Ravenswood Event Center Wedding Photos

Ravenswood Event Center Wedding Photos

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Host a Classic Vintage Wedding at The Ravenswood Event Center, Chicago

No matter how far things may have come, some of us still have our hearts set at the classic and timeless things exuding the power of vintage and simplicity! If you and your partner are among those few who value timelessness, we recommend you check out Ravenswood Event Center in Chicago.

The gorgeous event space is a great pick for couples who always put simple elegance above superfluous opulence. This industrial urban facility takes the cake for its sleek design, renowned cuisine and great attention to detail. All the ingenious decor elements, including the 30-foot ceiling, the exposed brick walls, and the iron cross beams, represent awe-inspiring backdrops that will inspire your wedding photos. 

This event venue once held boilers to heat the entire city block, now will warm any couple's heart with a series of features that will enhance the happiest moments shared with friends and family.  The Ravenswood Event Center comprises three floors dedicated to your and your partner’s requirements - the Atrium, the Loft and the Showroom, accommodating up to 200, 250 and 400 guests, respectively. 

The atrium is located on the top floor of this Chicago wedding venue and gives you a spectacular view of the neighboring Ravenswood, Hancock, L and Metra lines. Two out of the four walls are adorned with huge glass windows that let the perfect amount of sun to enter and spread its glow! The atrium is a suitable space to hold your wedding ceremony as the place is superbly lit naturally which brings about a splendid radiance to your wedding photography. Witness the sun casting its unparalleled spell of bedazzlement everywhere as you and your partner would say your wedding vows in this beautiful event space! The hardwood floor and exposed brick walls give the atrium an industrial vibe, which will bring about the classic look in your wedding photography!

The loft lies just below the atrium and is as ‘Windy City’ as it can get! The loft leaves you spellbound with its exposed timber beams, chiseled wooden floor, and walls made of exposed bricks that are centuries old! The walls of the loft are lined with windows throughout, which allow plenty of sunlight in. Yeah, we bet you know where we are going with this - your wedding photography! While the daytime allows your Chicago wedding photographers to take flawlessly detailed photos, as the dusk strikes, the string lights coupled with soft light fixtures create a dreamy ambiance, perfect for your dream wedding!

The showstopper of this magnificent wedding venue is the showroom with unique interiors and collections! When we say collection, we mean cars! Yup, situated on the lowest level, the showroom, houses various vintage neon signs belonging to Hayes collection along with an amazing assemblage of vintage European and American sports cars. Can you imagine the photo ops here! The exposed beams and brick walls give it a rustic look while the subtle lofted skylights lend a romantic atmosphere. And of course, the neon signs create a Hollywood-ish vibe! Trust our Chicago wedding photographer to capture romantic shots of you and your sweetheart, making you both look like stars who are madly in love with each other!  

The Ravenswood Event Center is everything vintage, classic and Chicago! Tour the billboard factory atrium and loft, a great choice for dramatic ceremonies and receptions. Check out the Industrial Ballroom, which offers the perfect setting for memorable urban affairs. Dare to be different and count on our team of Chicago wedding photographers to accentuate the uniqueness of your wedding highlights. 

Ravenswood Event Center

4011 North Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL   60613
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