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Chino Hills State Park Engagement Photos


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Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park

A quaint, recherché view waits for your Los Angeles engagement photography at Chino Hills State Park!

Whether the changing season brings falling leaves or is welcoming new buds blossoming in spring, Chino Hills State Park provides a perfect setting for romantic engagement photography.

Nature is a great default for engagement photos, and Los Angeles is known for its beautiful landscapes. Chino Hills State Park is a home to an impressive variety of wildlife with scattered prairies and natural pathways which make up 14,102 acres; a perfect place with an amazing variety of localities to click photos. The park is managed as an open space habitat where all plant and animal life are protected. It’s quite literally a breath of fresh air with a warm embrace!

Is there anything better than a walk amongst the blooming flowers and lush green pathways, especially with your loved one? Chino Hills State Park is so romantic!

Walk the dirt paths, hike on the trail hand-in-hand, or pose in the gazebos surrounded by blooming flowers; this park will bring a sense of wonder to your surroundings and provide an exquisite backdrop to your photography.


Photo Permit Required: Yes

Chino Hills State Park - Los Angeles

4721 Sapphire Rd Chino Hills
CA, 91709
(951) 780-6222

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