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Atrium at Curtis Center Wedding Photos

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The Curtis Atrium Gives You the Best Settings to Bid Adieu to Your Bachelorhood in Philadelphia

When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you can’t wait to get hitched with him. And there is no doubt that you want to make this beginning as exhilarating as you can. Here is when you need the best of both worlds to announce your everlasting love among your near and dear ones. If Philadelphia is your home city then you are in luck as you don’t need to look further than the Curtis Atrium to celebrate the last day of your singlehood. The venue is designed after taking inspiration from Philly’s arts, culture, and history while preserving the elegance of a bygone era. 

Located in the heart of Philadelphia history, The Curtis Atrium is a 100-year-old structure that has been a sheer witness of the most timeless weddings of downtown Philadelphia. This historic building, once home to the Curtis Publishing House, features breathtaking architectural elements including palatial alabaster columns and soaring ceilings that make it a unique yet picturesque space to celebrate your wedding day. Nestled in a comfy location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, its ageless beauty makes for an elegant and sophisticated location for newlyweds to rejoice their union in style. This space is also well known among the crowd for creating the Ladies Home Journal and the Saturday Evening Post

What is your must-have vision while getting married? Wearing your favorite dress and walking down the aisle with your first hero- your supercool daddy while every eye is on you. This is exactly what you and almost every soon-to-be bride have dreamt of since the day you realized that one day you will also be a beautiful bride like your mother. What could be more enticing is to see your prince-charming looking at you and both of you get lost among each other living this magical moment? Now give a pause to your thoughts and plan to make it happen at none other than The Curtis Atrium in Philadelphia.

Stepping into the historic breeze of the Curtis Atrium makes you feel like entering an era when elegance and luxury were pretty common. The Grand Staircase is just perfect for a glamorous entrance to the Atrium! As you take your first step, your eyes will not blink after seeing the flawless curvy stairs greeting you. Let your Philadelphia wedding photographers seize this phenomenal beauty framing you two. It is a nice spot to add your bridesmaids as well for group photos and collect some timeless memories of this beautiful day that will always bring a smile to your face. 

The Curtis Atrium features a terraced waterfall and a 49-foot stained glass mosaic designed by Louis C. Tiffany and Maxfield Parrish. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking to say your vows amid the natural light and create a perfect setting for your wedding. The indoors are spacious with a historical feel and are adorned by exquisite, oversized chandeliers and versatile, luxurious decor. 

The towering columns, radiant skylights, and a grand staircase framing an iconic art deco waterfall- all enough to make your heart skip a beat. You cannot afford to miss the best of Philadelphia wedding photography amid this serene ambiance. Discover the warm light, elegance, and agelessly beautiful architectural details of this iconic spot in Philadelphia and let your talented wedding photographers capture your special moments from your mind-blowing entry as lovers to the awe-inspiring first look to the breathtaking first dance and the sparkling exit as spouses.

The Atrium is ideally sunlit with its glass ceiling, while the greenery around the fountain creates a perfect mix of outdoors you could ever have in Philadelphia anywhere else. And do you know what will thrill you the most? The dazzling settings! There is too much already available in terms of decor, which diminishes the need to add anything else to space. You just need a photojournalistic photographer who is focused, flexible and organized, yet easy-going so that posing for your happiest day without thinking could be fun. Be unapologetically yourself and feel free to ask them “Does my hair look ok, or Am I smiling loud enough?”

Your wedding is not only a new start with your best buddy or life partner you can share your entire life with but also the last day of you like a princess of your dad. From now you will be the queen of your loving husband who has been made for you and only you. So, it is worth celebrating that you have found the love of your life. And, not to miss that this long journey is full of mixed emotions that you want to relish for the rest of your life. So, nothing could be more exciting than capturing this plethora of feelings with all those who are dreaming of seeing you as a bride since the day you were born, of course, your parents and grandparents. As a note of happiness, every inch of the Curtis Atrium accentuates your wedding day thousand times with utter elegance and sophistication that it offers. And it is a retreat for modern romantic millennials who love bold colors & timeless photographs of their nuptials.

From the airy 12-story chamber where couples recite their vows to the well-appointed bridal suite tucked away in the spacious, delicately detailed cocktail hour mezzanine, the venue is one of the most prestigious and popular wedding spots in Philadelphia. Our newest Mezzanine Suite lets you share wine while spending some good time with your friends and family. As you dance and dine in the evening, the custom tapestries and lighting transform the atrium to an intimate ballroom. The ballroom provides an unsurpassed atmosphere for your Philadelphia wedding with unparalleled details. Imagine the two of you saying your vows against the classic backgrounds while our Philadelphia wedding photographer snaps it all for you!

The Curtis Atrium is the place where historical distinction meets contemporary style! Hosting the biggest day of life here is a masterstroke to give your wedding photo album a unique touch of history! And the perk? It is a blank canvas that you can adorn with the tasteful settings showcasing your personality and love to your sweetheart. Like for say, pick the flower that he likes or use the soft lighting that reminds him of your first date. Let the romantic glow of pillar candles accentuate the mood of the evening. What’s next? Wait for his cutest smile as he will walk down and take a step back to notice all this and then look into your eyes silently saying, “Wow, you remember all this!”

When it comes to selecting a wedding venue, seeing is believing! The rich ambiance of the Curtis Atrium says it all with its exceptional regal settings. A gorgeous balcony located right off of it offers amazing views of the Atrium. This is where you can sit for a while with your darling husband amid the tranquility and share the excitement and thrill you both had in your belly since last night. Thinking about how beautiful it is to pass the journey from dating to get engaged and finally married!! A bit tender to wet your eyes? But, totally worth it. 

As the day goes by and night falls, it is the time to achieve the highest levels of romance to your wedding with dreamy romantic lighting and a candlelit stage. When you are immersed in the romantic vibes of your first dance amidst the whimsical setting of this venue, you’ll realize why this wedding venue is known to be phenomenal! As the night greets you with its dusky glow, it is the right time when your Philadelphia wedding photographers can shower their magic and capture this picturesque beauty in their lenses. 

While every detail in the Curtis Atrium imbibes perfection, delicious food is the cherry on the top. A full on-site kitchen that has been freshly installed by Constellation is rightly designed to offer a delicious culinary experience for each of your guests. To make it more interesting, try giving the ideal seating arrangement of comfy round tables and Chiavari chairs with pretty centerpieces positioned on each table that is beautifully accentuated by spotlights and uplighting. After all, it is time for all your guests to sit together and create some memories while recalling some crazy stuff of your childhood. So, all these loud waves of laughter and funky faces must be caught in the cameras in the embellished way. This is what we call the real art of professional wedding photographers in Philadelphia. 

The location adds more points to this venue as it is situated right alongside Independence Hall and across Washington Square Park which is perfect for your candid photos. But, the glory of this magical city does not end here. As a resident of Philadelphia, you have the special advantages of exploring countless historic places, charming rustic barns and beautiful industrial-chic buildings that make this location stand out of the world along with an eclectic museum that contributes to the most photogenic backdrops for your wedding celebration. And your wedding pictures will turn out to be really spectacular. 

An architectural treasure that depicts a lot about Philadelphia is the ‘City Hall’, the largest municipal building in the United States and the tallest building in Philadelphia until 1987. Topped with an iconic statue of William Penn, the 548-foot tower is the tallest masonry structure in the world without a steel frame. With over 14.5 acres of floor space, you have immense space to walk around and sense the serene ambiance of Pennsylvania’s largest city, known colloquially as Philly. As you view the city from the open-air observation deck, you will find beauty as far as your eyes can see. Trust your Philadelphia wedding photographer to artistically capture this panoramic view in his lenses.

If you are craving for some impromptu photos where you are not restricted to wear your wedding dress, Bartram's Garden is a perfect spot to take some ‘wow’ shots. As a go-to destination for Philadelphia nature lovers, you can plan your engagement session at an amazing terrain at this 45-acre park. You will find yourself in another world as the opulent splendor of flower beds, the stunning landscaping, and striking architectural elements awestruck you. And do you know what is the most interesting part? Couples don't need to go far from the city.

Another alluring option for your romantic Philadelphia engagement photoshoot is the Ashford Estate, surrounded by acres of beautiful farmland. It is a country estate located between Philadelphia and New York City that holds tons of elegance and sophistication for every couple that comes in. The park-like grounds are landscaped with fountains, waterfalls, gazebos, stone ruins and gardens that altogether seem iconic and add enough charm to every picture. Likewise, the beautifully preserved architecture stating the barn chapel, carriage house, and the grand ballroom, is an epitome of artsy touch in Philadelphia. This is when you will realize how blissful it is to have a wedding in Philadelphia. 

You can accept the imperfections of your ‘weirdly perfect partner’, but cannot afford a single flaw at the place where you tie the knot with him. This is the reason you need something as spotless as the Curtis Atrium in the gorgeous city of Philadelphia. As the excitement of your engagement starts to settle, start planning your perfect Philadelphia wedding at this magnificent venue and bring everything at the table that you need to make your wedding shine just like the intense love between you two.

Atrium at Curtis Center

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