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McNamara Alumni Center Wedding Photos

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McNamara Alumni Center Calls for Your Dreamy Wedding in Minneapolis

If you are looking for a perfect place to rejoice the romantic celebration of love, there is just one thing you need to focus on! The joyful ambiance that adds a pinch of charisma to your day of love. And there is no better wedding space than McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis to say goodbye to your bachelorhood with a grand sparkler exit amidst the love-filled surroundings!

Established in 2000, the 231,000-square feet McNamara Alumni Center is an architectural gem that has become a recommended space for the Minneapolis couples. And reasons are many, including its exceptional services, exquisite interior, and the perfect romantic settings to create the mood for the day. McNamara Alumni Center is not only spacious but also beautiful at every nook and cranny, no matter how far your naked eyes go! Allow our Minneapolis wedding photographer to be by your side and fabulously capture your precious moments at this wonderland which is nothing but enchanting!

Nestled on the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, this scintillating wedding space features wood and copper interiors inspired by the Minnesota landscape along with two stunning spaces for wedding receptions- Memorial Hall for up to 400 guests and University Hall for your 150 guests to be seated in a comfy and convenient layout. Not to mention, there is a lot for our Minneapolis suburbs wedding photographers to capture behind you two lost into each other! Start with two private dressing rooms with on-site staff to get you in place. This is the first place you start your wedding day. After all, you need to look spotless from head to toe! So, let your eyeliner do not disperse but shine like your love story. 

The Memorial Hall is exceptional on its own with its soaring 85-feet tall structure lined with 6 miles of wood and a striking grand water feature. The gorgeous and unique setting of the McNamara Alumni Center calls for a quaint and out-of-the-box Minneapolis wedding photography that you deserve for the day! While the impeccable windows allow the wealth of natural light to pour in effortlessly to light up the whole atmosphere, the surroundings turn out to be effortlessly charismatic for some lovely Minneapolis wedding photography. 

The soft light illuminating from the massive hanging crystal chandeliers and the golden glow of the ambiance join incredibly to offer an enchanting space for your awe-inspiring wedding in this incredible Minneapolis city while our creative photographers capture every precious detail of your romantic celebration in the best frame. Not to mention, the timeless splendor and grandeur assure you that this place will blow your guests’ minds and your wedding photographs will be cut above the rest with the luxury in the backdrop. 

From the warm colors of the venue to the personalized setting decked out by you in your chosen style, the McNamara Alumni Center is the place that will charm your wedding, making it unforgettable for your guests. With ample space for dancing the glamorous night away with the love of your life, the gorgeous landscape of McNamara Alumni Center will leave your guests jaw-dropping with the elegant and romantic atmosphere. 

Wait for the moment when your wedding guests will praise and thank you for choosing this venue boasting the delicate architecture and remarkable interior that shine like a pearl in the perfect lighting. Well, this is not the only place of elegance to be saved forever! There are thousands of sentimental instances that you’d come across on this day that you would want to save for a lifetime so that every time when you miss the last day of your singlehood life, you can unfold all those beautiful memories and relive those moments once again. From the moment you and your partner share your first look in those perfect wedding attire that you have selected after so many trials, to the most-awaited scenic view of the day when you say “I do”, every emotion is priceless and worth capturing. 

Out of all the priceless moments that your wedding contains, the magical and worth-waiting amongst them is the moment when you walk down the aisle as a gorgeous bride. Draped in a stunning wedding dress, you look like a complete package of elegance and glamor! Of course, today you have the scope to mesmerize your partner so that his eyes don’t go anywhere else except you! 

The luscious scenery is just one of the reasons why our Minneapolis wedding photographers love to shoot McNamara Alumni Center weddings. The gorgeous photo opportunities within the building are as enchanting and provoking as they are outside on the landscaped plaza. Just pose for some after-ceremony photos with your bridal party and give a memorable closure to the evening with some golden hour pictures taken creatively by our photo experts from Minneapolis

McNamara Alumni Center is just the best-fit for holding both your ceremony as well as your reception just as you have envisioned. A wedding celebration without fine dining is like a party without cake! And every inch of the McNamara Alumni Center completes your grand fiesta with its fine catering services plus a delectable menu served to your guests. What else do you need after a chilled wine, scrumptious cake bite, and the playful ambiance at the dance floor to dance to shake a leg! This is what we call a perfect Minneapolis wedding! With all your loved ones gathered for you and top of that, they are all as happy as you two are!

Like your wedding day, you would want to seize your engagement moments as well. And if you have not planned your engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot yet then now is the time to have one. As you are going to get engaged soon, it is time to start pampering yourself to look like your partners 'dream lady' on your proposal day. Yes, you heard it right! If getting married is the new start to your life, engagement is the gateway to this fresh chapter. And it is one of those beautiful days when you came to know how much you mean to your significant other, with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life, sharing all the odds and celebrations. 

When you are around nature, the entire surroundings add an extra layer of love to your already romantic relationship. And when it is about celebrating your love, tranquil spaces and greenery are nothing short of enchanting to pose for some fancy clicks or relax with your sweetheart. Minneapolis offers such serene oasis at a 24-acre urban park featuring a beautiful lake, called Centennial Lakes. Acting as a great spot for Minneapolis engagement photography, it is delightful to walk through trees, open grass areas, and several footbridges that altogether bring plenty of locations for beautiful outdoor photos

Another piece of excellence lies at the Loring Park, located in Minneapolis, which is a 289-acre park boasting a lake, walking paths, and both grassy and wooded areas. The surrounding neighborhood of the park is equally charming and enticing, with a concrete touch of a little bit of city mixed with nature! This is the reason our Minneapolis engagement photographer won't miss a single chance of capturing your special moments at this Minneapolis location with zen-like calmness!

If you are a person who loves to play adventures in life, you deserve some iconic spots for your special day. Built in 1883, Stone’s Arch Bridge is one such unique spot for your extraordinary love story. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and leading as a staple of the city of Minneapolis, this Minneapolis bridge now serves as a pedestrian and bike bridge with amazing views of the city along with the surrounding areas of the rich culture. This is why it fits well in the list of the creative places for your rich Minneapolis engagement photography.

As an award-winning spot in the Minneapolis suburban region, Nicollet Island Pavilion is known to be a popular choice for post-wedding photoshoots as well as private engagement photography! Located on the lower portion of Nicollet Island, the calm water and nearby bridges turn out to be a great backdrop for any Twin Cities couple. But, if you want to enjoy the charisma at its best, try visiting this area in the fall, when the leaves are turning into vibrant colors. With a flirtatious mood, the scenic view at that time seems like one of the most beautiful spots one could ever see in their lifetime!

And, finally, that moment has come! Your soulmate enters into your life and you’ve realized that he is the one and “only one.” And now, you need a place to share moments of love, flaunt some classy pictures on social media and announce among your beloved ones that you have found the love of your life. 

To embrace your newly found love, Minneapolis has all that you need! From parks, museums, and mansions to country clubs, gardens, and rustic farms, Minneapolis and its suburbs have so many locations that make it a great city for personalized celebrations and gorgeous couple photography! So, plan your pre-wedding photography session or a post-wedding photoshoot in and around Minneapolis city without giving it a second thought. Because, no matter how many hours or days you spend with your darling, you always crave for more! Just like a bite of cake, that tempts you for another piece the moment you finish the first.

Head towards the Elm Creek Park Reserve which is a 4,900-acre wonderland of forests for our Minneapolis engagement photographers to bestow their magic! As you walk down the beautiful walkways surrounded by lush vibrant forests, a fresh breath of air lets you feel more relaxed and lured for the lovable photo session with your doting sweetheart! The bridge looks even better during winters when the wooden structure shines out of all the snow around. Craving for more? Couples might also plan to take a visit to the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens and Gale Wood Farm, right within the reserve, and take advantage of many photo ops offered by this spot for their romantic pre-wedding photo session.

Saying “I do” is just the beginning of your happily ever after full of love and care! With each new day, there comes a new possibility to show your partner how much you adore them! Celebrating a chic yet private post-wedding photo session at Minnehaha Falls could be one such surprise gift to your darling post your wedding. An interesting photography location just 20 minutes away from Olympic Hills Golf Club, the mesmerizing falls let our Minneapolis photographers capture the dreaminess of gushing water falling from a height of 60 feet. Overlooking the Mississippi River, it brings boundless opportunities for some romantic couple photography of you and your brand-new spouse with a cute smile. The charisma rises during the winter that offers one of the most spectacular sights - the icefalls! If you are lucky enough to have your Minneapolis couple photography in the winters, the frozen Minnehaha Falls are going to take your photography many notches higher!

Well, love means to be lost into someone so that you two become one soul! Not in a literal sense, but the city of Minneapolis allows you and your partner to get locked into an escape room for an hour! Sounds unreal, but it is truly a blast. With varying themes and locations, there are a ton of spots to choose from, including Escape The Room, Mission Manor, and Trapped Puzzle Rooms. And do you know what’s the surprise? Like many other aspects of a relationship, communication is key here to solve the challenge and get yourself untrapped from the riddle. Sounds interesting!

Comprising all the requisites that your Minneapolis wedding demands, McNamara Alumni Center is a magical ceremony space that will make you and your wedding guests feel as if you are celebrating inside a storybook.

McNamara Alumni Center

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