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Start Your Happily Ever After from the Landmark Center in Saint Paul!

Every bride has a dream setting on her mind for her wedding day. Whether it is an elaborate, glamorous celebration or a simple, intimate affair, your dream wedding will be a reality at the Landmark Center in St. Paul. When brides ask us for advice on where to host their wedding celebration, our Minneapolis wedding photographers often suggest the stunning Landmark Center in St. Paul.

The Landmark Center is a historic mansion radiating the prestige and elegance of the Italian Renaissance. Initially a federal building, it was the central post office and courthouse. Now, this charming estate is a cultural hub for music, dance, and theater; filled with stunning exhibitions that are open to the people. This ravishing property was initially designed with the purpose of promoting affection and admiration for the arts and for culture. In serving this purpose for the community, Landmark Center becomes a unique atmosphere for all types of events specializing in wedding celebrations. The majestic cortile and beautifully refurbished courtrooms offer a picture-perfect atmosphere for your elegant Minneapolis wedding photography. 

Adorned with a grand cortile atrium and beautifully restored courtrooms, Landmark Center is now a leading popular Minneapolis wedding venue with the capacity to welcome from 20 to 1000 guests. You have the opportunity to select the space which flawlessly resonates with your taste, style, and budget! 

Lined with towers encircling a stunning clock tower, this castle-like Richardsonian Romanesque cultural center covered in pink granite offers endless photo opportunities! Host your wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the Landmark Castle so that our Minneapolis wedding photographers will have a field day! Coupled with a gorgeous Rice Park across the street, the Landmark Castle boasts various spots where you can have stunning pre-wedding photographs with your sweetheart and your bridal party! Our Minneapolis wedding photographers can capture some unique formal portraits in the renovated courtroom and then can venture outside for some laid-back wedding photographs in the lovely Rice Park.

For your grand and dazzling wedding celebration, the grand five-story Musser Cortile Atrium is the perfect fit. This elegant wedding venue features dramatic architecture that provides a gorgeous environment upon which our Minneapolis wedding photographers love to shoot. The five-story-tall glass roof floods the rooms with natural light and adds an unforgettable touch to your wedding day. Light pours in from the skylights above, illuminating the vast tiled atrium below and sets the mood of your romantic and classy wedding celebration. These impeccable ceilings offer more than enough golden light and create a perfect scene for our Minneapolis wedding photographers to capture enchanting wedding photographs of you and your spouse.  

Picture this- you are declaring your love for your sweetheart in the middle of the five-story courtyard with natural light shining on you both as a perfect spotlight on your wedding day! This magical and enchanting moment needs to be captured by our professional Minneapolis wedding photographers in the best of frames for you to cherish later. For a flawless wedding experience, we advise you to have your wedding ceremony during the day time as in the morning and in the afternoon, the interiors are beautifully lit by natural sunlight making its way through the faultless ceiling. And the natural lighting effect reflects stunningly in your Minneapolis wedding photos! 

The columned balconies and massive dance floor create a romantic ambiance as well as a striking background for Minneapolis wedding photography. You can set up the dance floor right under the glass-ceiling, to make you and your fiance feel like you’re dancing in the sky under the shimmering and twinkling stars which will make for captivating wedding photographs as you celebrate the night away with your darling and loved ones. Let our Minneapolis wedding photographer snapshot all your practiced moves in beautiful frames!

Gracefully beautified with marble walls, maple floorings, carved mahogany accents, and a spiraling skylight, the cornerstone interior of the atrium proffers an astonishing and picture-perfect setting for your awesome Minneapolis wedding photography. This place does not require much decoration as its grandeur and elegance speak for itself. But if you want to infuse your wedding ideas and thoughts, this room is always happy and ready to get decked up! You can beautify the charm and elegance of this beautiful space with white or salmon pink drapes hooked up in the form of waterfall draping and add up some gorgeous lights which will create the romantic atmosphere of the space alive!

Photo-ops Alert! During daytime and afternoon, the beautiful sun brightens the center and its elegant details through the immaculate stained windows. You suddenly become aware of the details that proclaim the beauty of art through the classic wall furnishings and heavy curtains that drape throughout the room. At night, the elegant lighting takes you on a journey and makes you feel like you are in a majestic castle. With ample natural light and enchanting skyline, our Minneapolis wedding photographers will have enough room to showcase their photography skills and talent. 

The venue also boasts an adorable and beautiful space best suited for your intimate wedding celebration. The Chief Justice Room steeped deep in history with stately decor adds up to its grandeur and serves as an idyllic backdrop for your Minneapolis wedding photography. The impeccable stained-glass ceiling in the Chief Justice Room is especially breathtaking and will set the lens of our Minneapolis wedding photographers. The lily-white glass-roof gives ample space for natural light to pour in directly and intensify the interiors of the room. The shower of natural light offers a breathtaking ambiance for your mind-blowing wedding photographs. 

For your wedding day, you can bespeak the entire building, an excellent option if your wedding guest list is too long! Reserving the complete building will give you access to other four richly decorated courtrooms, which will definitely make your wedding day an easy breeze!

With an event staff working with couples for more than 15 years, Landmark Center is a highly preferred choice for dream weddings. So, now that you have found the love of your life, gather

your family and friends at Landmark Center to witness true love on your wedding day. Howsoever you choose to celebrate, we are certain that your wedding night will be magical at the Landmark Center in St. Paul.

Landmark Center

75 West 5th Street
Saint Paul, MN   55102
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