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Host a Sophisticated Wedding Reception at Germania Place in Chicago 

If you’re looking for a large venue with a strikingly beautiful architecture and historical significance, consider reserving the event space offered by Germanic Place in Chicago, Illinois. This site features all the intriguing details that add personality and character to a wedding venue, including dramatic 45’ domed ceilings, a Gold Coast address, and majestic arched windows. 

Owned and run by Kenmare Catering, this facility also takes pride in original menus that are both dramatic and creative. The menus combine a virtually endless list of sustainable and exotic ingredients with new age cooking techniques that will stun your guests with truly unique, flavorful specialties. The dance lighting of the elegant Royal Ballroom will encourage your loved ones to abandon their seats and join you on the floor. While the Grand Ballroom will dazzle you and your attendees with its golden touches, elegant color palette based on soft pastels, and fabulous crystal chandeliers which contribute a great deal to your fantastic wedding photos. 

The high ceilings and large windows will give you the chance to make the most of an indoor space that you will perceive as airy and inviting. From luxurious, colorful table settings to polished wooden floors and silky all-white table linens, all these classy elements can become the central motifs of your great photos. Let our inspired Chicago wedding photographers accentuate the highlights of this stunning wedding venue and turn grand décor elements and romance into fabulous, everlasting memories.

Germania Place

108 West Germania Place
Chicago, IL   60614
(312) 787-0190

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