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Let Las Velas Put a Spin on Your Houston Wedding with its Unparalleled Settings

For a wedding to be perfect, you need everything and in the right proportion. Of course, you are not making any dish, but balancing everything right is the key to making your wedding really exceptional yet extravagant! Conveniently located in the heart of Galleria, Las Velas is the beautiful Houston wedding venue that will leave you awestruck with a “wow” factor! This is what makes it popular amongst the creative group of Houston wedding photographers. So, book this glorious space and let the magic begin!!

Gifting hundreds of brides the wedding of their dreams for over 2 decades, Las Velas excels in enhanced yet personalized services amid a beautiful, romantic atmosphere that makes Las Velas an incredible wedding venue! Stepping inside this iconic property through the massive wooden dome-shaped gate, you and your guests will feel like entering another world. The old-world style architecture featuring Italian marble and decorative hand-carved stonework makes it rich for authentic Houston wedding photography. On the other hand, beautiful courtyards, lush gardens, and fountains allow couples to sit, relax and lighten their mood before heading to the ceremony. Remember the day when you stumbled upon him and decided to take every step together! This lovely journey has brought you two to this day which is not just a destination but also an origin from where you both will be going on another beautiful journey of your life. Be unapologetically yourselves and celebrate your success to the full and leave behind all the jitters you have been carrying with you for the last few months. Let your partner make you feel special on your special day by making you smile, enveloping you in his robust arms and pampering you with sweet kisses and make this day extra beautiful. 

The dramatic façade of Las Velas can be felt at every nook and cranny as you step inside this marvelous two-story event space. Rock walls, an arched balcony, indoor gardens and fountains, and a cozy fireplace are just a few of the spectacular features to list. But this is not it. From the ornate windows to the romantic wall sconces, every inch of Las Velas is absolutely gorgeous to bring you classy wedding pictures. A wonderland waiting for you on the other side of the massive wooden doors in the striking foyer! 

As one of Houston’s premier event venues and first boutique venues outside of the traditional ballroom, Las Velas makes every couple who visits fall in love with its elaborate architecture which is reminiscent of 17th & 18th-century Tuscan villas. A double staircase, domed ceiling, and sparkling chandelier illuminating the ambiance all around. It is not only about the beauty that your eye catches but also about the elegance and vibrant ambiance of the venue that touches your heart. Feels like the wedding day should last a little longer so that you have ample time to feel the charisma of this building that showers nothing but love. And needless to say, this ravishing wedding venue provides an unforgettable setting for your special day and create memories that will last for the generations to come. You just need a photojournalistic expert who can capture every occasion of the evening- from your first look to last dance before the grand exit, including every emotion of yours! You are beautiful in every way, as you walk down the aisle with teary eyes or dance the night away with your sweetheart, everything deserves to be saved and cherished forever!

Want to know where the extreme beauty lies? The panoramic landscapes around. Worth-capturing with you two to treasure forever! As you, your partner and your beloved guests are enjoying this location and its striking beauty let our creative Houston photographer capture the pretty photographs of you and your wedding party with the lush foliage in the background. It won’t be over the top if we call this the epitome of fancy Houston wedding photography.

Another piece of elegance is the wooded fireplace courtyard where you can sit for some intimate moments with your honey or mingle with the guests around. Call out your bridesmaids and groomsmen to pose for some fine eclectic pictures that you can feed to your Instagram followers with a tagline hashtag- “here is my weirdo group”! For those who love the wooded grounds as heck, it is a retreat to host a ceremony under the gazebo that overlooks the crystal-clear pond. And of course, the outdoors will look thousand times more beautiful in the dusky glow as the sun sets on the horizon. The vast sky, the soft play of dim stars about to glow and you two smitten in love! What else one needs! Love is in the air when your lover is with you!

You cannot get enough of the unforgettable beauty of Las Velas. This unique wedding venue in Houston tops the chart for magical wedding photography that stands out. And for sure, you cannot wait to store some of those impeccable photographs that you will love to look through for the rest of your lives. Like every other would-be-bride, you as well want your guests to talk about your wedding for months and whenever they pass by your wedding venue. This is what you can feel at the best at Las Velas in Houston. So, go for your happily ever after and rock on your Insta account!

A wedding is not a one-day celebration. In fact, it’s the beginning of countless celebrations throughout your life. And the beginning should always be mind-blowing. Rather it is a lifelong emotion that doesn’t only revolve around saying “Yes” to your Mr. Right and just wearing your wedding dress for the entire day but also around your life once all said and done. And there is so much to celebrate this grand occasion while you are changing your title from fiance to wife and more. And one of the most exciting ways is to explore different attractions of the Houston city with your lovely partner to spend some good time together, have fun at some eye-catching views and above everything, getting yourself pictured amidst tranquil elements on this land! Ah! It reminds me of the beautiful movie ‘UP’. Complete your adventure book together. Life is all about making a to-do list every day and trying your best to check them off. And when you browse through your old pictures they immediately teleport you to your good ol' days. Sounds joyful? So, let’s create that gateway today to time travel tomorrow to all your cheerful days. Here are some locations that you should visit at least once in your lifetime and know why Houston is the right place for you to make beautiful memories to relive later.

An expansive 12-acre urban park located in Downtown Houston, Discovery Greens tops the list as one of Houston’s best gathering places. The park is lively enough, surrounded by colorful and interesting art installations with a great view of the city skyscrapers that count for iconic backdrops for your post-wedding photos. Let our Houston engagement photographers capture your love in this lively Houston park. PS: the place can do wonders for your engagement photography as well. 

Houston is full of breathtaking spots for your pre-wedding and engagement photo session. And if you are looking for a classic place with a romantic atmosphere. Agave Estates is the answer with its gorgeous water fixtures and impeccable landscaping featuring a pool, fireplace, stone architecture, and reclaimed wood accents, that altogether contribute to a dazzling spot with the feel of an exotic destination. Walk hand-in-hand across an oasis of palm trees and manicured gardens, and let your photo experts do the magic with all the photo opportunities this city has to offer. Just miles from Houston in Katy, TX, couples will love this unique Southwest location filled with elegance, romance, and passion. 

Just one visit to the Las Velas and you will know you have finally found the perfect venue. With everything designed with such finesse, this mesmerizing spot in Houston city is the perfect location for you to have your candid first look and exchange your nuptials followed by a grand exit.

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