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Magnolia Hotel Houston Wedding Photos

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Magnolia Hotel in Houston Gives You Space for a Chic Wedding Celebration

Excitement is at par as you are celebrating the new ring on your finger and utterly eager to start planning your wedding day. And your first step is no doubt locking a stellar venue to get hitched to your fiance. A wedding venue that is supreme in all the facilities - from decor to the ambiance to backdrops, where you can flaunt your gorgeous strapless all-white wedding gown!! If you are wishing for such a type of ceremony space in Houston, look no further than Magnolia Hotel, a perfect venue for the urban bride. 

Directly across the street from the stately Christ Church Cathedral, this award-winning venue has something unique that sets it apart from over 200,000 wedding venues throughout the United States and Canada. Not only the couples, but their guests and the creative Houston wedding photographers will also agree to the fact that this destination with its stunning ballrooms, undulating grand staircase, rooftop patio, and pool area adorned with the sweeping views of the Houston skyline is just perfect to give you the wedding and wedding photos of your dreams. When we say pool, we mean perfect prop fun photos with your bridesmaids and groomsmen (wink)!

Your wedding reception at Magnolia Hotel will be an event to remember amongst the lavish ambiance of Magnolia Grand Ballroom, the Lounge, and the Sterling Ballroom. Both these spacious ballrooms can easily be adapted to any style to bring your dream wedding to life at the Magnolia Hotel in Houston. This is not it!! An exclusive suite for the bride and groom, guest rooms with all the amenities on hand, personalized services, and a delectable menu to lure you. There is a lot you will love about this gorgeous property and our talented Houston wedding photographers are always ready to capture every single detail of this wedding venue with all the smiles, emotions, and giggles of your celebration for you to cherish forever!

As you start with a visit to Magnolia Ballroom, its luxurious event spaces adorned with a subtle finish and a neutral palette make it gorgeous enough to accommodate up to 180 people. For a larger ceremony, you can mold the space in theater-style to fit up to 330 guests. And the perk is a playful dance floor to dance the night away with your beloved ones. Go with the mood that this romantic space sets for you and let your partner know how much you love him!!

Sterling Ballroom is another beautiful place with a lovely mix of urban and eclectic touch of Downtown Houston. Located on the very first floor right off of the lobby, the ballroom offers an inviting destination to host your unforgettable event for your 120 guests. At one end, floor-to-ceiling windows look elegant with distinctive finishes and fixtures, while at the other, the inbuilt dance floor and their own cocktail space give enough for your grand party. This altogether is amazing to create the lively charisma of what you can call the breathtaking Houston wedding photography.

Being at this iconic hotel, you can make the most of the Magnolia Lounge with a unique open concept spot that shows its inherent beauty in its walls with inspiring artwork creating an inviting ambiance around. The room occupies approximately 6,000 square feet of space to accommodate up to 200 guests. It also offers a dedicated space for the little ones of your party to play.  The additional side rooms comprise secluded space for fun activities such as photo booths, kids’ rooms, and more so that they can have a lot more to enjoy other than the ceremony. 

As a bride, you must have a complete episode constantly playing in your mind about how your wedding day looks? Would everything fall into place? How exciting it will be to walk down the aisle when so many eyes will be waiting just for you!! How would he look in his wedding attire? How would I look in my wedding dress to him and would he show his emotions while looking at me walking down the aisle? Would my little doggo be able to play ring bearer for me perfectly? Would he be comfortable amidst festivities and crowds? Ahh!! What about dad? How would I say bye to him? Where should I plan my first look? I just need my sweetheart to be there!! Oopsy daisy!! So much to think about, but yeah all this excitement and thrill are worth celebrating as you are heading to a beautiful journey of a lifetime with the love of your life. And the lovely landscape of the Magnolia Hotel is enough to exceed your expectations of a perception party for this extra-special day. From lighting to the cake, every detail is as grand as the love and tenderness that you share!! Cheers to this happily ever after!

Houston, nation’s fourth-largest city is home to so many beautiful hotspots where couples can plan their perfect shindig- from an intimate affair to a high-society downtown event. And this is not it!! It is a densely populated place to navigate and you will love to see the myriads of options the city has to offer with your sweetheart. Just plan a short visit to any tourist attraction to soothe your mind and discuss some exciting ideas for your wedding day! An engagement photoshoot will be a nice idea if you are planning not to get married so soon so that you can announce your love among your friends and family in a classic way. Sounds lovely!!

Now you must be in a dilemma about which places to choose for your pre-wedding photography or post-wedding photoshoot when Houston is full of so many gorgeous locations pulling you towards them with equal force. So, let's take a look at some of the finest places in Houston for your once-in-a-life wedding photography to help you pick one or two-

  1. Old Town Springs

This gorgeous Houston attraction has undergone a glorious transformation from a small settlement to a business, industrial, and then a tourist hub, holding a rich history dating back to the 1800s. This is what makes it one of the top-rated places in Texas with a diverse set of backgrounds to sprinkle all sorts of dimensions and colors on your Houston engagement photography. There is a lot of tranquility to sense amid the lush green fields, from water parks to country houses, to rustic commercial areas and malls to playgrounds adding a pinch of spark to your pictures. For added adventure, couples can choose to go out on a romantic walk in the Meyer Park and can see the play areas, gazebos, nature trails, and ponds creating a scenic view for awe-inspiring couple portraits to feature on your wedding day.

  1. Hermann Park

Hermann Park provides couples with plenty of green space to enjoy the weather and tons of backdrops for Instagrammable pre-wedding photos. Located in one of the more beautiful areas of Houston as one of Houston’s first parks adorned with several statues, architectural elements, and plenty of attractive landscaping which are enough to accentuate your Houston engagement photography. One more popular spot in the park is the Patrick Dougherty Stickwork art installation. Let your Houston engagement photo experts capture these works of art in your engagement photos as a bit of Houston history!

  1. Buffalo Bayou Park

Running right along the Buffalo Bayou River with Downtown Houston skyline as a backdrop, this park offers a respite of greenspace loaded featuring a sophisticated urban setting. With elements such as trails, bridges, and ample nature the Houston engagement photographers can do wonders while adding a pinch of city flavor as well to your engagement photos. Needless to say, Houston engagement photography at this place will take your relationship as well as your engagement photos to the next level with endless great photo ops..

With beauty at every side an eye can see, Magnolia Hotel will help you create a wedding that will truly wow your wedding guests. So, reserve this gem out of so many options to choose from in Houston and Southeast Texas and certainly, your special day will turn into a magical day!

Magnolia Hotel Houston

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