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St. Peter's Hiking Trails Engagement Photos


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St. Peter's Hiking Trails

St. Peter's Hiking Trails

Located near Elverson, PA and just a short drive away from Philadelphia are St. Peter’s Hiking Trails, a beautiful recreational area that is a fantastic spot for your engagement shoot. 

The trail features many boulders strewn about in the creek, leftover from a nearby quarry. They make for fascinating patterns and some of them have been spray-painted, adding a pop of bright color to the subdued forest tones of brown and green. You’ll love exploring the formations and finding ones that particularly stand out to you. 

The smooth but crinkled appearance of the tumbled boulders makes an interesting place for you to climb. With soft but angular shapes, the rocks can fill up the entire picture with their subtle blue-grey hues or add a nice contrast with the surrounding foliage. Depending on the time of year, you could be in an ocean of bright green, reds and oranges, or the deep green of summer. 

In the lush greenery of the Pennsylvania hills you’ll find many idyllic scenes that will inspire you—fallen tree trunks, rustic trails, and rocks provide contrasts of delightful texture. This is the perfect Philadelphia engagement photography spot for the couple who wants a natural look that is still deep and timeless.


Photo Permit Required: No

St. Peter's Hiking Trails - Philadelphia

3033 St Peters Rd Elverson
PA, 19520

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