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From Sunlit Ceremony To Starlit Reception: Styling Tips For Your Wedding Look


Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. And it is only obvious that the day of your wedding is not only planned to perfection but you look the best as well. That said, your wedding day planning not only includes the ideas that you’ll want to bring to your nuptials but will also include your bridal look planning. It is important to understand that your wedding day skincare routine and day’s look do not only exist for one day but will start before the day even arrives. Depending on the type of bride you are and the time you have, you can start prepping for your wedding day from 12 to 3 months. However, that is only all about improving the quality of your skin, and hair. There is more to your wedding day look. Once that is done, you will also need to consider your wedding day’s look. From your wedding hairstyle to your beautiful bridal makeup, you will have to consider that too and factor it into your wedding planning. Also, you will have to consider how to take your look from a day’s look to an evening look as well. Since this is a multi-faceted process, we understand that you will need some help. To make your wedding day look perfect, we have just what you need. This inspiration blog will help you plan a wedding look that is perfect for the day and the evening too! 


  1. Hair and Your Hairstyles 


Your wedding day’s look has to be picture-perfect! From amazing wedding details to amazing wedding photos, you will want to be dressed to perfection. And to go well with your wedding day dress and your bridal makeup, you will need the perfect hairstyle. Now, although that may be an easy guess, to come up with a hairstyle that works for your day events and for your wedding reception party in the evening, you will need to find a middle ground. The reason why we’re talking about it before other things is simple, your hair will be a little tricky to decide on. As you will see the outfit ideas for the day and the makeup is pretty easy, this is going to be one of the toughest tasks for the day. But it is not daunting, to be honest. 


For the day, all you need is a pretty but manageable hairdo. The safest bet for us is to have your hair down. Simply put, all you need is to have your hair in natural curls and let them flow. This natural hairstyle looks just perfect for just about any kind of bridal outfit. Now, the other idea is to have a chic updo for your wedding, think of a low bun with sleek hair. This kind of hairstyle will work for your bridal dress as well as an elegant dress you will choose for your wedding reception. This will help you make the best of both worlds. Apart from this, you can choose to wear a bun for your wedding ceremony and have your hair down by the evening for the reception party. Additionally, you can also think of two simple bridal hairstyles. For example, if you’re choosing to wear a braid for your wedding ceremony, you can go for soft curls for the reception party. Braids will give you some curls to start off with, which will help you create a great evening look. 


  1. Outfit Change


One of the easiest ways to change your wedding day look is to choose a beautiful wedding dress, and then swap it out for another dress for the reception party. Changing outfits does not have to be a difficult thing, it can be easy and super simple! For your reception party, all you need to do is change into an amazing dress that is in harmony with your wedding day details. Think of sleek silhouettes, or even have an amazing cocktail dress to add brilliant details to your wedding day’s celebrations. Another idea that we love to see in these situations is the idea of all-glam dresses. Think of pretty dresses with sequins and glitter! We love these shimmering dresses because they elevate your reception party and give you amazing wedding exit photos. Well, for an amazing transition from day to evening is as simple as choosing different outfits. Although changing outfits for your reception is common, brides also love choosing their outfits for the wedding exit as well. This helps you section off the outfits and looks. 


Another way to improve your wedding’s look from day to night is to have the groom and groomsmen also switch up their outfits for the day. You can also have the groom and groomsmen change their shirts. This will help you change your wedding look. During the day, the shirts for the groom and groomsmen can be light and as the day progresses, it can be darker. As we suggested for a bride, you can also have this with some sheen in the fabric. Since a wedding ceremony is a serious event, and usually happens during the daytime, lighter shades will work the best. Another way for the groom and groomsmen to switch up their wedding day look is as simple as using jackets. For example, the wedding day’s look or the ceremonial look can be soft, as we just said, and without a jacket. However, for the reception party, the look can be elevated with a dinner jacket. You can also have the groomsmen and the groom change their looks by changing the colors of their jackets. 


  1. Make-up 


Your bridal makeup takes center stage and gives you an impressive look and gives you amazing wedding photos. So, transitioning your bridal makeup from day to evening is a fantastic way to elevate your look and add a touch of glamor and allure as the day turns into night. By making a few adjustments to your makeup, you can create a captivating and radiant appearance that complements the atmosphere of your evening wedding celebration. During the day, many brides opt for a natural and radiant makeup look that enhances their features while maintaining a fresh and glowing complexion. Soft and subtle shades can be your choice for your eyes, cheeks, and lips to create a romantic and ethereal vibe. This works for both outdoor and indoor wedding celebrations. But if you want to add more “touches” to the makeup, you can use tints with glitter. However, as the evening approaches, you have the opportunity to enhance your makeup to create a more dramatic and captivating look. One way to transition your makeup from day to evening is by intensifying your eye makeup. Switch up your eye makeup and choose to have dramatic bridal eye makeup. You can incorporate deeper shades, such as rich browns, smoky grays, or shimmering metallics, to create a mesmerizing effect. Adding a winged eyeliner or smudging the eyeshadow along the lash line can also enhance the definition of your eyes. Additionally, consider using false lashes or layering your mascara for extra volume and drama.


To create a more luminous and radiant complexion for the evening, you can add a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones, brow bone, and the bridge of your nose. This will give your skin a beautiful glow and create a captivating effect under the evening lights. You can also choose a slightly bolder blush shade to add a pop of color and vitality to your cheeks. When it comes to the lips, transitioning to a deeper or more vibrant shade can instantly transform your look for the evening. Consider swapping your soft pink or nude lip color for a bold red, berry, or even a statement-making plum shade. This will add a touch of sophistication and glamor to your overall makeup. Another way to make your wedding day look perfect and super-easy to transition, all you need is a lip shade! For example, your professional makeup artist who cannot stay back and if you want to change your look for the evening, all you need to do is change your lipstick! This is an easy way to change your look because it is no fuss and you will not need any help from a professional makeup artist to do this. 


  1. Change the Footwear 


This idea can work for both grooms and brides! All you need to do is find a different pair of footwear that goes with your wedding look! To step into your wedding reception in style, get a pair of shoes that adds style and dazzle to your look. Your wedding reception entry can look amazing when you add something new and different. The bride and the groom, both, can switch their shoes. For example, if the bride has a convertible wedding dress, which can be converted to become shorter, the bride can put on something blingy! Think of pumps with studs, rhinestone footwear, or even glitter-laden footwear. The groom can change the color of the dress shoes that they have decided to wear for the day. Another option is to change the style of shoes for the groom entirely, whatever they feel comfortable with. We recommend using the same style of dress shoes with a change in color choice if the groom is not changing the outfit. You can also have your bridesmaids follow the same ideas. Match the shades and hues to your wedding looks to harmonize the details of your wedding outfits.


  1. Wedding Statement Jewelry 


For the last bit, let’s talk about statement jewelry. Transitioning your bridal jewelry from day to evening is a wonderful way to add a touch of sophistication and glamor as the day turns into night. By making some adjustments, swapping some out, and including some new additions by the evening to your bridal jewelry, will help you to effortlessly enhance and change your look. During the day, brides can choose delicate and understated jewelry that complements the natural and ethereal ambiance of a daytime wedding and the wedding theme. This may include dainty necklaces, stud earrings, and minimalistic bracelets. These pieces add a subtle sparkle without overpowering the overall look. As the evening approaches, you can elevate your jewelry game by incorporating bolder and more statement-making pieces. Consider swapping your delicate necklace for a dazzling pendant or a layered necklace to go with the plunge dress you decide to put on. These eye-catching pieces can instantly elevate your neckline and draw attention to your radiant bridal glow.


For earrings, you can opt for longer and more dramatic styles that create movement and catch the light beautifully as the day changes to night. Drop earrings adorned with sparkling crystals or intricate designs can add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your overall bridal look. As for rings, you may want to switch to a statement cocktail ring or a more intricate band that stands out against your engagement ring. This can add a glamorous touch to your hand and complement the overall evening vibe. This also works for grooms and groomsmen.


So, that is all we have for you. We hope that the ideas we have just mentioned will help you transition your wedding day look from day to evening without a hitch! We love weddings and we want every bride to look their best on their special day. But then again, a wedding day is not only about a bride, it is also about bridesmaids, grooms, and groomsmen! We hope that the ideas we have mentioned here will help make your wedding day look perfect and help you harmonize the details of your wedding planning. To make your wedding plans as seamless as possible, we recommend you have a conversation with your bridesmaids and the groomsmen. This will help you iron out some of the wrinkles in your plans and will help you manage your outfit changes and touch-ups to your outfits for the day without any challenges.


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