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Cafe & Bar Lurcat Engagement Photos


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Cafe & Bar Lurcat

Cafe & Bar Lurcat

Located in the heart of Minneapolis is the Cafe and Bar Lurcat, a gorgeous place for your engagement photography. This is the perfect setting for the couple that loves everything about the city and its culture. Here, you’ll get to choose from many different settings inside the restaurant, out on the patio, and in the surrounding area. 

Cafe and Bar Lurcat’s architecture is rich in texture, built out of white brick and stone and decorated with hanging planters. Inside, the marble countertops, colorful artwork, leather furniture, and huge windows will give you plenty of options for shooting. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows are breathtaking, accented by elephant palms, hanging chandeliers, and ultra-chic white couches. 

The outdoor patio is a lovely spot, surrounded by trees and a wrought-iron gate, and hung with string lights that create a cozy glow. Nearby, you’ll have some fun spotting good places to shoot beneath old fashioned street lamps, or sitting on the loading dock for that urban grunge feel. You could even climb up the fire escape! With so many different feels, Cafe and Bar Lurcat is a sophisticated, elegant Minneapolis engagement photography location for a couple who wants to show off their city in simple and quirky elegance.


Photo Permit Required: No

Cafe & Bar Lurcat - Minneapolis

1624 Harmon Pl Minneapolis
MN, 55403
(612) 486-5500

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