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Host the Wedding of Your Dreams at The Conservatory, a Latest Addition to The Gardens at Madeley Manor, Houston!

Have you ever felt like a 'showstopper'? If not then very soon you are gonna be one at your own wedding show amid your favorite people! For such a special event don't you think the venue should be special too? The Conservatory heading north to The Gardens at Madeley Manor in Conroe (acquired from The Gardens of River Oaks) will offer you a unique experience that will exceed your expectations for your wedding day! Host your memorable wedding in a lush setting with an opulent radiance of candlelit beauty, and the flawless backdrop for your Houston wedding photography. 

The Gardens at Madeley Manor is a magnificent wedding venue steeped deep in history. Relaxed yet refined, it is a hidden gem tucked away behind a grove of sweeping oak trees in Conroe, Texas. Restored in the 1930s, this charismatic property proudly flaunts the Southern Colonial vibe. Majestically adorned with an exquisite blanket of greenery, enchanting gardens the Gardens at Madeley Manor offers a pleasant backdrop for your wedding day! The magnificent, plantation-style property has played host to some of the most elegant, lush and Southern-inspired ceremonies, receptions and bridal luncheons this side of the Texas border.

The moment you step into this luxurious mansion, this emerald, and picturesque heaven will make you forget everything and you will feel like you have been transported to a tranquil area away from the hustle-bustle of the surrounding. The luscious grounds are enclosed by verdurous evergreens and shaded by awesome, 100 years old oaks. Lovely garden fountains lend an amicable environment as their bubbling waters offer a melodic background for conversation and laughter! You can pose with your wedding party and your loved ones in front of these fountains to induce some fun photographs in your wedding photo book! Steal a kiss with your darling while the bubbling sound of the waters that recite your unique love story and your Houston wedding photographer encapsulates all these tender moments in the perfect frame for you! 

Before you go ahead and find the perfect fit for your celebration, let’s take you down the memory lane and introduce you with the rich history of this great mansion! Madeley Manor was initially built by Daniel and Ruth Madeley and instantly it became the epicenter of society and representation of sophistication in Conroe. The ravishing property is known for hosting grand events for dignitaries and musicians, as well as the Madeley daughters’ weddings, according to Thai. Since it’s heyday, this property has been restored many times but has always maintained its historic charm and beauty. The restoration has done wonders to this property! A striking facade with statuesque Corinthian columns warmly welcomes guests with grandeur! The moment your loved ones step in through the entrance, they will endure an intriguing interior illuminated by French windows on both sides of the main doorway. The wealth of natural light pouring in through these huge windows washes over every elegant detail for an airy feel. Hosting your wedding at this property will leave your guests enchanted and your wedding will be talked about for years to come!

Picture yourself walking down a beautiful aisle adorned with vibrant flowers, amidst the tranquility of nature, towards a white gazebo that overlooks the gorgeous fountains! Allow the brilliant white gazebo to whimsically reflect the wedding dreams of your youth. The outdoorsy bride will love this option for saying ‘I do’ to the love of her life amidst the tranquility of nature! Exchanging vows under the gazebo will not only bring the elegance and beauty of nature to your ceremony but will also make your wedding photographs shine out! Nestled amid two grand oak trees, its simplicity is decked out by the radiance of a gleaming, white, crystal chandelier! Allow our professional Houston wedding photographers to capture all these inestimable moments for you to adore for many anniversaries to come! 

If you want to ditch the landscape views and want to go for a simple, classy, and elegant indoor wedding ceremony, then the chapel is the best place for you to announce your love! The chapel has undergone a makeover and now is an intimate space that is always ready to host small gatherings! You can let your wedding creativity go wild and can adorn the chapel with an antique chandelier! A warm glow radiated by this chapel will set the mood of your celebration and will effortlessly highlight the rustic and vintage vibe in your wedding photographs. Shake a leg with your darling in the ambient glow of the Manor’s poetic lighting and splendid Southern architecture! 

The Gardens at Madeley Manor features a splendid spot, the Conservatory, where you can host your glamorous wedding reception with 100 guests. Allow your guests to adore the uninterrupted and paradisiacal views of Texas sunset and twinkling night sky! This space is centrally air-conditioned and heated. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of stunning outdoors and dine under the luminous stars in comfort and style, in any season, rain or shine! The Conservatory and its surrounding piazzas will add to the historical character of this memorable location.

Settled in the middle of the opulently decorated grounds, this English Conservatory is an authentic building imported from London. This impressive space offers a magical setting for your wedding photographs. The entire space is embellished with Victorian lamps and a series of wrought iron gates! Make an epic entry through these iron with your sweetheart and leave your guests in amazement! The cornerstone of this Conservatory is its shape! The ogee shape of the Conservatory roof makes it an astounding backdrop upon which our professional Houston wedding photographers love to capture. The antique Victorian lamps and fashioned-iron gates encircling the area offer more picture-perfect wedding photography opportunities.

It’s a treat for your wedding photographers to capture your wedding inside the Conservatory. The unblemished double-glazed glass walls fill the entire room with the wealth of natural light which creates an ideal inviting ambiance for excellent wedding photography! To share some choreographed moves and spins with your brand new spouse, a polished wooden dance floor can be set alongside the glass wall. Dancing on this stage will make you and your BAE feel like you’re dancing in the sky which will make for captivating photos as you celebrate the night away.

Brides will definitely cherish the European feel amid the gardens with their serpentine walkways trimmed in pastel flower beds and accented with a gurgling fountain and romantic gazebo. All these decorative elements surrounding the Conservatory set the stage for your wedding day! The Conservatory is a one-of-a-kind space where you will endure the best combination of glamor and nature. 

Once your wedding reception is over you can take your guests on the roof of the manor. This space is especially to accommodate people to celebrate the night over drinks! Allow your guests to mingle and savor the night under the gleaming city skyline! This moment calls out for some candid portraits. Allow your Houston wedding photographer to capture all the unsaid and happy emotions of your guests. Meanwhile, you can find a cozy corner and can share stories about dancing to an old Wurlitzer Record Player with its automatic record changer and enjoy the brightness of the stars and moon at night through the dormer windows.

The Gardens at Madeley Manor provides all-inclusive pricing for all types of wedding celebrations! From the assortment of delicious sweets and flatware at a brunch buffet to hor d’ oeuvres and glassware for cocktail hour to scones and saucers for the bridesmaids’ tea, and multicourse meals and tables for a seated dinner, you will have everything on your demand! At Madeley Manor, you will be able to take joy in your wedding as the dedicated staff is always there by your side to care for the details! We assure you that the team will care for every imaginable detail in order to make your wedding and wedding reception a memorable experience! All they need is you! 

As at George Street Photo and Video we believe that every love story is unique so why the place to narrate it to the world should be ordinary! Celebrate your love by hosting your wedding at this phenomenal wedding venue and don’t let the paparazzi leave you even for a second! Schedule a tour to The Gardens at Madeley Manor and book the perfect wedding venue for your dream day! And give a lavish farewell to your singlehood and step into the new chapter of your life at The Gardens at Madeley Manor! 

The Conservatory

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