Old Orchard Country Club Wedding Photos

Say 'I Do' Closest to Nature in a Country Club - Old Orchard Country Club, Illinois, Chicago

The day is sunny with white fluffy clouds floating about like cotton balls. You are seated in your car with your fiance and a gleaming ring in your finger. This might be one of the 4 venues and your mind is a little clouded with all the different places you have visited, not being to make up your mind about any, as you drive into the Old Orchard Country Club located in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, curving through the covered circle drive, and there! You know as clear as the day that you want to get married right here! 

Adorned with perfectly manicured grounds, well-pruned trees and the gardens peppered with an assortment of flowers this place is surely easy on the eyes. The green grassy land interrupted by the bluest blues of the prettiest ponds with charming stone bridges and cascading fountains! What can be better than the cutesy stone bridge to take your wedding photos on? Nothing! 

If only you can look away from the charming gardens long enough, Old Orchard-Midori Banquet Service has a lot to offer to a couple looking to tie the knot. The modern architecture of the property comes with a ballroom covered with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing the perfectly breathtaking panoramic views of the rolling green lands and gleaming water bodies for your wedding to play out. 

If you think this venue is all about its stunning views, well, think again! It has much more than you can see! The ballroom is big enough to host around 350 people for the wedding reception of your dreams. The wraparound wall-to-ceiling glass windows bring the outsides in, making you feel like you are sitting in a garden. There is an abundance of daylight spilling in the hall room, setting the atmosphere with an iridescent glow. Our Chicago wedding photographers love the natural lighting and work with it to create masterpieces in wedding photography. The glittering crystal chandeliers are minimal but glorious, lending an effortless sense of class to the place while lighting up the place in warm golden light at night!

Step out of the hall, and you will notice that the extended wraparound patio with the sitting arrangement is perfect to catch the best of nature. This is also a favored spot for clicking a picture or two with your special one! With the luscious green landscape laid out in front of you, this is a pleasant spot for your guests to chill and unwind, providing the exclusive country club vibe.

This venue ticks all the boxes in your checklist of ‘perfect venue’. Beautiful interiors, sprawling gardens, lovely fountains and storybook stone bridges, there is everything and more to appeal to you in several different ways! Let  Old Orchard Country Club give wings to your big wedding dreams, making your wedding something which came right out of a magazine!

Old Orchard Country Club


Old Orchard Country Club

700 West Rand Road
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

(847) 255-2025