Arlington Hall at Lee Park WEDDING PHOTOS

Arlington Hall at Lee Park Wedding Photos

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Have a Classic Wedding with Vintage Glamour at Arlington Hall at Lee Park 

Whether you are planning an intimate family affair or a massive wedding for up to 1,000 guests, the fifteen-acre property of Arlington Hall at Lee Park is the ideal location to plan your celebration. The historic Arlington Hall has been around since 1939 and housed guests as famous as President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stevie Ray Vaughan during its long history. 

Now, it has become a dream venue for brides throughout Texas. The sprawling park offers a superb environment for our Dallas-Fort Worth wedding photographers to shoot against. The thriving plant life includes stately trees, brightly colored flowers, and impeccably manicured hedges. Some of our favorite places for wedding photography throughout the luscious landscape are the stone bridge, the metal gazebo, the red brick pergola, and the famous bronze statue of Robert E. Lee. 

Inside, celebrate under the sparkling chandeliers in the Great Hall or let your reception be lit by starlight on the stone patio. Either way, your wedding day will be everything you have ever dreamed of—and more—at Arlington Hall at Lee Park.

Arlington Hall at Lee Park

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