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Venice Beach Engagement Photos


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Venice Beach

Venice Beach

One of the most iconic spots in LA is the gorgeous and eclectic Venice Beach, a fantastic spot for your engagement shoot full of a variety of backdrops, images, and scenes that will inspire you both for a wonderful session. 

Here you’ll have a blast exploring all of your options for creative photography. The boardwalk is lined by rows of palm trees on one side and many different kinds of shops, restaurants, and cafes on the other, all in distinctive California architecture and full of color and life. As you explore, you’ll find a wide variety of street art with quirky, whimsical, bizarre, or serene images that are bursting with color. 

Here among the vibrant culture of Venice Beach, you’ll discover just the right scene for you— whether you want a busy street filled with vendors, beach-goers in colorful bathing gear, and street performers, or an alley filled with interesting urban details and street art. Let the striking contrast of nature and city inspire you. 

With its unique combination of cultural and natural elements, Venice Beach makes a fantastic spot for LA engagement photography — you’re going to enjoy your time here and create memories that will last for a lifetime.


Photo Permit Required: No

Venice Beach - Los Angeles

5 Rose Ave Venice
CA, 90291
(310) 396-6764

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