Olympic Hills Golf Club Wedding Photos

Olympic Hills Golf Club Wedding Photos

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Make the Pristine Beauty of Olympic Hills Golf Club in Eden Prairie, Your Wedding Guest

Well-pruned green hillocks, towering trees, pristine ponds lined by just the perfect peppering of rocks by the bank, gravity-defying water fountains, and pockets of enticing photography corners. Do we need to say more? Olympic Hills Golf Club is a venue that boasts of all this and more! Can you think of anything more that you want for your wedding to play out? We know you don’t!

Olympic Hills Golf Club situated in Eden Prairie, MN, lies smack dab in the middle of the line which determines the perfect balance between lovely, pristine outdoor areas and breathtakingly glamorous indoors featuring the most opulent colors and textures that you can imagine. As a result, you get the perfect outdoor-indoor wedding experience. 

The garden of the venue has an appeal of its own, encompassing everything between manicured golf course hillocks and tall trees to cozy pond-side corners. Let's talk about the enchanting waterfall, shall we? Imagine light ambient music playing and the calming waterfall sounds adorning the environment as you exchange your vows under the modern pergola. Throw in a harp and some white doves, and you might as well be in the Garden of Eden! 

Not only will this outdoor ceremony be a tranquil and refreshing experience for you and your guests but also the colorful flowers, as well as the majestic pergola structure, provide an array of opportunities for your photographer to explore. The ceremony site comes with tiered amphitheater-style seating, ensuring your dear ones are there to see you through your special moment.

Sure, the outside is impressive in its own account, but wait till you step inside the venue! The sprawling modern architecture with clean lines and stunning interiors has a hall, accommodating enough to contain up to 200 guests. The broad windows allow natural light to stream in and light up the place superbly, enabling your Minneapolis photographer to capture some glowing moments of the day. The ballroom has been done up recently with beautiful shiny hardwood floors and a wrap-around deck which is all geared up to showcase the picturesque views of the rolling green golf course and pristine garden.  Trust your Minneapolis wedding photographer to weave the delicate memories of the day into works of art.

The best part? The venue is wonderful without being set in its style or squarely falling into a box. It is extremely malleable and customizable, making space for your dream wedding to happen without compromising on your vision, but in fact, making it tenfold more magical. Olympic Hills Golf Club understands that weddings are special and they will go to any foreseeable length to make your perfect wedding the best day of your life!

Olympic Hills Golf Club

10625 Mount Curve Road
Eden Prairie, MN   55347
(952) 230-9636

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