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Celebrate Your Wedding Day at Lush and Elegant Blumen Gardens in Chicago

What makes a wedding complete? Undeniably, it is a fit-for-all wedding venue that embellishes your dream day and turns it into a worth-remembering event. Because it not only contributes to the right kind of wedding pictures that you want to treasure for a lifetime as precious memory keepsakes of your happiest day but it also makes for the absolute ambiance you want in the air as you say your heartfelt vows to your favorite person. 

Boasting an urban loft ambiance set in a small Illinois town, your search for a romantic and dreamy wedding venue in Chicago ends right here in Sycamore, Illinois as you reach Blumen Gardens. Adding a touch of romance to the day when you will start the new chapter of your life with your BAE while absorbing in a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding day, Blumen Gardens will fulfill all your desires! With the required opulence and sophistication in the rustic indoor event space along with the lush and elegant gardens, Blumen Gardens is the perfect complement to your special day. 

Stroll through the wonderful landscape at Blumen Gardens and you’ll be swept away by the charm it exudes. From the sparkling lit-up decor at night to the exposed architecture and surrounding lush greenery, this stunning Chicago wedding venue sets a dreamy backdrop for an idyllic outdoor wedding. It’s incredible to see how the backyard vibes meet fairytale whimsy. The moment you, your wedding guests, and our Chicago wedding photographer enter this gorgeous building, the vibrant color, vintage touches, and beautiful lush floral let you all fall in love with it! With plentiful photos captured using utter creativity and passion, there is a lot to embrace at this spotless location. 

While the urban ambiance of the Blumen Gardens calls for a true one-of-a-kind experience, there is one thing that captivates you wherever you go. It is nothing but everlasting love that is reflected from every nook and cranny of this gorgeous property. It is a sheer love to relish when a bride has so many breathtaking details on her wedding day. From her elegant wedding dress which is the result of inspiration from her mother’s wedding gown that she wore on her big day to the cupcakes specially made by her father as a token of love to his daughter, this memorable occasion makes you teary-eyed at so many instances. But, don’t worry as your eye make-up is water-proof and remains intact just like the bond and love between you two! This is what a family means- people who love you unconditionally and are happy for you more than you! 

With your family comes another bundle of joy. Whohoo! These are the people who have been there by your side during the ups and downs of your life since you guys met. Yes, these are your lovely ladies who know you better than you, from your first break-up to your favorite wine, and yes, they are the partners in crime. Wink! And this special day belongs to them as well, who would want to decide to juxtapose while choosing the color of bridesmaids’ dresses to match with your stunning wedding gown and top of all, steal time to be a part of this romantic evening. So, it is time to show your fun side among all these sentimental moments and let the charisma of this royal celebration reach its peak. Dance with them, share your glass of wine as they raise a toast for you, and let them enjoy the music of their choice before they take a bite of the scrumptious cake exclusively baked for the day! Yeah, it is the next sweet thing of the day after your grand walk to the aisle. 

And here is another group of charming people on the groom’s side with the same feelings and excitement going on. All these streams of overloaded emotions would be settled with some fancy and playful pictures of this lovable group of bridesmaids and groomsmen by our wedding photographers in Chicago suburbs. Along with some getting-ready pictures they would love to capture all these happy faces accompanying the cute couple to the aisle as all these countless moments say a lot without words once all said and done. 

Now, here we are, to start with the couple’s favorite moments from their wedding day. One of them unfolds when you walk down the aisle to kickstart the lovely celebration for which your near and dear ones wait here! Another fave is when your significant other kisses you after being declared a man and wife. As the couples share a sweet kiss after their “I dos” and hold hands to soak up the feeling of being a new husband and wife! It is priceless to see how happy they look during this moment. Worth framing!

Starting from a unique outdoor Courtyard where Chicago couples can exchange their vows against the stunning backdrop made of exposed brick, industrial beams, and abundant greenery, there is a surprise waiting for the wedding guests at the Garden Center. The intimacy of this lovely Courtyard is the reason why couples from Chicago and its suburbs find it most suitable to start their private celebration. Imagine your partner excitedly waiting for you at this extravagant space to have your first look, flanked on three sides by the artsy view of the elegant walls, beams, and tons of seasonal plants and greenery. The space is not short of anything to offer the most staggering backdrops for your Chicago wedding photography with the sweeping views of Chicago's iconic skyline that seems astounding in the dusky glow of twinkling stars when the sky turns dark.

Surrounded by seasonal flowers, twinkling lights, and a serene pond to sit in tranquility, the Garden Center catches the attention of all your loved ones for a perfect cocktail hour. At every space, you move for your celebration to go on with a bang, the timeless grandeur, and vibe that this space reflects guarantee the perfect Chicago wedding you always dreamed of. Imagine all the striking photos our Chicago wedding photographer will capture on the grounds at this dazzling wedding venue in Chicago! 

One could not ask for more after a magical evening with a delectable menu dinner and dancing the night away with their favorite drinks in an exceptional Garden Room where tall ceilings and exposed brick walls create the perfect backdrop when paired with strings of lights and vintage decor. Your Chicago wedding photographs will come alive with your dignified personality and charm that you’ll never forget. It looks especially beautiful at night filled with love and laughter to bring you the best of Chicago wedding photography. Housed inside a renovated factory, the Garden Room looks thousand times more beautiful with a seasonal mix of blooming perennials, house plants, and architectural accents, a complete package with deserving beauty and elegance to accommodate up to 250 wedding guests. Imagine using the indoor lighting, flowers, and arches of the type that you like to create the most beautiful space for your big day. This is something every girl always wishes for her wedding day.

Let’s plan an intimate engagement photo session with the best engagement photographers in Chicago and suburbs-

Weddings are not limited to a single day rather it’s a series of events and one of them is your engagement which is an important event of your life after you find the one to say “yes” to. The event is private but the emotion is nowhere less than grand in any respect. So planning it at a serene spot is quintessential where you can express your real thoughts to your darling when he proposes to you! Accepting his love at a place that is spotless from every corner would surely make ways to the treasure trove full of precious memories kept in your memory lane- Everyone loves to hear a striking engagement story. 

As you take a peek at the panoramic view of the Chicago Lakefront at the Adler Planetarium and Skyline Walk, you will realize that it is the best spot to wear that lovely stone on your finger! Gifting the newly engaged couples in and around Chicago the most breathtaking view of the Chicago skyline along the Skyline Walk, our Chicago engagement photography shoot here excels, unlike anything. Sunrise and sunset times make the already gorgeous panoramic view even more spectacular, bathed in the soft light of golden hour. Not only will the city look magical in the background, but also will the two of you in your golden hour photography in Chicago. 

Just a short drive away from Chicago lies the County Line Orchard  which is a rustic and romantic spot for your engagement shoot in style. The orchard has many options for couples to stand in front of the fantastic backdrops that will bring your couple photographs to life. The antique elements scattered around the farm plus the gorgeous rows of apple trees will add charm and personality to your engagement pictures. The icing on the cake is the hanging wooden candle chandeliers providing a romantic touch to the interiors that will surely weave golden magic on your engagement photography. 

Another spot of serenity awaits you at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve that is made up of scattered woodlands and prairies surrounding the 855 acres of land. It is like living in another world as you walk along wooded trails and smile naturally for some lovely and memorable couple photos in Chicago. The beauty reaches a peak in the fall with the changing leaves when you can see the vibrant pop of colors. 

If you are desperately waiting to take a break from the city mayhem and move closer to nature to reconnect with yourself and your loved one, Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary is just the place for you! Imagine hearing the lovebirds singing during your short trip here and having fun during an engagement photo session in Chicago with your partner that stands out. As a well-preserved natural area that spreads over 300 acres in the Schaumburg Park District, it is home to many flora and fauna and adds a surreal close-to-nature experience to your gracious engagement photographs. 

While the peppering of silver pine trees adds romance and tranquility to the mood, the hiking trails adorned with the rich foliage weave in some amazing photo opportunities for newly engaged couples. The refreshing rustic background, the crisper air, and the woodsy corners provide unique colors to your engagement album. The location is perfect for the spring engagement photography as well as an autumn engagement photography, featuring rolling grasslands, green foliage, and a sepia-toned veil in the autumn, providing the perfect setting for any mood or season.

Whether the proposal happens on one knee on the grounds by the lake or in the middle of a skydive, our talented Chicago engagement photographers can document moments you might otherwise forget. Whether it’s the smile of a soon-to-be bride or the groom who can’t believe his fate, engagement photos capture the magic before all the ceremonies of the wedding materialize. Engagements are special and solitary; there are no family or friends around, but simply two people basking in the moment and the perfect engagement photographers from Chicago and its suburbs there to capture it. 

Chicago also houses so many photogenic locations to plan your pre-wedding photo session and post-wedding photoshoot as well. Let’s have a look at our few favorite ones

Chicago not only has infinite options to host your wedding and engagement and fulfill your wildest dreams but also has a lot of beauty to pose with your partner just after you get married. Also, a pre-wedding photoshoot to rehearse for your big day is appreciated and helpful to prepare with some candid and extra-sweet poses for the special day. 

A visit to Cafe Brauer, a gorgeous structure next to Lincoln Park Zoo, amazes you with a magnificent view of the Chicago skyline. Likewise, the Signature Room Downtown offers you a 360-degree view of the city for a perfect setting for your couple photos. If you move to the Bridgeport Art Center, its urban chic feeling lets you fall in love with the high structural ceilings and unique architecture that calls for some really good poses with your sweetheart. With a favorite wedding photographer near Chicago, you have so much to save, even after your wedding day is over!

Who doesn’t like a beach post-wedding photoshoot? If you agree, North Avenue Beach is meant for you, with endless blue water lines, white sand, and light wood boardwalk along with dramatic ocean-liner buildings. Located at Lincoln Park over an expansive area of 2,200 square feet and overlooking the brilliant blue Lake Michigan, a perfect summer post-wedding photo session is no longer a dream. Wear some brilliant and poppy shades to play up the neutrals in the background and your post-wedding photographs will come out looking scintillating. 

Located in Grant Park, the Buckingham Fountain designed by architect Edward Bennett after the Latona Fountain at Versailles is something spectacular for chic golden hour photos of you and your fiance. The Fountain’s four water-spouting sea horse statues represent the four states surrounding Lake Michigan, while the Fountain’s pool symbolizes the lake itself. The breathtaking beauty of this spot is flawless which becomes more beautiful as you smile with your doting partner going hand-in-hand. 

Though Chicago city is a hidden gem with so many options to celebrate your love and the wedding and wedding-related photoshoots, when it comes to your wedding day, nothing could beat Blumen Gardens! So, make your wedding unforgettable here and have it etched in the memories of your guests.

Blumen Gardens

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