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A Country Club Wedding with an Extra Dose of ‘Special’!

Some days are not meant to be lost in the heap of ordinary moments. Some moments exist to last forever and need perfect representation and encapsulation. When it comes to your wedding day, it can surely be counted as one of the most important days, and everything from the setting to the perfect capturing of the moments is imperative. Having the perfect wedding venue to match your wedding theme is something that cannot be stressed enough. Some places have the knack of instantly making your special day feel a little more special. If you are having your wedding in St. Charles, you might be in luck!

St. Charles, is a charming city in Illinois and lies roughly 40 miles west of Chicago. Founded in 1834, the city has the Fox River running through it, earning its city's motto, “pride of the fox”. A delightful location with plenty to explore, St. Charles is a great spot for weddings from the most scenic Pottawatomie Park to Ferson Creek Park. St. Charles is tucked away in the most scenic area of Illinois, making for a perfect setting for your wedding day to feature against. Hosting your wedding around this beautiful city is a decision which you will forever pat your back for. Among the many gems strewn across the city, one such precious location is Royal Fox Country Club!

Royal Fox Country Club is a private members-only club and wedding venue located in St. Charles, Illinois. High-quality membership and prestige are reflected in the elegantly picturesque surroundings of the Royal Fox Country Club. History and nature blend together in harmony at the majestic Royal Fox Country Club making it a wedding venue that has a special place in the heart of every St. Charles and Chicago bride. Less than an hour’s drive from the city, this wedding venue is one of the favorite locations of both the lovers and photographers. Spread over 6,800 acres of rolling landscapes, swaying trees, and gorgeous water displays, this is a location which has equal measures of class and nature, providing numerous photo opportunities in every corner of the property. The clubhouse was meticulously designed after Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home, giving the property a unique character of its own.

Built in 1989, the Royal Fox Country Club has been awarded the honor of hosting the prestigious Illinois PGA Open seven times, a true testament of credibility and the splendor of this location. The location is no stranger to awards as it has been graced with's "Best Of" for positive client reviews. And that is not all! Royal Fox Country Club has won the WeddingWire Couples' Choice awards three times in a row. It is no surprise that this is a location that is well celebrated and loved by everyone, and it is easy to see why!

Before you even set foot in the club, the outdoors instantly woo you with its lush natural spread! The rolling fairways greet you like long lost friends, instantly planting a vision in your head. You can almost imagine saying your vows in these luscious grass beds, and it looks absolutely perfect. With the gorgeous white and terracotta clubhouse in the background and the sheets of water outlining the location, the outdoor beckons at you with promises of a wedding ceremony which leaves a lasting impression in your mind! There are several stunning photo opportunities, just waiting to be explored in this wedding venue. Let your Chicago wedding photographer help you seize one stunning moment after another in captivating captures. 

The first thing you will notice about this gorgeous country club is its immense flexibility. Whether you want to entertain 20 people for an intimate soiree or you want to throw a huge wedding reception for over 220 people, this is a location which will match up to your expectation, no matter what! The wedding venue is widely accommodating and be it the Dining Room, Library, Monticello Room or Jefferson Ballroom, each provides its own individual style which can add to your wedding theme. No unique, with the variety this location provides, you are sure to find the spot which fits your feel perfectly!

The grand ballroom is superbly decorated with a colonial-age style which is not only elegant and classy but is malleable enough to blend into any wedding theme with a problem. The shiny wooden dance floor is perfect for dancing your wedding night away and have your guests shake a leg as well. The extended porch is perfect for those wedding party photo sessions and the red-brick background makes the perfect backdrop for you to take advantage of. The interiors will promptly impress you with its light neutral tones perfectly with the dark brown woody warm tones, emitting a perfectly balanced setting for your wedding photography. The dark curtains and dark carpet perfectly harmonize with the lush beige color, giving off the perfect aesthetic symmetry. The tall columns add dimension to the venue, and the soft romantic decor ensures that your wedding day boasts perfect elegance. The wedding venue also includes a private ladies’ restroom so that the bride and bridesmaids can have easy access to it. This comes especially handy during the getting-ready session! For those precious out-of-town guests, the club is eager to arrange for nearby accommodations and shuttle services. The entire experience in this elegant country club is nothing but about considerate luxury.

Apart from its wide range of personalizable packages to suit your special requirements, the wedding venue also offers exclusive services like event planning, catering, and bar services, helping to keep the entertainment going in a cohesive manner. In addition to these facilities, the event space comes with some amazing staff members, ensuring that the Royal Fox Country Club provides the best of assistance as you create the best plans for your wedding day. They are available to attend to every detail no matter how big or small. Their primary priority for your special day is to keep the wedding events running smoothly and seamlessly so that you are not looking stressed for your wedding pictures!

There is something about getting married in a members’-only country club, which instantly makes you feel special. The impeccably landscaped gardens, the crisp blue skies, the trees aged over centuries, and the clubhouse itself, everything about this location speaks of exclusivity and refined luxury. The pool provides ample opportunities for you to relax before the big day, while the naturally refreshing environment provides photo opportunities that your wedding photographer can capture for you to keep forever. There is definitely a feeling of ‘special’ which runs through this property. Whether it is postcard-perfect grounds or the lush greenery, or the impeccable service of their crew members, everything comes together to provide you with a wedding day that leaves you feeling like a million bucks! At the end of it all, even years down the lane, when you flip through your wedding album, all you can remember from your wedding day at Royal Fox Country Club will be that uncanny feeling of being taken care of and being provided the best of ambiance, food, and services. After all, isn’t that one expects from their wedding day?

Royal Fox Country Club

4405 Royal & Ancient Drive
St. Charles, IL   60174
(630) 584-4000

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