Esplanade Lakes by Doubletree Wedding Photos

Esplanade Lakes By Doubletree Wedding Photos

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Host A Stunning Wedding Around the Sparkling Water of Doubletree Esplanade Lakes Ballroom!

Have you always been a water baby? Or are you fascinated by the glimmering beckonings of the lakes? Or you just like the starry reflections of a water body? If you are nodding yes to any one of this, you might fall in love with this venue. Just saying! A majestic event with Hollywood-esque staircases and high ceilings enclosed in water from all sides. Sounds like a dream? Well, it's because this is pretty close to a dream wedding that you can get! 

This place looks like a work of art, thanks to its strategic placement, and the insane out-of-the-world interiors. Just a short 30 minutes drive away from downtown Chicago, the Esplanade Lakes Ballroom looks straight out of a fiction novel and is a world of its own. With the capacity of up to 600 guests, this venue is suitable for both an intimate get-together and an extensive reception alike.

There is surely a lot going on here and this by no means like just any other wedding venue out there. First thing first, it is spectacularly beautiful architecture with a huge magnificent circular ballroom with glass windows boasting panoramic glimpses of the Morton Arboretum as a sublime backdrop for a memorable wedding to play out. As soon as you step into the hall, your breath is taken away by the sheer ethereal beauty of the place. There is a lot to take in through the floor-to-ceiling windows as on one side it frames the shimmering view of Esplanade Lake, and on the other side is the enchanting forest preserve, Morton Arboretum, making you and your guests feel like they are caught between two heavens, as you host your reception. Natural light is abundance as the place virtually brings the outdoors indoors. Your Chicago wedding photographer will love to shoot here as the impeccable lighting allows them to catch every moment of your special day in exquisite details. 

If you can look away from the stunning views surrounding you, take some time to examine the breathtaking interiors of the place. Be it the wrap-around balcony or the billowy canopy-style curtains to dress up the cocktail and dinner affair to give the interiors a more cozy feel, this venue will take you by surprise. The magnificent staircase with blue marbled accents is a sight on its own. Which means only one thing-stunning wedding photography options for you to explore!

The best thing about this venue? It manages to steal you and your guests away from the bustling cityscape and provides you with an isolated paradise to paint your perfect wedding picture in. The still glassy water makes you feel like you are floating in the middle of nowhere, the magical greenery overlooking the venue makes you feel like you are in nature’s lap. And to think it’s just a 30 minutes drive away is just amazing!

As you take in the beautiful sights, both indoors and outdoors, and dance with your brand new spouse, you are not only creating an everlasting memory for yourself, but also your guests. Not only do they witness your union amidst a magical location, but they also get a feeling of being away on a vacation, thanks to the enchanting terrain! Win-win!

Esplanade Lakes By Doubletree

3500 Lacey Road
Downers Grove, IL   60515
(630) 971-2000

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