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Helen's Park

Helen's Park

If you’ve always wanted to explore a secret garden, Helen’s Park in Houston is waiting to be discovered.

This serene spot is so secret that it’s even off the Google Maps grid, despite the fact that it’s hiding in plain sight! You don’t need to knock three times or recite a secret password to enter, but you do need to know the precise location. Hint: It’s located right between the Stella Lin YMCA and McGovern Library, right behind Sheltering Arms Senior Services.

Beyond its obvious beauty, the tranquility of Helen’s Park makes it a beautiful place for Houston engagement photography. Among the highlights? A meandering brook, winding sidewalks, lush flowers, palm trees, a whimsical mosaic fountain and huge trellis-covered walkways. This place of peace is meant for “thoughtful contemplation,” meaning visitors are encouraged to “listen to the birds, enjoy the color, follow the brook, walk the pathway, delight in the fountain, rest on the benches, admire the flowers, relax, think, enjoy…”

The landscaping is abundant with crepe myrtles and Louisiana irises with wisteria vines crisscrossing the park's covered walkways. As you stroll along the paths, you’ll spy hidden mosaics set into the park’s brick pillars featuring different animals.

And how’s this for romantic? Helen’s Park came to life thanks to a generous gift from the estate of Houstonian Myron Williams. The park was named after his late wife, Helen.

What better place to just breathe and quietly reflect on this special promise you’ll make to each other? Bring along your Houston engagement photographer and meditate on that!


Photo Permit Required: Yes

Helen's Park - Houston

7301 Stella Link Rd Houston
TX, 77025
(832) 395-7000

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