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Your Best Wedding Photography in Milwaukee

A big city tingling with a specific small-town feel, Milwaukee is the best of both worlds! Situated in the western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has quite the infectious vibe which is easy to get on board with. With a refreshing mix of water bodies and towering cityscape, Milwaukee is to a photographer what a sandpit is to a toddler. With amazing photo opportunities laid out like an all-you-can-eat buffet, the city makes the perfect backdrop for your love story to unravel against!

Textured with a wide range of tourist attractions and must-see spots, Milwaukee promises of fun experiences, and of course, amazing pictures! Milwaukee is peppered with a string of breweries, making it a distinct part of the city’s personality. There are several tours that the city offers which circles around the beer industry! Overlooking the Menomonee River, the infamous Harley-Davidson Museum is another star attraction of the city, along with the Milwaukee Public Museum, Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory and Discovery World being some other significant tourist hotspots.

With the rich culture and history of the city, strong sportsmanship, along with an attractive bunch of must-see locations, Milwaukee is definitely more than just beer and baseball! Maybe that's the reason lovers living here as well as the ones traveling across the States choose this city to be the backdrop of their special day. The city has so many amazing and picture-worthy spots to offer, our Milwaukee wedding photographer will be in for a treat! We have compiled a list of amazing engagement and wedding locations in Milwaukee.

Top Milwaukee Engagement Photography Locations

Historic Third Ward Water-front rocky stretches, towering architecture in the background, romantic bridges and a flurry of quaint buildings, Historic Third Ward will surely add seven stars to your engagement photography. There is a burst of artistic personality that comes through and can be seen reflected throughout this area which can be both refreshing and inspiring. Spreading across 10 square blocks, this area is an urban playground for your Milwaukee engagement photographer to capture you and your partner in the most flattering light. From rolling green grasslands to rows of bright pops of floral rebellion, this area is quite versatile and has a cool indie vibe about it. The melting pot of art, culture, and celebration of creativity is the running theme of this engagement location. There is a variety of theaters, eateries, and shops which maximize the impact and will make beautiful pictures. As the sun sets, the water body lights up and the vibe quickly changes to a romantic one, get some portraits captured by your portrait photographer. Let your Milwaukee photographer click some waterfront photographs as the sun goes down. Planning your engagement session here will surely add a whole lot of coolness to your modern engagement pictures.

Discovery World Rediscover that child-like wonder within you again as soon as you step into the Discover World, and let your engagement photographer capture it all. Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, Discovery World comes as a celebration of that human inquisitiveness and the location is filled with activities and displays to get you pondering. As if that’s not enough reason for you to visit this picture-perfect location, the architecture of the location itself is yielding and allows several photo opportunities to come through. The location offers such inspiring views all around that every frame through the camera lens is bound to come out looking perfect. Give your engagement photoshoot a dash of effortless elegance and simple sophistication by making Discovery World your chosen engagement photoshoot backdrop. Be it the magical underwater aquarium or the innumerable gaming arcades, there is a whole lot of fun packed in Discovery World. If you have a thing for water, the sights of lazily floating sailboats and boats weathered down by time and the elements will fill your heart with excitement and of course, your engagement photos as well. The Lakeview Promenade makes the perfect setting for your engagement photographs to be captured, and the displays from the museum take us back through time and space. Discover and capture the thrill of your love in perfect frames in this amazing location, and the result will say it all.

Marquette University Whether you are the alma mater of this gorgeous university or you are a fan of the classic old-school romance, either way, getting your engagement photographs shot in this idyllic location is a treat in itself. The historical Marquette University boasts 19th-century architecture and comes with an appeal that is universally appealing and comes across beautifully in photographs. Situated a small while from Downtown Milwaukee, Marquette University makes for a perfect setting for your own throwback college-themed photoshoot to unravel. Filled with picture-worthy locations, cute sweetheart benches, long walkways, green creepers and foliage, this location sets the tone for the perfect engagement session. Whether it’s for just aesthetic reasons, or for nostalgia, this location makes the cut and lets our Milwaukee engagement photographer capture the perfect moments between you and your partner, as you take a trip down the memory lane together. From the gorgeous Ivy Wall to the picturesque St. Joan of Arc Chapel, Marquette University has a bunch of settings for our engagement photographer to weave into his camera film and leave a trail of perfect engagement pictures in the wake!

Whitnall Park As soon as you walk into Whitnall Park, you take a dip into nature and feel like you have been transported into a different world altogether. Nestled in the Southwestern end of downtown Milwaukee, Whitnall Park is a treat to the eyes as well as the mind. The wooded lanes curving away into the horizon, a sprawling golf course, hiking trails, and fresh flowered gardens, this park is packed with photo opportunities by the bunch. Whether you want to capture the lush green of the trees in the blooming best days of spring or want to catch the changing leaves in your engagement photography in the fall, this location never fails to deliver. Whitnall Park has a charm that comes through the images and lets the couple feel like they are in an enchanted fairyland in the middle of nowhere! But that is not all that this location has, from wide-open spaces to magical woodsy moods, this location is perfect for summer engagement photography as well as fall engagement shoots, making it one of the most versatile engagement locations in Milwaukee.

Top Milwaukee Wedding Photography Locations

Hubbard Park Lodge Something about this location is so fascinating and fairytale-like that you don't need much to make it a dream wedding destination. Reminiscent of the Hansel and Gretel in the woods, this venue is the textbook definition of cozy and your wedding photographs will reflect just that. Whether it is the wooden cabin vibe, the red-brick details on the walls or the natural beauty surrounding the general area, Hubbard Park Lodge will surely add that woodsy fairytale mood to your wedding photography. Nestled cozily amidst towering trees and beside the Milwaukee River, this picture-perfect wedding venue is a slice of peace and solace in the lap of nature. Every Milwaukee wedding photographer’s playpen, this location will surely bring out the best of their creativity in some amazing pictures. Get pictured under the quaint tunnels in the park, or take advantage of the rolling garden grass, and you can thank us later! The interior of Hubbard Park Lodge is like a warm hearth on a cold night, cozy and welcoming with the fairy lights, chandeliers, and the wooden touches, and of course, the stone fireplace. Let your wedding photographer capture the charm forever!

The Pfister Hotel If you like to live life in a sophisticated manner, you might just have struck gold with this wedding venue. Situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Pfister Hotel seems to have jumped straight out of our favorite fairytale book or a fantasy fiction book. Boasting a vibrant thread of history, this location is a standing ovation to the days bygone and a celebration of the same. The Pfister Hotel has been standing proudly for 110 years and has seen centuries taking turns. What better location than this for your love story to be captured in. Having hosted over 6,000 weddings, The Pfister Hotel is the very definition of elegance and splendor. Let our wedding photographer articulate the history and the class in the picture which will forever tell a tale of your wedding day. Regal details like the twinkling chandelier, the ceiling accented with gold, and royal toned drapes, wedding photography in this venue is a sheer dream of every wedding photographer. Let this opulent wedding venue serve you with royalty that you deserve in a silver platter on your wedding day. A magnificent entrance, the stunning staircase, the rich draperies, and everything else prove to be the perfect prop for your wedding photography and add a dash of regality to your wedding album.

The Miller Room Are you daydreaming about a wedding venue that not only delivers in terms of ageless and tasteful design to ensure that your wedding album never looks dated but alone is a location that is an enjoyable experience for your guests as well? The place you are looking for is The Miller Room. What other place will have the divine combination of stunning architectural structures, enticing landscapes and the views of the seashore? Awe-inspiring greenery seals the deal and that is just the exteriors! As soon as you step inside, the place embraces you with welcoming natural lighting promising amazing wedding photography opportunities, and overall pleasing set-up. Located in downtown Milwaukee, the wedding venue can accommodate around 250 guests, and the contemporary decor of the interiors paired with the simple elegance sets the backdrop for a wedding photography session of a lifetime and will create a timeless setting for your Milwaukee-based wedding. The abundant floor-to-ceiling windows invite in great lighting and ensure several frame-worthy portraits for our wedding photographer to capture. Let your love story come alive in this amazing wedding venue and your Milwaukee wedding photographers would love to capture the magic!

Best Place Pabst Brewery What can be more Milwaukee than a wedding in an iconic brewery which has claimed several ‘best of’ titles? Nothing! Hosting your wedding in Best Place Pabst Brewery is something that you will take with you to the wee hours of your life and think about fondly! With its iconic neon signs and warm and welcoming vibe, this wedding venue is the ‘fun one’ out of the list! Nestled in downtown Milwaukee, Best Place Pabst Brewery is like a party waiting to happen in the quiet tree-lined neighborhood of Lincoln Park. Featuring the exposed brick building with touches of dark wood throughout, this wedding location is quite a treat for our Milwaukee wedding photographers. With swooping stairways, quaint statues and an overall warmth which promises a good time, it is easy to see why Best Place Pabst Brewery is one of the best bets when it comes to wedding locations in Milwaukee. Let your wedding photography make the most of the giant Pabst signage and the eloquent decor of the opulent event spaces -the Blue Ribbon Hall & The Great Hall. With elaborate archways, greenery, and the rustic vibe of the location, you and your partner will surely love the images that land up in your wedding album! PS-Brownie points for the beer enthusiasts!

Milwaukee is surely like a box of chocolates, and it comes with a bunch of different flavors. It has a little bit of everything and the overall effect is infectiously charming! It has its own share of museums, historical structures and monuments, and enchanting parks and will dress up your wedding album like a dream. Capture the charming mix of slow-paced charm mixed with the big-city energy that Milwaukee comes within your wedding photography. With huge sheets of water, sky-scraping buildings, and little pockets of recluses placed nearby, Milwaukee is surely a photograph waiting to be captured. Let our Milwaukee photographer catch the delicate moments in the perfect frames and watch the magic come alive! The bride and groom will forever cherish the quaint Milwaukee vibe come alive in their wedding pictures, even years down the lane, and we assure that they will have nothing but fond memories of the experience. That's Milwaukee for you! Let our skilled professional photographers capture the details in the best of angles. George Street Photo and Video offer a range of wedding photography and video packages. Take a peek here!

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