La Fontaine Reception Hall WEDDING PHOTOS

La Fontaine Reception Hall Wedding Photos

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Class Meets the Utmost Elegance at La Fontaine Reception Hall in Houston 

As your wedding day is getting closer and closer, your most important goal is to find a gorgeous Houston-based venue that reflects your unique personality, elegant style and impeccable taste. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of distinctive elegance and opulent touches, then you’ll definitely love the essence of La Fontaine Reception Hall in Houston, a luxurious reception hall nestled in the heart of the city. 

Envision all the glitz and glam associated with a Hollywood wedding along with the luxurious ambiance at La Fontaine Reception Hall. The event space can take any wedding to a whole new level due to its modern amenities, prime location and spacious, versatile setting. Inside, you will be able to admire the glossy floors and a neutral color palette that can be adjusted to match the aesthetic details of your upcoming event. 

You can even choose from a multitude of chair covers and table cloths to set the color palette and mood for any occasion. A network of colored lights adds warmth to the entire event space, making it brighter and more inviting, and provides excellent opportunities for romantic Houston wedding photography

Whether you wish to dance the night away under the sparkling chandeliers, or capture the colorful touches of your floral arrangements, our team members can turn your dream into reality. Book this event space to host a beautiful reception and count on our Houston wedding photographers to add glamour and depth to your setting.

La Fontaine Reception Hall

14902 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX   77040
(832) 464-7185

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