Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center WEDDING PHOTOS

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center Wedding Photos

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Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, Washington D.C.

For the couples who always wanted a chic-romantic venue for their wedding in DC, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center is the place!

Located only minutes away outside Washington, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center is an exquisite venue for your DC wedding. The marble floors, fireplaces, grand staircase, stained glass, Maryland flag ocular and the lush expansive Moxley gardens with crystalline fountain make it no less than a dream wedding venue.  The moment you step in, you will realize how every piece of the center tells the story of thousands of couples who had their happily ever after at this venue. It’s a magical place where wedding dreams come true!

We love this site for its beautiful architecture and ambiance, a captivating site for your Washington DC wedding photography. From the lighting to the setting, they know how to enhance your wedding with elegance and sophistication. Not just the beauty of the building but the professional and welcoming staff of the Riggs Alumni will make your wedding unforgettable for your guests.

Your Washington D.C. wedding photographer will thank you for choosing this venue for its lush green Moxley gardens. It will prove to be a very fresh and lively backdrop to your DC wedding photos. Imagine how your pictures will turn out in this appealing beauty of the garden with blooming flowers in the background.

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center is great for holding both your ceremony as well as your reception. Allow our Washington D.C. wedding photographer to be by your side and capture your precious moment in a glamorous way!

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center

7801 Alumni Dr, College Park
College Park, MD   20742
(301) 405-9756

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