Salvatore's Wedding Photos

Salvatore's Wedding Photos

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Add Salvatore's Vintage Charm to Your Wedding!

There are places which are classic and malleable as per the wedding theme and then there are wedding venues like Salvatores! They strut with their own distinct persona which demands to be seen. Just show up in a venue like Salvatores, with its grandeur and vintage design, and half the job is done. It packs a punch with its unique character and compelling presence and can take your wedding up several notches just by gracing us with its existence. So why is it so awesome, you ask? 

Well, let's start at the very beginning. Located at 525 W. Arlington Place, Chicago, Salvatore’s is an award-winning expansive choice for a wedding venue and can accommodate up to 230 guests. This equips you with the liberty to host a wedding of any end of the spectrum, be it a small intimate affair or a grand extravaganza. The dark wooden details, the vintage wall lights, and the dark swooping curtains present the interiors with a broody and nuanced vibe, giving it a delightful modern ambiance with a high-end vintage feel which is reminiscent of the Golden Era. The stunning setting with its ageless versatility can add finesse to any dream wedding perfectly and can support any couple’s wedding vision. Let your Chicago wedding photographer capture the grandeur of it all one frame at a time, pausing the pace of time for years to come!

Salvatore’s is a subtle testimony of the good old days when life was grand and the taste was finer than ever. The hand-picked antiques, marble floors, and mahogany walls all come together to create a lasting style statement. The vibe is warm and cozy, without compromising on the class. This venue takes the guest’s breathe away with its inviting old-age charisma and the dark decor which is a mood on its own! It is the perfect setting for your wedding photographers to snap some iconic pictures.

If the indoors are not enough, don't hold back from taking the party outside! The entrance paints a pretty picture with its white and black details, translating to amazing photo moments. Being situated in the heart of the majestic Lincoln Park, Salvatore’s allows couples to make the most of their wedding experience, as they have the whole park at their disposal. The interesting nooks and the rich greens of the Lincoln Park will literally make your Chicago wedding photography a literal walk in the park! 

There something about Salvatore’s which makes you feel like you have hopped on to a 1920s jazz club, but at the same time, it is controlled enough to be contemporary. It is an affirmation of the past along with the scope of the present, bringing to the couples and the guests a truly unique experience. Let the quaint wall lamps glow and let the jazz play and let your wedding roar as loud as the roaring twenties. Or do your own thing, because Salvatore’s shall comply!


525 W. Arlington Place
Chicago, IL   60614
(773) 528-1200

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