Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: July 17th, 2020

We are sitting in the month of July and we still have a long way to go, and 2020 seems to have taken the cake for being a year which will bring the cold sweat down on anybody even decades from now! It hasn’t been an easy time, but who promised it will be? It is just a vulnerable time to be in, and everybody needs some extra love now, more so than ever! Love will keep us sane when crazy seems to be the theme of the party for 2020. It will empower us through tough times and soothe us in mellow ones. Love will keep us going when the going gets tough. Which explains why while some people are postponing and canceling their weddings, than are others who are eloping and getting married in their living rooms with great urgency, as it seemed too important of a decision to be waited on. The world of weddings is torn between creative weddings with minimal guest lists, to extending the wedding day to a time when the coast will look clearer and you can have the big wedding you have been planning for. No matter which both you are sitting on, if you are a quarantine bride, there is a wedding to be planned, which is where we come in. Wedding planning is not all cake-testing and building flower crowns (we wish) and with a global pandemic in the picture, it is even more challenging and we know you could use all the help. Every week, as sure as day follows the night, we come bearing links to resources around the world of the internet to help with your wedding planning.  


Like everything that you partake on, your wedding is also your own way of self-expression. You want people to look at your wedding and know that it reflects you and your partner in the best accurate way and the vibe you want to invite. Wedding themes help serve this purpose and give words to your thoughts and help you manifest just the wedding which feels true to your personality and taste. Check out the most amazing wedding themes which are having their moment right now!


All the Hottest Wedding Themes (and How to Make Them Your Own)

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While a certain COVID-19 has poured cold water to many of the wedding plans, leading to many postponed and canceled weddings, there are these couple who manage to lift our hearts with their sweet weddings in the middle of a pandemic. They don’t want to wait and that’s the one thing that they are certain about amidst the uncertainties. Take a peek at weddings which still bloomed against the odds, like flowers in the concrete pavement.


COVID-19 May Have Changed Their Plans, But These Real Weddings Are Giving Us All the Feels

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You can prepare for this day for months, but nothing quite prepares you for that first look of your sweetheart on your wedding day, all dressed up for you and looking like a dream. It is truly a tender moment that takes the highlights in the series of memories of the day, something that deserves to be captured. Take a look at these first look moments which will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy inside, because that moment you see your bride or groom on your wedding day, that is the stuff lasting memories are made off!


Nothing Like the First Time: Our Absolute *Favorite* First Looks!

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With the sudden uprise in elopements and private weddings, forest weddings are having a moment! Not only is it enchanting and jaw-droppingly beautiful to be wed in the middle of a forest under the canopy of majestic trees, with the sunlight lacing through the tree leaves, it also makes sense, given the time we live in, as we suspect it might be easier to keep the social distancing trends in mind in a forest!


Head into the Woods with 14 Must-See Forest Weddings! 

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Weddings are expensive. There is no prancing around that fact. However, we still do it, because somethings are just so important for us that you need to have it on our dream weddings, and we completely agree, but there are other sneaky little things which have a way of adding up to the expense. When the wedding is done and you flip through your wedding album, there are bound to be some things which you will wish you could have found a cheaper alternative for. Was the alcohol too expensive? Would the on season flowers have been a better option than those offseason lilies? This article has the list of all the little ways you can save some money on while planning a wedding. 


55 Clever Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget

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Weddings are certainly not the same it used to be a few months back. With micro ceremonies or minimonies being the new additions to the wedding dictionary, planning a micro wedding which is thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed is no less than an art. Guess what! You can still have your postponed wedding right now in a beautiful ceremony which is just as memorable as the wedding you initially planned, or even better!


How to Plan a Beautiful, Meaningful Micro Wedding So That You Can Celebrate Your Postponed Nuptials Right Now

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2020 sure threw us a curveball with this one. It is interesting to see how, with the new challenges than the pandemic brought for weddings, couples are coming up with new and innovative solutions. This goes to show how it will take a lot more than COVID-19 to stop two loving hearts from getting married. If you have a wedding to plan, keep an eye out for us, as we bring you new and exciting resources which will help you pull off the best wedding ever!