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The Carlisle Room Wedding Photos

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The Carlisle Room is an Epitome of Timeless Glamor to Embrace Your Dallas Wedding

Whatever your wedding dreams are, The Carlisle Room in Dallas-Fort Worth is the place for them to come true. This historic ballroom-style wedding venue, located in the heart of Downtown Dallas, Texas, is inspired by the 1930's Art Deco design with 17-foot ceilings, terrazzo floors, and marble pillars to make your wedding a piece of opulence to be remembered and cherished for a lifetime!

This newly renovated Downtown Dallas wedding venue is crafted inside the historic and newly renovated Lone Star Gas building, which was originally built in 1932, that restores a perfect blend of traditional Art Deco style and modern luxury. The Lone Star Gas Co. building is a 13-story Art Deco structure boasting rich street entrances with elegant ornate light fixtures. The elaborately appointed lobby, which was once treated as the bill payment area, has been restored to date with intricate details including soaring columns with ornamental check stands, a high beamed ceiling painted in vibrant colors and relief sculptures carved into the stone walls. This part of the historic building is now home to the hidden treasure of Dallas- Fort worth, The Carlisle Room.

Built over a 55-year-period starting from 1924, the Lone Star Gas Lofts has been made up of four major and distinct buildings that are carved beautifully on a whole city block bounded by Harwood, Wood, St. Paul and Jackson Streets in Downtown Dallas. Out of four, two of the structures, the Lone Star Gas Co. and Dallas Gas Company buildings, are historic landmarks and an epitome of Lang and Witchell architecture with beautiful Art Deco details. That is why there are tons of photo opportunities for Dallas photo experts to capture in their cameras. 

The Carlisle Room amazes couples and their guests with its history and sophistication while its elegance and timeless charm make it a lovable choice for the Dallas wedding photographers. With indoors that is as gracious as the outdoors, every inch of this property is stunning and you cannot get enough of the countless backdrops to capture your unforgettable moments in style. The charisma can be felt in the historic ballroom which holds 5,500 square feet of space boasting high beamed ceilings in brilliant colors and relief sculptures carved into the stone walls as well as terrazzo floors. The Carlisle Room can accommodate 200 guests for your ceremony in a mix-and-mingle floor plan. As the new additions to the venue, the guests can also use a well-equipped ceremony room, a private bridal suite, and a groom’s lounge. 

The beauty, elegance, and romance sprinkling through this venue make it every photographer’s dream and sure to capture your heart as well. And the perk is, a stress-free wedding so that you can focus on celebrating your love. Starting from tall 17ft ceilings, and original marble walls to altar decked out with greenery and each pew adorned with a cluster of seeded eucalyptus (or flowers of your choice), everything at this ceremony space creates created the perfect atmosphere for your elegant Dallas wedding. Do you know what is the cherry on the top? There is enough scope at this location to personalize your wedding as per your theme. From your favorite hydrangea centerpieces to the blush pink roses in the bouquet that you hold while walking down the aisle, you can paint every detail of your special day your way.

The main room of the Carlisle Room is sure to embrace you with its chic style and sophisticated artsy details. The pews are made up of Chiavari chairs that can be placed on both sides and in front of the altar where an aisle has been created for the wedding event to process. The altar has been adorned with greenery while each pew looks classy with a cluster of seeded eucalyptus. 

As your little nephew is perfectly dressed in his suit and bow tie and is super excited to be a cute little handsome ring-bearer for the evening, your girls are waiting to get a candid pose with their lovely bride- one who is looking the most gorgeous lady on the planet today! Have our DFW wedding photographers click amazing wedding portraits. All these mixed emotions make you feel the awesomeness of the day. Because, you are not just giving a new start to your love life with your favorite person, but also creating a lot more memories with your beloved ones to be cherished forever. From the long phone calls with your weird gang to the favorite coffee made by your first love (yes, your dad) that you enjoyed every morning, there are endless things to put a smile on your face and tears of joy in your eyes! Yes, things are gonna change in this new phase, but the only constant thing that you will entice you is the deep love for you in everyone’s eyes. Nothing could be more enticing than spending the last day of your singlehood with your nearest and dearest, and of course, the first day when you will officially be called as the wife of your lover, in the extravagant Dallas city and that too, saving all these priceless moments amidst the flawless luxury of the Carlisle Room.

Once the ceremony is over, there is a lot more inside the venue to keep the mood on. The tall beams and shimmering chandeliers add a romantic ambiance to the room whereas the all-white billowing linens turn the reception area into an adaptable space in which you can bring your wedding vision to life. Let your fun side come out in front of your guests and there will be a subtle garnishing of funky moments on this lovely celebration with tons of sweetness at every nook and cranny! Imagine this- the music with your favorite lyrics is plugged on and your doting partner kneels down to propose to you one more time as you take the dance floor and all the eyes are on you. Dreamy enough! What else could you ask for at your Dallas wedding?

Our Dallas-Fort Worth wedding photographers will be amazed to put you in the frame for the golden hour photography when the soft dusky light illuminates the entire space and both of you with shimmering beauty. And the setting sun fills your wedding album with tons of exhilarating pictures that will be an epitome of real Dallas wedding photography. 

Weddings are a complete process that requires so much preparation. And if you are not in a mood to go through a pile of checklists, for now, an easy way is to get engaged privately and prepare for a grand wedding with ease. For this to happen, you need nothing but a gorgeous location so you can just be you - together. Dallas has so much to offer that will melt your heart and make you fall in love every time you see it! From lush farms, dense parks, and serene lakes, Dallas has got you covered.  

Located in Richardson, north of Dallas, is Prairie Creek Park, a small neighborhood park which is a lovely little respite for the newly engaged Dallas couples in the middle of the city. The beautiful trees, flowers, trails, and bridges, along with a cascading waterfall across the stacked stones are a few gorgeous elements to add to your Dallas engagement photography session to make it Pittsburgh-y enough. If you are visiting the park in fall, you will get the enchanting view when the leaves begin to change their color and blanket the ground. They still look pretty and lively as a backdrop to your pre-wedding photos. How about laying down in the comfort of your BAE’s arms on the sheet of these crisp leaves and posing for some romantic couple portraits! Straight out of Pinterest board!

A reservoir located in north-east Dallas, known as White Rock Lake is another beautiful spot that will for sure make our Dallas brides go aww with the sweeping views of Downtown Dallas on the horizon. Circling the lake are trails, benches, and docks where you can enjoy roaming with your brand new fiance. To make the most of this gorgeous Dallas engagement photography location, wait for the sunlight to get dim and catch a gorgeous sunset over the lake behind you two! Photo-op alert for some stunning silhouette photography in Dallas! The tranquility of the moment will enlighten your mind and soul and you will realize that together you finally made it!

Samuell Farm opened in 1938 as a regional park across a whopping 609 acres of land that lets you have fun and create unforgettable memories at so many picturesque spots available, could be a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photography. After gazing through the sprawling grounds that go as far as the eye can see, the Farm feels like a hidden gem filled with timeless charm and natural glory. Make this occasion romantic enough by wandering hand-in-hand across wide green spaces and you will feel cherished on the sunlit paths as the trees form a romantic arch overhead. This wide space, lakes, and ponds make for glistering backdrops that the two of you can gaze at holding hand in hand to add the Dallas vibe to your engagement session. And aren’t these the elements that your dreamy couple photos are made of? Help our Dallas engagement photographers to capture the chemistry between you and your sweetheart to bring the best of Dallas engagement photography. 

If you are a couple that doesn't want to limit their love amid a single venue for just one day, Dallas has so much to offer to keep your romance alive till your last breath! Just visit some cool attractions of the city with your lovely soon-to-be husband and let him know how much you adore him and what you feel for him. And saying “I do” is just a fraction of your intense tenderness for him! 

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a serene spot gardened to perfection that looks wonderful year-round and couples can make the most of this tranquility to spend some moments of love together. And above it, to use this scenic beauty for some Instagram-worthy couple pictures! With beautiful sights and special seasonal activities happening daily, the Dallas Arboretum is your home for dazzling post-wedding photography as well. Always refurbished for the particular season, the gardens at this breathtaking wedding photography location in Dallas with Christmas, and the Fall, Halloween, and the pumpkins add a pinch of charisma to your love story. Have some fun in the sun or be a participant at the live music during their Cool Thursday concerts (BYOB and picnic-style) to act as a bit playful to your honey!

If it's Wednesday night, you are in luck as it's time to be a part of the Sing & Swing at Sons of Hermann Hall. Famous among the crowd as the Deep Ellum venue, showcasing its charm since 1911, the spot is a romantic location in an old-timey but not upscale way. A ballroom at the upstairs makes you go awestruck as your heart skips a beat with its spotless, breathtaking decor, a bar downstairs welcomes you to share a glass of wine with your soon-to-be spouse and say cheers to this wonderful phase you are entering so soon! 

From the neutral color scheme, greenery, and a unique atmosphere, The Carlisle Room is the historic venue in the Dallas region where you can watch your dream wedding come to life and every moment of the blissful day captured well to be saved forever.

The Carlisle Room

1990 Jackson Street
Dallas, TX   75201
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