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Kate & Chandler’s Lovely Pfeiffer University Engagement Session, North Carolina


Have you ever thought of how your college love or your school love will turn out when you will be adults? We all know that your first love is always special and always leaves its impression for the rest of your life. You meet somebody in some random place and without even knowing or we say in a blink of an eye you fall in love with the person and that special someone becomes the center of your life. Your whole life rotates around that person and everything else in the background gets blurry. The only thing that stays in focus is the love of your life! That special someone becomes your happy place. You always dream about the proposal. How is it going to be? Where the person is going to go down on one knee? And most importantly how will you react when he or she will pop that question? Well, we and our affordable Charlotte couple photographers know that that moment is a very special moment in anybody’s life and thus it surely needs to be documented in the best way possible! ‘Because every picture has a story to tell…’ and who's better than our professional photographers! And here is a magical and unique story of our lovey-dovey couples- Chandler Ligas and Kate Collins! 


The way Chandler and Kate looked at each other and shared a smile together in all these photographs, anyone can easily say that they are truly made for each other! It’s surely a match made in heaven! They both had their Charlotte engagement photography session at the Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer. There can be endless reasons for them choosing this location for their engagement photoshoot session, but all we can think of is that maybe they wanna relive their old college dating times and want to visit down the memory lane before they step into the new chapter of their life! No matter what were their reasons, their engagement portfolio is filled with endless swoon-worthy engagement photos


Choosing who will document this day in the best of frames was kind of an overwhelming decision, but with our affordable and talented couple photographers, by their side, this decision for them came out to be easy peasy! Because our Charlotte engagement photographers know that this special day will pass by in the blink of an eye but the only thing that will stay in the memories. All these photographs are going to live on and will always give Chandler and Kate endless memories to cherish forever! 


Our affordable Charlotte engagement and wedding photographers have a very unique style and personality that comes through their images. This is what makes them unique. Our Charlotte couple photographers always make sure that our couple’s personality and style meshes with our talented team of photographers. This helps our couples to have a better understanding of what to expect from our engagement and wedding photographers! Our couple engagement photographers in Charlotte are the ones who love LOVE! They all have a unique and special way to tell romantic and fascinating stories to everyone around you! All our engagement and wedding photographers are ‘in the moment’ kind of photographers who want your image to have true RAW emotion and for each picture to speak for themselves and tell a story! 


All you need to do is take a look at our photographer’s incredible portfolio to see how amazing and incredibly talented they are. They have an amazing eye and style to snapshot unforgettable moments! From stunning backdrops to the lightning and the true feeling that each photo exudes, our Charlotte photographer’s work is phenomenal! You can never go wrong with our photographers and the proof for the same is right here. Chandler and Kate engagement day photographs are enough to tell that with our photographers by your side nothing can ever go wrong! 


Well talking about locations for an engagement photography session in Charlotte, there are endless possibilities in the beautiful and charming place! Whenever a couple asks our engagement photographers what are the best North Carolina locations for engagement photos, the only answer they get is anywhere they want! Our wedding and engagement photographers in North Carolina love making every couple engagement session personal to every couple! However, sometimes just like Chandler and Kate, our couples just want a gorgeous location and their boo to snuggle up to!


Don’t just go to a random park to get your engagement photos done! Just like Kate and Chandler choose Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer for their engagement photography session, all the newly engaged couples can explore all the amazing and incredible photo session locations in and around Charlotte, North Carolina! All you need to do is know where to look! 


Well, talking about Kate and Chandler, they chose a location that was an oasis of beauty and tranquility. Pfeiffer’s University features a picturesque campus along with stunning indoor and outdoor locations for beautiful and whimsical photography locations! Kate and Chandler’s engagement photography session at this alluring location was nothing but utterly romantic and mesmerizing! With such beautiful panoramic views, our Charlotte engagement photographers found endless photography opportunities for Kate and Chandler’s engagement photography session! They captured all their must-have engagement photos in the best of frames! 


This was the day and the moment that Kate was eagerly waiting for! Holy Moley, she finally said yes to Chandler’s proposal and they both were all set to start their happily ever after together! It was so surreal for Kate, yet definitely, it was happening and that too in full swing! So, before their big and special day, they hired our professional engagement photographers to capture their engagement photography session at the Pfeiffer’s University in Misenheimer. The day was beautiful or we say perfect for an outdoor and romantic engagement shoot! Sunset glow, beautiful backgrounds, serene gardens, and the cutest couple ever were standing right in front of our Charlotte photographers! Four of the favorite things of our photographers were just right there! Kate and Chandler’s engagement session was just magical! We don’t know how our photographers hit the jackpot with every single couple they get the opportunity to work with, but boy they do feel lucky! We and our photographers just love these two adorable souls! 


For their glamorous and fabulous engagement portfolio, Kate and Chandler went all casual! For the day, Kate slipped into a beautiful long off-shoulder and body-hugging brick red maxi dress adorned with floral prints all over it. The center slit of the maxi dress gave her a chance to flaunt her well-toned legs in the best of the way! Her short and center-parted blond hair was perfectly curled from the front highlighting her beautiful facial features. Her smokey eye look along with the tint of ruby red lip color was complimenting her from head to toe! She coupled her entire look with double-strap black flat sandals! Her beautiful and radiating smile was the best ornament she was carrying along with her through her entire engagement photography session. From top to bottom, Kate was looking sexy and lovely! Well, Chandler didn’t leave any stone unturned with his charming casual look! He went for a multi-color floral print shirt along with light chocolate brown pants. He completed his casual look with a pair of tan brown shoes with laces! A man in a casual shirt with folded sleeves can have any girl’s heart. And that's what Chandler did! His perfectly trimmed hair, rugged look, and folded sleeves, how can Kate not fall head over heels in love with him? Tell us! 


Our newly engaged Charlotte couple started with some utterly romantic yet cliche poses overlooking the beautiful river, reflecting their unique chemistry in the best way possible. To announce their union, they both held a prop mentioning ‘no longer two but one’. Our talented and creative Charlotte photographers used their creative and artistic talents and captured beautiful pictures of Kate and Chandler while they were holding that wooden prop! Our photographers are hopelessly romantic and a die-hard fan of cliche and romantic poses! Kate and Chandler walked throughout the University premises and found various hidden and cozy corners where they posed romantically with each other! Kate and Chandler are surely not amongst those camera-shy couples. Do you want to know how we can say this? Well, look how lost they are looking in that photograph where they are kissing each other surrounded by greenery all around! Isn’t that picture adorable and looks like a poster of a romantic Hollywood movie?


Our Charlotte photographers never miss out on details! They captured each and every detail of the couples. And so, they did document the moment where Kate and Chandler were sitting close to each other and Kate rested her beautiful manicured hand with that shiny ring on her ring finger. Her lovely nails coated with blue nail paint and that ring on her ring finger was something worth capturing! 


Going ahead with the day, our photographers got to see the other side of our romantic and so-in-love couples. Kate and Chandler changed their casual attires and slipped into more sporty clothes! Kate wore a black jersey tee-shirt with number 4 printed over it with a pair of rugged blue denim and a comfortable pair of double-strap black sandals! Whereas, Chandler slipped into a white sports tee-shirt, with number 1 printed over it. He gracefully paired his white sports jersey with tan-brown pants and a pair of tan brown shoes. As far as we and our photographers understood, both of them were surely the members of Pfeiffer Falcons (the athletic team of the Pfeiffer University, located in Misenheimer, North Carolina) or huge fans of sports


They took the best advantage of the well-trimmed and well-maintained university ground, especially the soccer net in the background! They kissed, hugged, laughed, and posed in endless ways against the soccer net. It was a treat for our engagement photographers to frame Kate and Chandler’s Pfeiffer University engagement session in the picture-perfect frames! Kate even put the Pfeiffer Falcons stash around Chandler’s neck mentioning that now the ball is in her court (Ha ha ha! You know we are just trying to add a pun here!). So, all he has to do is follow her for the rest of his life (haha)! She even took the advantage of the moment and leaned in to share a romantic kiss with Chandler on the luscious green soccer field of the university! 


After they were done posing on the grounds and in that sports look, Chandler changed back to his floral shirt whereas Kate slipped into a beautiful candy apple red crop top. Both the duo and our engagement photographer ventured through the other areas of the University. Kate and Chandler posed at the entrance of the University against the brick wall and a lovely water fountain in the center! They stole a kiss on the entrance of announcing that they are all set to start the next chapter of their life with love and happiness! The rustic brick wall in the background made Kate and Chandler’s Pfeiffer University engagement session a cut above the rest. Their Charlotte engagement portfolio had all the vibes and elements. From natural to sporty to rustic, their engagement session at Pfeiffer University was a complete package of love, laughter, joy, and creativity! 


Kate and Chandler were surely a blast to hang out with! Our engagement photographers were too excited while documenting their engagement session at Pfeiffer University. From all the photographs clicked by our professional photographers, it is absolutely clear that they both have endless love for each other, and if their big and special day is anywhere as gorgeous as their engagement session… it is without any doubt going to be awesome! Just like Kate and Chandler! It was an amazing engagement photography session with these two lovely newly engaged couples!


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