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Host Your Quaint, Rustic San Antonio Wedding at Lost Mission, Texas

Has anyone told you that you are not supposed to settle for anything less than perfect! Yes, it is your wedding, the iconic day when every girl looks her best. And an elegant wedding space graces your celebration with the grandeur and splendor that you deserve. Turn your romantic dreams to a beautiful reality at the Lost Mission chapel in San Antonio, Texas as an ode to all!

Nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country, this gorgeous San Antonio event space will make you swoon the moment you see this old-world Spanish marvel seated amidst the gorgeous landscapes of the Spring Branch, Texas! Planning your special day isn’t just about the decor, dress, and the cake. When you start getting into the nitty-gritty, you’d find that there is a lot to plan. From your grand entrance to the wedding venue to the royal bridal walk to the aisle, every detail must be classical and timeless like your love story. And with the sheer elegance like Lost Mission, you are halfway reached to your successful wedding in the San Antonio suburbs that exudes charm and grace!

Located in Bulverde, just a 30-minute drive from San Antonio, Lost Mission was found bathed in the rolling hills characteristic of Hill Country. With its striking old-world Spanish architecture, the 26-acre retreat is covered by majestic oaks to offer a zen-like calmness on your perfect wedding evening. You will be amazed to see how this entire space speaks for its perfection and beauty for the best of San Antonio wedding photography. 

Wherever you go, there are photo ops galore at the Lost Mission which our San Antonio wedding photographers can use to surely spell some magic with their camera to create keepsakes for you from your big day! As you enter the property, you will encounter a traditional Spanish-style chapel at the outdoor with smooth arches and an iconic bell tower. The cream-colored building made out of stacked hay bales and stucco gives it a rustic yet sophisticated out-of-the-ordinary look. This is where you can collect some memorable San Antonio wedding photographs and announce your love among your 240 guests followed by some Instagramable clicks! 

Call your bridal party to set the mood with some fancy poses before the celebration hits. From the adorable hairdo of your flower girl to the cute bow of your four-legged friend, and of course, your lovely gang of girls accompanying you to the aisle while you are busy holding your bridal bouquet of fresh flowers and trying to stop your tears from rolling down your eyes, everything makes for a perfect scene with thousands of emotions bursting out that should be saved for you two! And finally when the most-awaited moment comes bringing tears to everyone's eyes including the man at the other end of the aisle waiting for you to say those magical words, our wedding photographer in San Antonio and its suburbs uses all his skills to bring out the best snapshots. From couple portraits to the first look photos,  no emotion would pass by uncaptured.   

The magic begins from the stone and wood walls inside that are illuminated by iron light-fixtures. The glistening chandeliers, antique pews, and Spanish-corbels altogether create a beautiful backdrop to capture the most memorable day of your life. It is a retreat to add a personalized feel to the entire setting including the flowing drapery and the floral arrangements on the table which our wedding photographers in and around San Antonio will gladly capture!

Adjacent to the chapel, the venue boasts a high ceiling, massive wood trusses, and a cozy stone fireplace giving direct access to the flagstone patio. When couples head towards this outdoor reception patio featuring a 40-foot firewall and cafe lights, they will find enough aesthetic beauty to add on to your wedding photo book. As the scenic backdrop and a beautiful spread out landscape create a unique duo which is jaw-dropping, our San Antonio wedding photo experts will love to capture this awe-inspiring view!


Just a short walk from the chapel there exists a reception hall that accommodates up to 400 wedding guests for a delectable dinner. You along with your guests can enjoy cocktails on either the chapel plaza/patio or the spacious reception hall patio. It seats up to 200 guests of yours for a celebration that shines, unlike anything. Your mesmerizing celebration here would be accompanied by a running stream, a 40-foot firewall, and a large stone fireplace decked out with a dazzling dance floor for your first dance. Yeah! It is time to blow off the nostalgia from the teary-eyes through some playful dance moves as you show your fun side to all.

As the day ends with and the sun says goodbye for the day with all its good wishes for the newlyweds and a magical glow- the entire outdoor ceremony space gets filled with myriads of photo opportunities for breathtaking golden hour photography. The bright background calls for the best kind of couple pictures during the golden hour, the evening at the Lost Mission is exceptional for night wedding photography as well. With the pretty background behind matching perfectly with the San Antonio skyline, you won’t miss anything else to add to your wedding album.

The choices are endless at different spots of the Lost Mission that allow you to transform this ceremony space according to your wedding dreams! And all these spaces make for truly great backdrops which guarantee beautiful San Antonio wedding photographs of the pretty bride and groom! You can exchange your vows outside, with lush greenery, and the lavish ambiance forming the perfect backdrop for your perfect ceremony. Likewise, an indoor reception inside amidst floor-to-ceiling windows, exquisite chandeliers, and custom soft lighting calls for some pretty photographs by our talented San Antonio suburbs wedding photographers. 

Just like you share your heartfelt vows for the first time, you wear that pretty stone on your finger once in a lifetime. Yeah, you read it right! Your engagement is a lovely day when you accept your sweetheart’s sweet proposal and promise to be by his side for the rest of your life. Fill this moment with a bit of extra romance by celebrating it at a place that is elegant yet private for you! And for that, you don’t have to go anywhere else as we have curated below a list of photogenic locations in San Antonio and its suburbs that are waiting to be captured. 

San Antonio is the south-central city in Texas which is loved by those couples who believe in history, architecture, and art. If you are a resident of the beautiful San Antonio city or its suburban areas, you will be thrilled to gaze at this enchanting city of Texas while our photo experts capture this scenic beauty in their cameras. 

If you are looking for something unique to celebrate on your day of love, this Texas city will never disappoint. From beautiful mansions to elegant museums, this fabled location has everything that a bride with a keen eye is seeking for her San Antonio engagement photography. 

Home to the famous attractions like San Antonio Zoo, the Japanese Tea Gardens, and the Sunken Garden Theater, Brackenridge Park is a lush space of the city covering 343 acres of land. Seated on the traditional vital part of Native American life in the region, the historical lands are refurbished with picturesque elements including uniquely constructed bridges, gardens, and rivers. Combining all these photogenic spots at once, this engagement location in San Antonio will teleport you and you BAE to a wonderland while creating the best of San Antonio engagement photography like never before.

With stretches of golfing green sprinkling the untouched natural beauty amid a terrific contrast of polished and natural, Canyon Springs offers an elegant look to your engagement photo shoot in the San Antonio suburbs. While at one end, the distinctive architecture of the pavilion crafted in native stone with wooden beams looks marvelous, a natural stone patio compliments it with unseen elegance. 

As you step out on the lawn, the surrounding nature under the twisted branches of Texas’ live oak trees allows you to take a deep breath and enjoy the ambiance with the cool breeze as your doting partner stands by your side with his natural smile. Posing standing in front of the waterfalls is a complete fun as you are done with the ceremony and the glow of the proposal day can be seen with a naked eye. Do not miss the lovely details like weathered doors, antique barrels, and terra cotta urns, bringing something special to your photographs.

Founded in 1954, McNay Art Museum is another San Antonio gem to flaunt your brand new fiance amidst the first modern art museum in the state of Texas. The museum, designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, spread across vast 23 acres of the landscaped grounds with fountains, lawns, and a Japanese style garden. The impressive trees and sun-dappled grounds here count for an amazing piece of engagement photography in  San Antonio suburbs! 

If you want to add the vibrant culture of old Mexico to your engagement pictures, the historic Market Square never fades as the largest Mexican market in the United States. With bright colors and glowing bistro lights that adorn the square, there is a lot you can use as a backdrop for your engagement photography in San Antonio. When you are done with enough pictures, relax at the nearby spots to taste some Mexican flavor, and give an interesting closure to the evening. 

It’s all about the personal details clicked in perfect shots that make any celebration truly yours. From your engagement shoot to a pre-wedding photoshoot to post-wedding photography sessions, pictures are the next lovely thing that will make you go aww. First, of course, is your partner's cute smile. If you are craving some of the favorite Texas locations for your pre-wedding photography session or post-wedding photo shoot in and around San Antonio, take a visit to the most beautiful Spanish mansions, modern art galleries, and San Antonio riverwalk and you will get plenty of charisma to store in the candid pictures of both of you smitten in love. 

While you can taste the rich Mexican culture by admiring handcrafted works of art or by sharing a bite of gourmet Mexican cuisine near the Market Square, the place is equally gorgeous to capture every spontaneous moment of the evening. The sights and flavors of Mexico make Market Square one of the best picturesque locations for engagement photography as well as pre-wedding photography and post-wedding photography near San Antonio.

One more exquisite location of San Antonio for the couples’ photoshoot is the historic St. Anthony Hotel, located just an 8-minute walk from Alamo. Built in 1909, this architecturally magnificent hotel is decked out with the opulent glory and marvelous structure and chic decor that make it ideal for your perfect Texas post-wedding photo session. Featuring both outdoor and indoor settings for San Antonio photography, it is a place with marvelous and artistic backgrounds. You can pose with your partner in front of the elegant building surrounded by the skyline of San Antonio and create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Mention not, you will get a good vibe of the city while you take a stroll around the hotel to spend some time with your husband, just after you tie the knot and step into a new phase of life.

Got tired after the all-day trip while giving multiple shots for that perfect click? Now it’s time to beat the heat and enjoy the nightlife amid the cool breeze below twinkling stars. Take the evening by storm and explore the nightlife attractions in the San Antonio region. You might be surprised at the offerings that you’ll find here. From classic cocktail bars to urban wineries and neighborhood pubs, the scene at the dusky light is varied and fun. Of course, the gorgeous city carries something for everyone. So go out for an exploration of this awesome place before you book the dates of your candid photo session with your doting significant other. Because with him, you can’t afford to select anything less than perfect. 

Weddings are known to ignite tears and with the romantic ambiance of Lost Mission, this remarkable day brings all the unsaid emotions together on the stage, that too, in a very impressive and pleasing manner. Let our wedding photographers from San Antonio be by your side to make sure you do not miss any of your precious moments on your happiest day!

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