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The Bell Tower on 34th Wedding Photos

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Let Your Houston Wedding Go Grand At The Bell Tower on 34th!

Maybe it was love at first sight when you met your soon-to-be spouse. How about declaring it at the place that steals your heart at first sight? Sounds interesting! The moment when you announce your love to the world is thrilling and beautiful and it should be surrounded by the spectacular settings to accentuate its beauty. Bell Tower on 34th in Houston makes your heart skip a beat the moment you arrive. Whether it is a day ceremony or evening one with indoors or outdoors settings on your mind, Bell Tower on 34th in Houston will calm your nerves and wedding planning will no longer be a tough chore.

Nationally recognized as one of the best wedding venues in America, the breathtaking Bell Tower on 34th has been winning various wedding venue awards for the past 13 years. Due to unmatched quality that it delivers, it is the perfect choice for stylishly intimate events or classic grand extravaganzas at every point of time. Your Houston wedding photographers will be on cloud nine as they get the chance to shoot a wedding at the Bell Tower on 34th. 

Located in Houston, Texas, this unique event facility can accommodate your wedding celebration of up to 1,200 guests amid exceptional spaces to cater to all of your event needs. Fall in love with the perfect backdrop from the cascading waterfall to the signature dramatic staircases or will lure you in with its stone archways and high ceilings. You will be speechless with the spectacular architecture inspired by and reminiscent of grand Italian villas and luxurious haciendas to complement your wedding pictures. 

Unlike any wedding venue you have ever seen, it provides endless opportunities for stunning wedding photos. And you know what is the cherry on the cake? Every room of this capacious wedding venue from Houston features an intricate design and stunning elegance. The sunlight shone through the oval window, lying on the tiled floor looks like sweet honey. Rays of brightness cast squares onto the glossy stone floor, reflecting onto several objects in the room which decorated its otherwise simplicity. From the grand staircase at the entrance to the magical chandeliers in the ballroom, we cannot get enough of the Houston beauty.

The Bell Tower on 34th is the perfect venue to entertain your guests in a natural and comfortable feeling space. The lighting in the Candela and Chandelier rooms makes the decor glow and everything appears so elegant, which is what every bride would want. The chairs, tables, linens and table settings provided by the venue are a huge plus that will take your simple wedding to a notch above. 

Night looks equally wonderful and beautiful as the sky outshines in the black beauty. Imagine this! The sun dipped lower in the sky until the trees that line the lane stood as black statues silhouetted against the darkening sky, slowly their shadows melted away into the blackness of night. Amid the velvety dark of night, colors subdued in the fading light and only the faintest of light shone through the leaves, soon it grew dark, darkening sky, a close silence in the dim evening light. Ah, reminds Albert Bierstadt’s paintings! Well, this is not a scene from a beautiful painting but the panoramic view of your candid wedding at the Bell Tower on 34th. As the air becomes cooler, you can enjoy a stroll with your partner thinking about all the mixed emotions you two were feeling since the last night. And let these precious moments be captured between the lenses of our creative Houston wedding photographers!. 

Everyone dreams of an event that will be nothing less than exceptional. The Bell Tower on 34th makes your special day exactly as you have envisioned by including everything you have ever dreamed of. High ceilings, marble floors, and beautiful mahogany Chiavari chairs give your event that special feeling you have always wanted. Step outside to the private gardens of lush greenery and gorgeous vintage accents to create the best kind of Houston wedding photos. This is the primary thing you need for sure to make your wedding day even more magical than you have ever imagined.

Houston city boasts a myriad of places, from parks to locations that evoke nostalgia. And being a Houston resident, you have the privilege to visit these places more often and make the most of them before and after your wedding- like an intimate engagement photoshoot or a short trip to a nearby attraction to steal some intimate moments with your partner just a day or two before, and live last few hours as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Discovery Green, a 12-acre park gifts you amazing settings for some wonderful pre-wedding photography in Houston. With a variety of colorful and visually interesting art displays and fantastic views of the city skyscrapers, you will definitely be going to create lots of memories here. Needless to say, it's a top-notch spot for your Instagrammable photos!

Sam Houston Park is another gem shining in the crown of Houston city as an idyllic location for your Houston engagement photography. Located in the center of downtown, this 19-acre park is as expansive and scenic as it could be, with a variety of natural vignettes for you to enjoy. Remember when your grandmother spends more time strolling down memory lane these days than talking about the present. Sit in front of the pond, feeding mallards or stroll down a tree-lined path and make some mesmerizing memories to share later with your grandkids. You can even get a city-meets-country photo on the grassy lawn with the city skyline towering in the background.

Hermann Park is just what your heart desires for as a Houston couple! As one of Houston's oldest parks, it dates back over a century and acts as an amazing engagement photography location that you and your guests will be amazed at. You and your fiance might stroll along the paths at Hermann Park which is surrounded by natural splendor. It is one of Houston's most visited parks with several sculptures, water elements, and architectural details that can add interest and enhance the photos

Hosting a wedding at the Bell Tower on 34th could be a wonderful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. The everlasting beauty that it showers feels like something straight out of the movies and is known for its classic settings and impeccable services. 

The Bell Tower on 34th

901 West 34th Street
Houston, TX   77018
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