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Taylor & Ryan Brrrring on Winter Engagement Inspiration in Indy


Baby, it’s cold outside, but Taylor and Ryan warmed things up with their picturesque winter engagement session in Indianapolis.


Talk about engagement session inspiration. These two braved the chilly temps for a gorgeous cold-weather session that didn’t feel the least bit holiday. They made the most of their location, which in itself was stunning. Starting outside the Indianapolis Museum of Art, they strolled along snow-blanketed paths as they made their way to 100 Acres at Newfields at Indianapolis for a woodsy feel. Lush evergreens and the stately Lilly House composed a timeless backdrop.


Timing is everything when it comes to capturing magical photos, and Taylor and Ryan timed their session just right. By the time they made it to 100 Acres, the sun had gone down just enough to peek through the trees and radiate a soft, golden light. We call this time of day Golden Hour.


While this Indianapolis couple changed up their attire throughout the shoot, they kept it simple by layering and un-layering to create a variety of looks. They were careful not to veer into matchy-matchy territory, but Taylor and Ryan did put some thought into their palette. They chose colors that stood out against the muted tones of their outdoorsy winter backdrop. Taylor’s red sweater and Ryan’s blue flannel added vibrancy to their shots. We loved the contrast of their black coats against the soft golden light.


They managed to stay toasty in their own winter wonderland.


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