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Roswell Founders Hall Wedding Photos

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Roswell Founders Hall is Truly Iconic for Your Stylish Atlanta Wedding

Great occasions deserve to be celebrated at grand spaces, and if it is your wedding, there is not even an inch of scope to settle for anything less than perfect. Certainly, your wedding is not just a day for you but a priceless occasion to live all those wonderful moments that you were dreaming of. 

A grand and formal black-tie affair at Roswell Founders Hall in Atlanta is what you deserve for the most iconic moment when you say those two magical words to the love of your life. With massively elegant gardens and a courtyard adorned with period antiques and fireplaces plus an elegantly-styled grand ballroom to say your vows, there’s nothing more romantic than celebrating your love at this Atlanta paradise filled with bold, bright hues and unforgettable fragrances that will represent your lovely style and wow your guests

From the moment you start a tour of this beautiful facility, every inch at the Roswell Founders Hall ensures that all of your wedding expectations will be met with ease and flexibility. Meticulously manicured year-round gardens, charming Southern-style front porch, and a private courtyard give tons of exciting backdrops for your outdoor wedding photos. Equally lovely is the reception room on the main floor of the hall that lets you create visual memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Nestled on the Canton Street and a touch of beauty and grandeur of historic downtown Roswell, Founders Hall is an elegant and unique historic wedding venue near Atlanta. Radiating the city’s rich culture with elegance and grace, the Antebellum architecture lends a romantic ambiance and regality to any wedding whereas the photo inspirations for our wedding photographers from Atlanta abound at Founders Hall. 

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are better than each other. The expansive exterior of this Southern-style building features a huge lawn with a beautiful courtyard to exchange your heartfelt vows and enjoy an intimate ceremony. While the large oak tree in the middle of the pathway creates a quaint backdrop for your Atlanta wedding photography, it is a complete retreat to visit through the colorful flowers and ceramic fountains and let some brilliant snapshots be added to your wedding album. Once you both are officially declared as spouses, you and your loved ones can head inside the luxurious and elegant ballroom with all the amenities exclusively featured for you to host the wedding reception of your dreams! 

As you explore the interiors, you will find that every corner of the space looks spectacular! Antique crystal chandeliers illuminate a golden glow from the high ceilings and the large windows of the room look deep glam as they let fresh natural light enter in. The real magic begins amidst the romantic atmosphere created by the bright soft light coming in from the windows combined with the massive chandeliers. Imagine yourself dancing with the love of your life on the dance floor in the enchanting ambiance of the venue or stand with the luxurious wallpapers behind for your pictures to turn out as romantic and stunning as your love. This gorgeous Atlanta wedding venue can become a glorious stage for your first dance of the evening amidst the gleaming ambiance as you look over the magical view! Allow our Atlanta suburbs wedding photographers to frame these oh-so-beautiful moments in a picture-perfect frame for you and bring some wonderful couple portraits where you two are smitten in love! 

A lush display of flowers and greens on either side of the path will welcome you on the grand entrance wherein, to the left, a three-tier castle fountain bubbling with spring water creates the right music to accompany you and your cheerful bridal party heading towards the entire celebration. The array of antique furniture and period pieces beautifully gemmed at the front parlor and grand ballroom highlights a Southern charm along with the best kind of wedding pictures that bind you and your darling a little more. 

Well, your big day deserves you to be draped in your most gorgeous look, the bridal suite at the venue lets you get ready with the best kind of makeup. Get ready for the big day in the lovely bridal parlor and enjoy a lovely getting-ready photoshoot with your bridesmaids while your wedding party settles next to the vintage vanity table and furniture to enjoy the most awaited moment of the couple's life. And all the eyes are waiting for that iconic moment when you both stand under that charming wedding arch in your perfect wedding dress, ready and super excited to be officially recognized as husband and wife! Isn’t it dreamy to live all your dreams in reality that made you smile in your thoughts so far?

No wonder your partner’s face will display a rainbow of expressions with so many emotions that he can’t help to let out! Indeed our talented wedding photographers from Atlanta and its suburbs will be able to accurately portray how much you and your partner loved each other, especially the way you both looked at each other for the first time after getting dressed as bride and the groom! You will be glowing like the brightest star in the sky and undoubtedly with the charm and joy of being the happiest person on earth! Without a doubt, all these priceless moments will be encapsulated by our team of skilled wedding photographers near Atlanta with the pretty landscape of Roswell Founders Hall as the backdrop. 

Your big day not only carries sentimental moments with lots of emotions but also holds some playful aspects as you enjoy with your loved ones. After you give your best poses to our creative wedding photographers in and around Atlanta, your guests can enjoy a cocktail at the antique bar or relax post-ceremony in the exquisite private courtyard boasting a white gazebo and a beautiful view of the sky. You could not ask for more after this scenic beauty added to your wedding photo album in the most artistic way! Especially at night when the stars cover the sky with their prettiest shine, the dusky natural light allows for the magical photographs that you’d love to cherish for the generations to come!

Our wedding photographers in Atlanta suburbs love capturing your special moments here, simply because Roswell Founders Hall wedding venue has a hidden charm attached to it that you deserve for this unforgettable celebration. Equally elegant are the bridal suite and a bar parlor at the venue space that lets you get ready for the big day at your best and then mingle with your guests with your favorite wine in hand. 

Well, getting married is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It comes with big responsibilities. And you might certainly not be ready to take all of this the same day your partner expresses his love to you. But this does not mean you need to pause your timeless love story and its lovely celebration. Before planning a big day, it’s equally exciting to plan a private engagement session with no invites needed to be sent to anyone. Just two of you, a photojournalistic photographer and a lovely background to be framed!

So, here are some of our favorite engagement locations in and around Atlanta to choose the most preferred spot/s for you! 

Just one hour northwest of Atlanta lies a bag full of elegance at Dallas, GA among 350 acres of wooded paradise in the Indigo Falls Events. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose from so many beautiful backdrops that act as just a perfect location for your creative Atlanta engagement shoot. There is an extreme natural splendor, from lakes and streams to fields of wildflowers, all surrounded by vistas of the Georgia hills that make for timeless and postcard-perfect views. 

It is a family-owned center based in Atlanta that perfectly combines the fine touch of rusticity and elegance, along with an outdoor chapel built from rough-hewn logs and cozy architecture. As you move around the property, the natural stone walls and fences sprinkled with woodsy charm give you a delightful environment for some of the classy poses from the time you wear that engagement ring to those warm hugs with teary eyes as you officially become ‘fiancee’.

Bringing you the right match of beauty and history for your lovely engagement session, Old Mill Park is exclusively meant for you as a monumental mill which is an excellent location for Atlanta engagement photography. Imagine you and your partner sitting by a flowing creek and a rushing waterfall with a cute smile that adds so much to your lovely engagement pictures! A stunning wooden bridge surrounded by ivy-laden brick walls looks immensely charming to flaunt your brand-new fiance. We love this monumental mill as a fun-loving location for couples’ Atlanta engagement photography sessions.

Our engagement photographers from Atlanta and its neighborhoods would love yet another scenic piece of beauty to try their artistic talent amidst 39 acres of mature hardwood forest, widely spread as Cator Woolford Gardens! Located just a few miles from downtown, this gorgeous outdoor Atlanta engagement photography spot is famous among Atlanta couples for all good reasons! 

Shining as an oasis of historic charm and natural beauty within Metropolitan Atlanta, this beautiful estate features lush gardens and greenery to relax with your darling recalling all the good times that you have spent so far, while the stone steps, columns, and arches create an old-world feel for some good shots of the evening. The natural and architectural details of this true gem of Atlanta make for stunning engagement photographs that both of you would love to cherish for a lifetime.

You don't always need everything to be planned, especially when it comes to finding ways to love. Because surprises are what make your bond immensely special and full of spark. You might be looking for a perfect wedding theme to set the stage or a shining ring that suits the best on your intimate engagement ceremony in Atlanta. Let the ‘basic’ be forgotten for a while and ask your partner to take a visit to the capital city of Georgia that offers a plethora of glamor and urban flavor to your everyday life along with bringing some hottest spots for couple photography, be it a pre-wedding photoshoot or post-wedding photo session in Atlanta city. Posing with your sweetheart in front of these backdrops will surely take your photo experience to the next level!

Within the proximity to the Atlanta city, McDaniel Farm Park is a 134-acre recreation area with beauty at its best. Add this lush elegance to your pre-wedding pictures and let a bit of the big day's charisma touch you! Steal some lovable time with your BAE to take a tranquil walk in the thick of oak and pine trees. The intricate details like wooden gates, rustic fences, and bridges can be added to the photoshoot for those magical couple photos amidst the sunlight peeking through the leaves.

Situated in the heart of a three-acre estate, the park-like outdoor area, and a six-columned porch of Little Gardens is a Greenland to be saved to your pictures. Based in Lawrenceville, the colonial-style mansion comprises the best settings for our professional photographers to take the sweet photos of you two.

You have found the perfect someone to spend the rest of your life with, Roswell Founders Hall let us help you plan your big day just like you have always dreamed of! May this venue contribute to the happiest day of your life.

Roswell Founders Hall

1076 Canton St
Roswell, GA   30075
(770) 992-4120

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