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Your Romantic Dallas Wedding at event1013 Will be an Event to Remember

Every bride has a dream wedding planned in her heart and she looks for a perfect spot to bring her unique style to the chosen space and make it the wedding of her dreams. A historic building featuring a front room and a back room, with two living walls of plants in the latter, event1013 is the place where couples can host their iconic Dallas Wedding amidst an urban, upscale ambiance! 

This intimate Dallas wedding venue features lounge seating and original vintage store fixtures that you can customize into a space that reflects you and your groom’s personality. Crafted with refurbished antiques, in downtown Plano, Texas, event1013 is a stylish banquet hall located in the greater Dallas, Texas area, which is just perfect for a vintage city wedding. It is an award-winning Texas State Landmark venue, that can transform the wildest wedding dreams of the modern brides like you into a beautiful reality, just the way they have envisioned. 

There are two main rooms for the brides to choose for their classy celebration: The Main Gallery storefront and the Raw Garden. And the best part is, these two separate rooms are flexible and can be customized as per your preferences and taste. While the Main Gallery has original brick walls, hardwood oak floors and a 14' truss ceiling to add a touch of artsy effect to you and your bridal party, a more casual, organic indoor garden space at the Raw Garden lets the couples stroll in serenity while their guests can pose in the natural light for some extra-beautiful pictures. This outdoor green space looks vibrant at golden hour when the dusky light sets the romantic mood for the evening. Let our Dallas Fort Worth wedding photographers capture this enchanting aroma before it fades.

Romance, beauty, splendor, and the charm of event1013. These are just a few of the things that make your wedding day an event to remember. Still, it is your love that will make this intimate affair truly spectacular, you and your guests will never forget the charisma that this place leaves behind as you leave for the day with your happy family! 

This is not it! The magic begins as you step out from the dressing room as a perfect bride, draped in a pretty wedding gownstrapless, A-line, all-white, shining on you like the prettiest gem! And your partner can’t control his emotions during your first look ceremony after seeing her perfect lady, the love of his life…

Adding to the heat are some couple portraits, just after your first look, as you both are all ready to walk down the aisle and say those two magical words. And here comes the most awaited moment of the day, as you are officially announced as husband and wife, and all the eyes are on you, embracing you on this wonderful day, while you two share a tender kiss to seal the deal! And our DFW wedding experts are by your side, adding all these exclusive shots to your wedding album, a gift for you, for your love, to cherish till your last breath. There are so many treasured wedding photography opportunities waiting for you in this gorgeous building, as far as the human eye can see.

Couples can invite up to 198 guests to their wedding at event1013. While the front room has exposed brick walls and repurposed hardwood floors to input a vintage charm to a couple’s wedding celebration, a video screen on the back wall can be used during the reception with highlight photos of the couples, an extra element to the show after dinner. Also, the wall of glass windows resembling the urban streets of downtown Plano gives the real essence to the DFW wedding photography.

In the back room with two living plant walls, there is an influx of light from the outdoors that falls into the room naturally though the extra-high ceilings. The back wall features more exposed brick, while one of the side walls is painted in a traditional green. Against the back wall, the rows of vines and live plants growing in all directions gives a smooth yet fresh feel to your wedding photographs as you exchange vows. If you go into intricate detailing, a massive installation of wooden cubbies on the final wall houses more plants like a giant living bookshelf that stretches up to the industrial metal ceiling. This brings a unique touch to this place and the pictures clicked by our wedding experts from DFW.

Sprinkled with a warm atmosphere that fills event1013 with full of love and joy, the impressive oak hardwood floors, the exposed brick walls, and the soaring 16-foot ceilings are a few artistic elements that let you plan your luxurious wedding with your loved ones. From your partner with tears of joy to your favorite ladies giving you immense support, there is a lot that you want to remember for your wedding day. Certainly, a nostalgia for your parents to see you as a gorgeous bride from a little girl who used to play in their lap! Of course, time flies and you have headed to a fresh phase of your life, from being a girlfriend to a wife, and saying goodbye to all those perfect moments that define your singlehood! 

If you are a Dallas-based bride who wants to host a grand wedding celebration that will go down in history, that too in a State of Texas Historic Landmark, the magnificent event1013 offers a thriving location to the Dallas couples since its inception in Plano in 1850. Approximately 30 minutes north of Dallas, this lovely place with an all-white color scheme and simple, yet elegant decor is like a blank canvas upon which your vision can come to life. 

The event1013 brings so many scenic spots for our Dallas-Fort Worth wedding photographers to capture romantic moments between you and your groom! From the neighboring Haggard Park to the picturesque gazebo, shimmering pond, and a charming bridge of the venue, plus the historic Interurban Railway Museum, you are not short of picking the best wedding photo opportunities available when you host a wedding at event1013

Your wedding day is around the corner and the list of things to do keeps growing. And among all the must-haves, the primary thing is to keep on celebrating you and your groom’s love. You know what? You need no special occasion or a grand preparation. It is just you, your partner, a lovely backdrop beneath, and a talented photographer to capture you two smitten in love! Adding on an element of surprise, if your partner proposes to you amid this breathtaking scenery, you need nothing but a warm hug to calm down your nerves! 

The Dallas city is overloaded with beautiful locations that you can pick for your engagement ceremony and photography. Here are some of them-

Established in 1938, this regional park Samuell Farm covers a whopping 609 acres of land, making sure you and your engagement photographer find a few picturesque spots to make your day memorable. With its sprawling grounds that span endlessly, the Farm feels like a hidden piece of Earth that’s been untouched and left in all its natural glory. 

Flowing throughout the open space amidst the airy grounds, lush lakes and serene ponds make for glimmering backdrops where you two can pose. And yes, this sweet scene makes you feel like a royale entrance to the wonderland. 

Located in the heart of the downtown Dallas Arts District, another captivating piece of architecture is the Winspear Opera House which is the epitome of the area’s emergence in the performing arts. Constructed in 2008, the property evokes a sophisticated and cosmopolitan air within a linear structure whereas the transparency in clear glass gives the seamless touch of the opera house and the surrounding park. It is a flirtatious feeling when your engagement photographer snaps some striking snapshots of you and your fiance amidst the signature glass facade of the full 60-foot height of the building. There are tons of photo inspirations waiting for you, whether you stand in front of the McDermott Performance Hall, clad in red glass panels, make your way up the grand staircase or pose beneath a vivid pop of color.  

Lakeside Park is yet another lush, creekside landscape with lily pads, walkways, and wooded areas for some creative photographs for your engagement. You can enjoy a mesmerizing sunny afternoon stroll or use the vibrant backdrops of this park as a great backdrop for your premium Dallas engagement photography! Whether it be engagement photos with your love or adding some freshness to your mind and soul just a few days before your wedding, this park will set the stage for some lovable moments that you’d love to cherish for a lifetime. With all that natural beauty that reflects your personality, the two of you will shine in your engagement photos and you’ll enjoy this happy day, plain and simple.

The beauty, elegance, and romance of DFW and its suburbs are sure to capture your heart and your photographers’ vision alike. And it demands no special day or season to explore its beauty or spend some private time with your doting partner. Other than a grand wedding or an engagement ceremony, the city lets you plan some private pre-wedding photo session or a post-wedding photoshoot in Dallas suburban areas. With some fancy spots to pose with your partner, you can celebrate your love with our darling and save some Instagrammable pictures that two of you can flaunt.

Oliver Nature Park is a glorious park that boasts a bucket full of photo opportunities for our Dallas-Fort Worth photographers to click some fantastic couple portraits against the mesmerizing natural beauty! The crown jewel of Mansfield’s stunning parks system lets you take a quick romantic walk through the trails and explore the splendor of the pristine ponds, natural green canopies, and the famous Windmill to add on to your pictures. The captivating oasis is the bluebonnet season flowers that call for a post-wedding photo session that is sheer love like yours!

Historic Downtown Mansfield is another gemstone of the city, housed with plenty of beautiful, hand-painted murals to play as wonderful backdrops for any photography, be it pre-wedding photography or post-wedding photography near Dallas. From contemporary to quirky murals, your photographs cut above the rest including the "Welcome to Mansfield" postcard, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Bruce Lee! If some poppy couple photography session in Mansfield is your thought, then the historic downtown mural is the right place. Get some authentic clicks of the day and end your day by visiting some good restaurant with a fine dining experience. 

The best part of visiting Britton Park is the privilege to watch out the best sunset that will leave you amazed and numb. It is a good thought to schedule an evening photoshoot with our Dallas-Fort Worth photographers to snag a beautiful sunset over the sparkling water. A magical backdrop for your Britton Park DFW photography. As you steal a kiss under the changing tones of the sky, our DFW photographer captures this precious moment for a lifetime! If you have time, spare it with your sweet love while relaxing at this tranquil space, which is hard to find nowadays amid the city's hustles. 

Escape the city for your wedding day at the event1013 in the Dallas region and celebrate amongst the breathtaking natural landscapes of this sublime venue which is a dream-come-true for the country bride in search of an elegant, yet chic space to host her wedding.


1013 East 15th Street
Plano, TX   75074
(972) 890-7970

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