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Union Station - Dallas Wedding Photos

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Union Station: A Historic, Unique Wedding Venue in Dallas - Fort Worth

All aboard! Your wedding dreams are about to leave the station. Where are they headed? Union Station in Dallas - Fort Worth.

Union Station is a historic landmark perfect setting for your own personal landmark! Built in 1916, the towering building is the height of Beaux Arts Classicism. The grand scale of the station combined with architectural elements is sure to elevate and inspire.

At Union Station, you can celebrate your reception in a grand hall, with white brick and towering, arched windows. Luxurious banquet seating in the middle of the room makes for a stunning focal point, and the perfect wedding photography op.

Imagine your wedding photographer snapping your wedding party in front of expansive windows that douse you in natural light, making you glow. Columns and wall sconces from another era add an air beauty that your nuptials deserve.

For a contemporary flair, Union Station will project designs in brightly colored lights onto the ceiling, infusing your wedding with a bit of fun.

With over 26,000 square feet of history, Union Station is a truly unique venue in the heart of Dallas - Fort Worth, making your wedding a celebration that you and your guests will never forget.

Union Station - Dallas

400 S Houston St
Dallas, TX   75202
(214) 741-7825

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