Lansdowne Resort and Spa WEDDING PHOTOS

Lansdowne Resort and Spa Wedding Photos

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Lansdowne Resort and Spa Lets You Tie The Knot Amid Serene Green Hills

It's your special day and like every other bride, you must be looking to love every minute of this special occasion. And nothing can be more fascinating than saying your vows amongst the lovely views overlooking rolling green hills and the sparkling Potomac River at Lansdowne Resort and Spa. A wedding at this stunning venue of Washington DC will be an unforgettable event amid exquisite decor and stunning panoramic views.

Located just 30 miles from Washington, DC Lansdowne Resort and Spa is a wedding venue based in Leesburg, Virginia that spreads over 500 acres of Virginia’s stunning wine country. This gorgeous wedding location combines vineyard charm with country-club luxury to give an incredible feel of the Washington DC photography. 

To provide a refined and sumptuous experience for any wedding day, the Lansdowne Resort and Spa is suitable for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. So, just plan your ceremony under the natural essence of the outdoors by sketching with the favorite colors and theme that your sweetheart loves or make it a little intimate within the indoor space. And wait for his reaction as he settles his eyes on you for the first look. Feels like the entire atmosphere becomes hazy and it is just you two and the everlasting love.

This captivating venue accommodates up to 500 guests depending on the size of your wedding. You can choose either the picturesque Clubhouse Ballroom or take advantage of the spacious majesty of the Lansdowne Ballroom. And you know what is the most interesting part? The grand windows fitted into the walls of both rooms allow optimum natural light to let in thereby adding the charm of your wedding pictures a thousand times. With exquisite decor meant for your beautiful indoor receptions, each space of the venue is perfect in its own respect.

The Potomac Terrace lets you plan your open-air ceremonies near the impeccably maintained grounds where your guests can marvel at and enjoy the exquisite scenery of the Potomac River Valley. Your Washington DC photographers will love this spot having the gorgeous blend of the golf course, Potomac River and mountains as the iconic backdrops. 

The Terrace Ballroom is reasonably fit for the receptions with a neutral color palette that you can paint based on your taste. Let the table linens and flower in the centerpieces remind you of the love and bond that both of you share while the gigantic chandeliers illumine every corner of the room with the immense glow that you want in each of your wedding pictures. This captivating space leaves you stress-free as you are not supposed to find a separate place for the cocktail hour. Yes, you heard it right! Having a set-up for your cocktail hour on the ballroom terrace looks amazing with all the required space and decor to make the ambiance pretty. And of course, a must-have place to capture the pretty pictures of you two and your bridal party.

Your big day demands you to look at your best.  The venue provides you with the get-ready bridal rooms to prepare in peace and make the most of it before saying goodbye to your singlehood. Pop the champagne with your lovelies and pose for some fun pictures together. Or let your DC wedding photographer capture all your impish moves. Enjoy your last few hours as a bachelorette with your girls and be unapologetically yourself in front of the camera! Trust us this night would be the shortest one so far. As the beautiful morning knocks at your door and wishes you luck for the new phase of your life, your besties turn into bridesmaids and make you ready for your big day. Allow our DC wedding photographer to take some in-the-moment photos of you in the loveliest frames. Have a sound sleep!

Ta da… time to head to the aisle! Butterflies in the stomach? This is the time when every emotion of you will be framed by our creative DC photographers, from the first look to the wedding kiss as husband and wife. Because these moments will disappear after a while but memories will last forever with these pictures. Let’s head to the ceremony site where you are going to exchange your vows.

This is Clubhouse ballroom, a gorgeous place that perfectly lets 110 guests witness your love and rejoice at a lavish reception. It offers an intimate area as being separate from the main hotel while the terrace in the back gives an outdoor option to the guests to enjoy the airy breeze of Washington DC. You as a couple can enjoy a romantic stroll to make the most of this scenic beauty and recall this beautiful journey of love that you two have spent together to make your wedding happen. Do not forget to take your Washington DC photographer with you to capture those precious moments in the most artistic frames.

If your guest list is not too long, there are other secluded places in other terraces of this resort. And there is a big reason to smile! This spot is picturesque and brings you countless backdrops to use for your pictures. This is exactly what you must be planning as a bride from the day your wedding date has been fixed.

The landscape views provide a beautiful setting to jewel your wedding album whereas the Hearth restaurant with huge floor-to-ceiling windows let ample sunlight enter into this space freely. Your Washington DC wedding photographers

 will love this place to create the perfect snapshots of the day, gazing at them you can smile even after ages and recall the beautiful days that you two spent together. The resort beholds a feasible place for the wedding arch set up in the center of the garden area. 

You can design every detail in your own way- ranging from the petal-covered aisle to the table settings. Just think of what he loves the most and designing the set-up will be a cakewalk, as it will resonate with the style and personalities of you two. And at the end of the day, you will love to see that dusky smile on his face as he will see his favorite flowers around the arch.

Picture the moment, your spouse giving you a warm hug while the sun sets in the sky, as bold as the jellies. Quite dreamy!. This is what you can feel at Lansdowne Resort and Spa where everything is just perfect to make your dream wedding a beautiful reality!

Saying “I do” to your perfect one is a valuable moment for every couple that they need to save for the rest of their life.  But this day not only resolves around just exchanging vows and saying goodbye to the guests with a cocktail hour and dinner. There is a lot more you can do to multiply the charm of this most beautiful day of your life. And to start with, the aroma of Washington DC gives you enough to accentuate your wedding album and lets you create lovely memories with that face that you want to see as the first thing every morning you get up. 

If you are short of ideas to look out in Washington DC, let’s make it a bit thrilling with a candid pose in front of the iconic National Capitol Columns of 446-acre National Arboretum. Your Washington DC wedding photographers can take some artsy shots at the perfect backdrop of frolic in the grove of state trees or utilize the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum to gaze at some authentic miniature masterpieces.

If you are a sports freak, you will love to know that the city is home to the Nationals Park, one of the finest baseball stadiums in America. This ballpark is absolutely great. It is fun to enjoy the sky at the top of the U.S. Capitol Building from the upper decks. And obvious to say, you will get enough awesome pictures of this incredible beauty framing you two spending some beautiful moments together. 

Being a little close to nature soothes your mind and makes you feel more calm and relaxed to celebrate your special day with more zeal. Of course, you cannot afford a single picture where you will look stressed! Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens is a must-watch water wonderland that remains open year-round. And as a nature-buff, you will admire the birds, water lilies, lotus flowers and a lot more natural beauty. There are plenty of benches around the park, so you can enjoy the views sitting there when you are done with your romantic stroll.

Food is something that can do wonders at the worst. So just think what magic it can bring to your most pleasurable day of the lifetime. Ben’s Chili Bowl is something you cannot miss in Washington DC- the cornerstone is the restaurant’s bright red-and-yellow facade on the U Street Corridor that acts as a unique landmark of Washington. The institution is best known for its chili dogs and half-smokes—half-beef, half-pork smoked sausage smothered in chili. This place holds intense beauty at any point of the hour. For the day, people love to try a half-smoke which is making it a popular tourist destination. Similarly, by night it becomes a perfect late-night spot to explore one of U Street’s many bars. The likeness of former President Obama after a dine at Ben’s has been graced with a mural on the side of the building. 

As you take a tour of the Lansdowne Resort and Spa, you will find that every detail and amenity have been arranged beautifully. The grounds are awe-inspiring and elegant to make your wedding worth-cherishing! You cannot expect more in the Washington DC city after the scenic beauty of Lansdowne Resort and Spa greets you on the happiest day of your life.

Lansdowne Resort and Spa

44050 Woodridge Parkway
Leesburg, VA   20176

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