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Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum

Close to downtown in East Dallas is Deep Ellum, an artsy neighborhood that makes a fantastic destination for your photo shoot, full of backdrops and elements that will bring your session to life and inspire you. Most especially, this neighborhood is known for its striking examples of beautiful street art, many of which are commissioned by local businesses and make entire city blocks pop with color. 

Here you’ll love walking along and discovering different alleys, storefronts, coffee shops, eateries, boutiques, and walls that will play the perfect backdrop to your shoot. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose from the many murals that you will encounter in this artsy neighborhood, from the blues and greens of a peaceful landscape scene, to eclectic, bizarre, or abstract images like a dinosaur fighting a robot. You’ll find walls that are completely solid color—bright orange, deep purple, or rich yellow. 

Its incredible variety of artwork in terms of style, mood, and subject, as well as its different textural and architectural backdrops makes Deep Ellum a magical spot for Dallas-Ft. Worth engagement photography. This is a perfect spot for the couple that loves the city or the arts and wants to show off Dallas underground culture.


Photo Permit Required: No

Deep Ellum - Dallas - Fort Worth

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