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Gale Woods Farm Pavilion Wedding Photos

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Gale Woods Farm Pavilion Lets You Host a Chic Minneapolis Wedding

Your gorgeous ring is worth the wait to slip on your finger! But one thing that cannot wait is the right venue location to host your big day. How about a place that lets you overlook the Whaletail Lake and the scenic pastures and gardens of a capacious farm while saying your heartfelt vows? Yes, you are right!! We are talking about none other than Gale Woods Farm Pavilion in Minneapolis, a beautiful 410-acre park featuring a working educational farm. 

Located in Minnetrista, MN on Whaletail Lake, this ravishing property that has been preserved as a farm for years provides an exceptional experience of agriculture, food production, and land stewardship other than hosting the lavish weddings demonstrating a class. The venue lets you host up to 320 people for your ceremony and reception from April to November with plentiful backdrops including a fully enclosed modern red barn, beautiful grounds, and animals all around to embrace you for this new journey of love. And our Minneapolis wedding photographers will find a lot of beauty to seize in their cameras. But do you know what the perk is? A bonfire pit overlooking the lake which is just perfect to photograph during sunset. Just right over the lake, and visible from high upon the forested hills, our photographers can make the best use of this iconic spot for your Minneapolis wedding photography. 

As a part of the Three Rivers District park system, tucked in the midst of the lake network at the west of Minnetonka, MN, this engaging farm comprises secluded and lovely indoor and outdoor spaces abutting a beautiful tree-lined lake. As far as ambiance is concerned, Gale Woods Farm Pavilion’s wedding turns out as peaceful as it is beautiful, from fields to forest to lakeside beauty and everything in between. 

It is a complete treat to be with your partner amid this serenity of massive, knotted trees with emerald lawns stretching as far as the eyes can see. And do you know what is common between all of this? The sheer essence of love at every nook and cranny to offer you an exact environment as the day you realized that this is the man whom you want to share the rest of your life with!! As a rustic and historic location which is ideal for your intimate wedding reception, there are countless places where you will love to pose for the classy photographs of you with your significant other and your wedding party. With the romantic atmosphere that a Minneapolis bride demands, this tranquil oasis makes you feel like you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And yes, this magical ceremony space will take you and your wedding guests to a wonderland making you all feel like celebrating inside a storybook.

As you enter this real working farm, the furry friends on the property will make you go aww as the Gale Woods Farm also is home to super gorgeous and wonderfully friendly farm animals including ducks, geese, chickens, peacocks, miniature horses, ponies, goats, cows, horses, alpacas, and more! They are a little bundle of joy! Your guests and their kids will be excited to have so many new friends on the farm. And yeah!! Your little doggo also will have some fun around them after playing the role of your “cute ring-bearer”. This place is a gem for kids and animal-loving couples, the place brings so many cute and adorable elements to add to your wedding album other than photos of your bridal party and you two dressed as a brand new bride and groom. 

Picture yourself exchanging your vows and every creature of the planet has been gathered to celebrate this moment- from a smiling sheep to a sunset llama- a complete scene of a Disney movie! A friendly cat just came to fit into the frame as you are giving funky poses with your girls. Meanwhile, a herding dog is smiling at your groom as if he wants to be clutched by his arms for a while for a cuddle! Seems fantastic to be saved for forever!! 

The venue also carries an outdoor gaming area with plenty of space where guests can roam about and mingle with their favorites as both of you are busy at your reception. Do not miss Whale Tail Lake with stunning outdoor backdrops to adorn your wedding photos. As the sun sets in the sky and the stars come out to play for the entire night with their twinkling light, this mesmerizing view adds so much to the mood of the evening and to the wedding pictures too! The outside pathway elegantly lined with vibrant flowers of every color waits for you to kiss the night away under the gleaming skyline. Think nothing else but for this once-in-lifetime moment of your life that will pass soon as the day ends and get each and every moment of your big day romantically captured by your photographer so that you can cherish them forever! 

When it comes to listing the other perks and amenities, there is free onsite parking, wheelchair accessibility for those guests who are not so much physically active, and for those who want to make the most of the day, there are hotels located just 10 miles away with shuttle service.

As a notion to work and sustain as a zero-waste facility, Gale Woods Farm Pavilion incorporates eco-friendly design throughout its surroundings- from head to toe. The team believes in waste reduction, reuse, compost, and recycling programs, and offers local and organic food & beverage and also utilizes plant-based and compostable hardware and utensils. In maintaining the same, all the waste from weddings is composted or recycled. For those who wish for a wedding with a greatly reduced environmental footprint, Gale Woods Farm Pavilion is an excellent choice.

As it is your day, the venue offers varied ways of customizing the theme of this wide space. Deck out the dessert bar with a green backdrop and mint table linen while the garden chairs matched well with the ambiance outside. And at the same time, you two as a couple can plan something extravagant for the moment you walk down the aisle as a bride wearing a pretty long-length all-white gown with hair half up and half down, holding antique green hydrangea bouquet in one hand and your dad’s hand in the other while your partner is complimenting you in a gray suit on the other side of the aisle and your beloved ones will be waiting to see you exchange vows. Imagine the moment when your brand new spouse would kiss you and the entire world would go hazy while the sun is setting behind you. Dreamy enough!elegant in your hands The beautiful yet sophisticated setting of this Minneapolis wedding venue allows you to make your vision come true. Our Minneapolis wedding photographers do not miss a single instance of this awesome evening to store in their cameras. 

Though the venue has enough greenery, you have a lot more in the city if you are craving for some extra freshness and tranquility. Start with Elm Creek, home to a variety of wildlife including eagles, sandhill cranes, deer, bluebirds, beavers, loons, trumpeter swans, and hawks. 

Add a pinch of charisma with a pop of color that this site overflows with and listen to the calm whispering of water flowing over secluded brooks to refresh your senses. If your Minneapolis engagement photographer needs some more beauty, the majestic shots of the sun streaming through the surrounding trees are picturesque to be seized forever in the lenses. 

Another gift is the Centennial Lakes Park, a 24-acre oasis in the heart of Southdale that features a beautiful lake that holds a bucket full of backdrops for a classy Minneapolis engagement photography! Enjoy walking along the paths lining the trees or open grass areas or pose over several footbridges to make this day worth remembering not just for beautiful outdoor photos but also for the lovely moments that you both would live together! Also, this engagement photography location in Minneapolis offers endless photo opportunities in the form of paddle boats, putting course and lawn games in the summer, ice skating in the winter, concerts, and walking paths.

If you are a farm person at heart, Gale Woods Farm is a property exclusively meant for you! Just take a look around and you will be amazed to check out how many incredible options this site hides beneath that you can use to flaunt your special day!!

Gale Woods Farm Pavilion

7210 County Road 110 W
Minnesota, MN   55364
(763) 694-2001

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