back - this is your night to shine bright! Your Indianapolis wedding photographer can seize this opportunity to capture your elegance and grandiosity to remind you of this day forever. Your wedding reception will feel like a clip right out of a James Bond movie, as you dance on the hardwood dance floor right under the Austrian crystal chandeliers - the only thing shining as bright as you!

Even though the inside is a breathtaking setting on its own, the roadside setting right outside the venue has a lot to offer, too. The stoplight is conveniently situated, allowing you to have an impromptu photo session with your partner or with your bridesmaids in a 90’s New York vibe reminiscent of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This opens up a lot of wedding photography options to explore and comes as a fun contrast to the otherwise elegant setting.

There is something about marriage which is delightfully magical. And what's more magical than Omni Severin Hotel to make your special day even more enchanting? Add a little extra pixie dust to your day by choosing this exquisite venue to be the backdrop of your wedding day. Let the crystals shine, the laughter of your guest ebb and flow, and your white wedding gown sway with the music. You have the love of your life holding your hand. Maybe dreams do come true!

Omni Severin Hotel

40 West Jackson Place
Indianapolis, IN   46225
(317) 634-6664

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