King River Ranch Wedding Photos

King River Ranch Wedding Photos

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King River Ranch, An Unmatched Host Of Rustic Or Fairy Tale Weddings!

After being announced as one of the world’s new hottest venues in the year 2016, there is hardly anyone in the US who doesn’t know about King River Ranch. Nestled on the 290 Wine Trail between Austin and Fredericksburg, this 25 Acres charming site has been adorning the heart of the Texas Hill Country since 1853. Circa 16 miles drive from Charlottetown takes you to a bespoke boutique venue peppered with cowboy culture and scenic riverside and wildflowers’ beauty that can turn your dream into a beautiful reality. 

The buoyant Pedernales river and its rocky banks make this place pulchritudinous and ideal for indoor as well as outdoor (covered/uncovered) wedding ceremonies. Your guests will get lost daydreaming, the moment they will enter into this fantastic property. With the occupancy levels of 250 guests, this world-class riverside venue impeccably features world-class event spaces to set the tone for the wedding you have imagined.

Ranging from luxurious amenities, intimate on-site lodging, world-class liquor & food menu to gracious staff, the venue had made sure that it has everything, the couple might need during the entire ceremony. Large Ponderosa-crafted barn, flamboyant river terrace, charming bridal suite, and mesmerizing guest rooms make the facility a complete package to make you feel it's your day!

Whoa! Did we mention that the property features a Hair and Makeup Studio with a bridal cottage towering over the river Pedernales? Mama Mia, mind-blowing! Our absolute best spots include delightful sunflower farms, rich manicured meadow pastures with majestic horses and the surrounding magnificent King Barn, fishing ponds with boat dock and others. Nothing can beat the backdrop with rolling hills, sunsets, fireflies and grazing cattle in your wedding photographs. 

Spice your wedding photography up a bit with trained peaceful horses available here! Yes, we said horses! Exciting? Imagine sitting on a cute horse ahead of your sweetheart wrapping you with both his hands while holding bridle. Oh so romantic! Don’t worry, our photographer is always ready to capture your priceless moments into his cinematic frame!

With a seating capacity of 250, the western-style King Barn is perfectly climate-controlled and offers 3,600 sq. ft. for your ceremony. The adjacent open-sky King Terrace is ideal for a waterside Cocktail Hour. And how can we forget about those splendid wall sconces and jewelry of architecture-oxidized traditional chandeliers decorating 25 feet high domed ceilings? Aisle markers, aisle runners, altar/arch, centerpieces, pews, linens, drapery, chair covers, and dance floor decor, every single item has been picked and placed genially. Top of all that, fruitwood Chiavari as well as folding chairs, 60 feet round dining table, highboy cocktail tables, wooden bar, and wine barrel market lighting are all exclusive and create an amazing setting for your pictures.

Another option for your reception or cocktail hour could be 2,500 sq. ft. River Terrace settled on 160 acres of black rocky banks of the gently flowing river. A naturally crystallographic area with grand staircase paved with eye-catching Austin faceplate! Beautiful oak trees garden and 22 feet planters make the setting aesthetically pleasing to you and your guests. And the cherry on the cake is the facility is equipped with natural stone-made soloist and musicians' platforms as well as handicapped-friendly entrance.

Make you and your guests at home with an exquisitely designed 3,000 sq. ft. River Cottage and Lodge 39. Great rooms, hair & makeup studio, a honeymoon suite, and a Southern-style screened-in porch everything is so comfy and elegant! A cutesy private dressing loft with river-view veranda, tri-fold full-length mirror, magnificent closets, and the floating gate, calls for some fun pictures of you with your bridesmaids. Custom columns, arches, and chuppahs are also available to perform your auspicious rituals gracefully.

Country, cultural, eclectic, rustic or western, no matter which styles your heart is set on, King River Ranch is a wise choice. The bright colored landscapes inside and outside of this picturesque site give endless options and ideas to our Austin wedding photographer. This not only magnifies the beauty of your moment but your wedding photography too! 

The King River Ranch believes every element present around the couple plays an important part in the overall ceremony. Each King River Ranch member strives to provide you an upscale treatment, making your day or night unforgettable. Enjoy your big day with your loved ones and trust our Austin wedding photographers to capture your every tiny moment! All in all, we expect that you discuss every detail of your wedding plan in advance to avoid any compromises later. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of executing your fairy tale wedding together and make your special day even more special.

King River Ranch

2054 Ranch Rd 1320
Johnson City, TX   78636
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