Earle Brown Heritage Center Wedding Photos

Earle Brown Heritage Center Wedding Photos

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Feel the Country Vibe in the City with Earle Brown Heritage Center, Minneapolis!

Just 20 minutes from the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis, nestles this unique, historic, and charming venue- Earle Brown Heritage Center, that is always ready to offer everything that you demand to make your special day flawless and memorable! Spanning 40,000 sq. ft. this ravishing property will undoubtedly give you the country feel in the city! From pristine panoramic landscape to a traditionally rustic barn, you have a plethora of possibilities to select the desired canvas to paint the wedding you have always been envisioning since your childhood. 

At, Earle Brown Heritage Center, your outdoor wedding can have the best of both the ingredients- elegance and drama! Celebrate your day of love in The Green, a central landscaped courtyard mesmerizingly adorned with gorgeous fountains, lovely flowerbeds, luscious broad lawns, towering and shady trees, and antique streetlight. Let every picture from your Minneapolis wedding photography narrate your unique love story in its best possible way! This dazzling green courtyard offers endless photo opportunities under the ever-changing tones of the sky to our Minneapolis wedding photographers so that they can capture your priceless moments in the most amazing frames!  

The real surprise will unfold when you will step inside the property to have a look at the indoors. We bet you will be left in awe when you will come across a variety of indoor event spaces available for you to choose from. So, take your time and stroll through all the indoor ceremony spots to find that one space which truly resonates with your style, taste, and personality.

Among all the indoor locations, including The Garden City Room, The Red Barn, and the Captains Room, The Red Barn is the most desirable space amongst our beautiful brides! So, let’s have a close look at this event space and figure out why it is so much in demand. 

The Red Barn

This space has the capacity to welcome up to 800 people without feeling cramped. With a contemporary design, this barn is elegantly decked with carpeted flooring and LED halo lights, hanging from the lightly arched ceiling. The ceiling is artistically crafted with exposed wood, ductwork, and metal beams, which will definitely add a dramatic touch to your celebration. The large sliding doors at one end of the hall keeps the authentic country vibe alive.

The circular room just off the main banquet hall of the barn is the show stealer of this location. The impeccable floor-to-ceiling windows of this circular room offer a 360-degree view of this beautiful venue along with the city skyline. With an abundance of natural light pouring in, it gives vast possibilities to your Minneapolis wedding photographer to artistically play with natural colors and contrasts. 

To dance the night away with the love of your life, this venue features a slightly elevated wooden dance floor, for all of the guests to swoon over your first dance. While you are shaking your leg with your groom, let your Minneapolis wedding photographer encapsulate each move and spins in the most imaginative frames! 

Years from now, what do you think your guests will remember the most about your wedding? The attire? The cake? The lights? Possibly the venue that houses it all? Choosing the perfect wedding venue is a crucial decision as it will be the main highlight in your wedding photographs, making the guests lists, planning the theme and decor, and much more! So, let’s make this complex and the tricky decision easy peasy lemon squeezy with this beautifully restored historic wedding location.

For your special day, let Earle Brown be your loyal friend and a reliable partner. Exchange your vows at this amazing location that excellently marries the feel of a barn wedding with the amenities and opportunities and elegance of a big-city ceremony and reception.

Earle Brown Heritage Center

6155 Earle Brown Drive
Minneapolis, MN   55430
(763) 569-6300

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