Galleria Marchetti Wedding Photos

Galleria Marchetti Wedding Photos

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An outdoor wedding in the heart of chicago at galleria marchetti 

Planning a wedding? How about having it in Tuscany? But without having to go to Tuscany! Don’t believe us? At the Galleria Marchetti, you sure will! This wedding venue lies in the heart of Chicago and has a gorgeous charm and enchanting feel of Tuscany. With over 75 years of experience, you are guaranteed to get top-notch service. Although based in Chicago, the Galleria Marchetti offers authentic European decor and cuisine. 

Your big day calls for plenty of photographs, taken at its various amazing locations with all your loved ones, that you and your sweetheart can cherish for life!  The first look is one of the most emotive moments of your wedding and we always love to capture the raw emotions like the, “How lucky am I!” expression on your partner’s face and the blush on yours! We recommend having your first look against the spectacular cityscape and making the gorgeous Chicago skyline a part of your big moment!

As the wedding celebrations are in full flow, we would recommend you two to get a little adventurous and get away from all the crowd for a while! Wise words to be kept in mind the whole day though - do not forget to take your Chicago wedding photographers along! And you won’t regret that! We love clicking intimate moments of the couple-of-honor where they are more relaxed and comfortable. Walk around the courtyard and just be you! Allow your wedding photographers to capture all the intimate moments as you and your sweetheart revel in the importance of a day that’s totally dedicated to you both! 

For family portraits and photographs with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you could head to the landscaped gardens. This photogenic location provides a great contrasting background for classic family pictures that will be cherished for generations!

This Chicago wedding venue boasts of a European-inspired decor and comprises five separate event spaces (that can also be combined) to suit your requirements. The East Courtyard gives you a Tuscany vibe with its brick walls adorned with flowing ivy entry, outdoor garden seating and terra cotta pots reminiscent of a Tuscan lawn. And canopies! Aren’t they just beautiful? And when incorporated beautifully in your Chicago wedding photography, the canopies bring so much with them! 

On the other hand, La Pergola is an open-air boutique that boasts of a European-designed shade structure, retractable roof, Moroccan brass scones, travertine flooring, and an exhibition kitchen! The decor of this outdoor event space calls for never-ending photography and when it comes to weddings, you know what they say? There is no such thing as too many pictures! Trust our wedding photographers to capture the mood created by the ambiance flawlessly. A bonus is the abundance of natural light here, which will make your exceptional wedding photographs look even more stunning!

The third space, La Sala Lucchese, is an appealing Italian ristorante with a vaulted ceiling and exposed kitchen. The old-world charm exuded by the interiors of this event space, lending an Italian vibe and making you feel like you have been transported to a beautiful countryside restaurant in Italy. How nice would it be if this lovely setting was gorgeously incorporated in your Chicago wedding photography! Just imagine it and leave the rest to us! 

The Pavilion is a spectacular all-season tented event space featuring 50-foot removable glass walls, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and 800 square-foot dance floor, and an adjoining terrace. Let’s have you picture yourself having the first dance with your sweetheart in the Pavillion, under the glowing environment of glimmering chandeliers and romantic dim lighting around! You both are enjoying a slow dance when you realize that this is your moment, your day and everyone is here to rejoice to just that. All the butterflies, hard work, and big and small turning points of your relationships, eventually come down to this very moment! Our advice, immerse yourself in this moment and leave the world aside! Trust our wedding photographers to capture this phenomenal moment forever in their frames!

Another spot where you can have romantic pictures clicked with your partner is the terrace with a 72-foot long fire pit. With darkness all around, imagine posing romantically with your partner, only to glow under the subtle light lent by the fire! Can you imagine how dreamy would it look? 

Finally, the heart of the whole event space - La Sala Perugina, features large street-level windows and glass doors that allow abundant natural light to make your wedding portraits even more breathtaking! You could rope in your family and friends for spectacular wedding photography.

Our Chicago wedding photographers love shooting at this venue because of the diverse and stunning backdrops available throughout the gardens and the pavilion. The Galleria Marchetti is a family-owned business committed to making your wedding day a dream come true. And while they do that, we would capture all the details, big and small, that will convey your unique love story.

Galleria Marchetti

825 West Erie Street
Chicago, IL   60622
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