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The Country Club of Indianapolis Engagement Photos


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The Country Club of Indianapolis

The Country Club of Indianapolis

Located on the northwest side of Indianapolis is the beautiful and scenic Country Club of Indianapolis, a fantastic spot for your engagement shoot full of interesting architecture and landscaping that will provide a fabulous background for your special session. 

Here you’ll be left breathless by the jewel green lawns surrounded by rolling hills covered in trees while you’ll find beds of thoughtful landscaping, groomed shrubs, and flowering plants adorning the grounds that will add a pop of color in the ever-present green that imbues this oasis with calm. The elegantly-appointed clubhouse features white columns and classic red brick that make fantastic textures to feature in your photos. In front, you’ll enjoy the pairs of white trellises that add a romantic touch to the simple surroundings. You’re sure to enjoy finding backdrops around the clubhouse that help you capture the mood and feeling you’re going for. 

For a shoot that is astounding in its geometry and natural lines, you’re going to love this spot. Its location, gorgeous landscaping and stunning architecture make The Country Club of Indianapolis a fantastic destination for Indianapolis engagement photography. You’ll leave here with looks that you’ll love and cherish for a lifetime.


Call Country Club of Indionapolis for Permit Information

The Country Club of Indianapolis - Indianapolis

2801 Country Club Rd Indianapolis
IN, 46234
(317) 291-9770

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