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Eagle Creek Park Engagement Photos


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Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek Park

Located just a few minutes from downtown Indianapolis, Eagle Creek Park is an enchanting destination for your engagement shoot.

Eagle Creek Park is one of the largest city parks in the nation, offering unmatched opportunities of amazing backdrops to your photos. Boasting 1,400 acres of water that includes a lake, ponds, and marsh, along with 3,900 acres of forest and natural wilderness area, one quickly escapes the stresses of a major city. Over 10 miles of trails weave and wind their way through the forests, making it a favorite of both travelers and photographers. Playgrounds and pavilions scattered throughout the park provide some very unique and beautiful spots for your Indianapolis photography. Eagle Creek has so much more to offer!

Spring and summer are the peak times to go to the park, but you won't find a more beautiful and picturesque place in all of Indianapolis when winter arrives. We love when couples take advantage of freshly fallen snow for a set of unique photos.

If you are an adventurous couple, walk through the quiet cold of a winter morning hand-in-hand. Take some amazing pictures on a brisk day with the warmth of your loved one.

This amazing park's natural beauty and lovely landscaping would make an excellent backdrop for your engagement shoot! You'll certainly enjoy every moment, where time seems to stands still.

Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis

7840 W 56th St Indianapolis
IN, 46254
(317) 327-7110

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