How to Make a Flower Crown for Under $25

Whether you're a fan of the bohemian scene, a flower child at heart or simply looking for the perfect summer wedding accessory, you might have had the urge to rock a flower crown at one point or another. And why not? They're a gorgeous addition to any ensemble, especially your beautiful bridal look!

Even if you're not the crafty type (and it's okay not to be!), these floral beauties are super easy to make on your own. And what's more amazing? They're affordable, which is not something that can be said about all bridal accessories. In fact, we took on the challenge of making one of our own...for under $25. Just how did we do it? See for yourself!

What You'll Need...

The tools you need to create your own flower crown

1. Flowers (We chose rustic, woodsy wildflowers, in honor of fall approaching!)

2. A pair of scissors

3. A pair of wire cutters

4. Floral tape

5. Thin florist wire

Step 1: Measure your head to gauge the size of your flower crown and cut the wire at the appropriate length.

How to make your own DIY wedding flower crown

Step 2: Time for the fun part: Pick the flowers you want to use!

Step 3: Now it's time to prepare them. Strip a few of the larger leaves and trim the stems to about two to three inches.


Step 4: Choose the flowers you want to be the "statement" of your crown — the ones at the forefront! Secure the stems to the wire with floral tape.

Arranging yellow flowers for a rustic bridal flower crown

Step 5: Take a look at the gaps between each statement flower and fill them in with other elements! You can use smaller flowers, berries, leaves and other types of greenery. Secure those to the crown with your floral tape.

Creating a rustic bridal flower crown for a fall wedding

Step 6: Try it on and get ready to make a statement!

A girl wearing a DIY rustic flower crown


On your wedding day, we suggest pinning your crown down over your bridal hairstyle with bobby pins (don't forget to bring an extra stash)! That way, your crown will stay secured through a night of dancing and mingling with family and friends! So, what are you waiting for?! Start dreaming up a crown of your own and give it a whirl!