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Host a Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Reception at The Overlook in Atascocita 

If you’re someone who is fond of traditions and historic venues that allow you to add something old and something new to your wedding décor then you’ll love The Overlook in Atascocita at a first glance. This site nestled in the Lake Houston area has a rich history as one of the oldest golf clubs in this region. 

In spite of the ample remodeling work that it has undergone, the Overlook in Atascocita still preserves its historic significance and its southern craftsman appearance that have made it famous nationwide. Stretching on 22 acres of lush, green grounds, this facility allows you to revel in a variety of naturalistic views that beg to be photographed. 

Maybe at this point you are daydreaming about a picturesque venue with stunning wooded areas, lazy ponds, elegant ballrooms, and vast acreage. If so, we are happy to tell you that The Overlook is exactly what you are looking for. Embodying the concept of southern charm and hospitality, this acclaimed facility is much appreciated by our talented Houston wedding photographers who love capturing the essence of this historic estate from dusk till dawn.

The Overlook

20114 Pinehurst Dr
Atascotia, TX   77346
(281) 812-0193

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