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Bloomingdale Golf Club Wedding Photos

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Bloomingdale Golf Club is an Inviting, Picturesque Space for Your Candid Chicago Wedding

When it is about your wedding, the only thing that matters is the fine-chopped detail. When you have the perfect settings crafted for you for the most-awaited day of your life, you are bound to end up with truly spectacular dreamy wedding photography that you have always envisioned for! With lush green grounds sprawled over several acres, the modern-chic Bloomingdale Golf Club is one such gem lending a cozy, quaint feel to your perfect wedding evening. 

Just 30 minutes from Downtown Chicago, Bloomingdale Golf Club wedding venue gives you a lush and intimate location which is simply perfect for your Chicago wedding! With over 40 years of experience in planning successful weddings, the Bloomingdale Golf Club wedding venue is amongst the best wedding venues in Chicago, Illinois. A beautiful room overlooking the picturesque golf course with a large veranda wrapping around the elegant ballroom. You can’t expect anything more extravagant and royale than this inviting and renowned wedding venue from Chicago.

While this expansive clubhouse boasts a stone-wall façade, the high ceilings, hardwood floors, and the arched windows bring elegance to your soiree with all the variety of backdrops for our Chicago wedding photographers to make use of! Do not miss to add the timeless charm of the reflecting ponds and a rustic wooden bridge that awaits you with fabulous photo opportunities, too. 

If you’ve always wished for a serene place to start your newlywed life that’s touched by nature, the Bloomingdale Golf Club is just for you! The pristine and lush lawn at the outdoors is just majestic for your ceremony with the blue sky high above creating the lovely backdrop for your kind of Chicago wedding photographs. Imagine the heartfelt moments when you share your vows with starry-eyes in front of all those who you love and cherish in your life! And the cherry on the top is the intimacy offered by the spotless landscape of Bloomingdale Golf Club that convinces you to smile every time you look around.

Featuring a vast lush course to accommodate up to 220 guests, your ceremonies and receptions at this secluded but all-so romantic location is something that reflects your offbeat personality as bride and groom. With a fresh cozy touch of natural beauty at the outdoor, the intricate details of the indoors welcome you and your excited bridal party through large windows bringing enough natural light and an outdoor veranda adjacent to the banquet room to provide sweeping course views. A perfect blend of beauty and style that our Chicago photo experts would love to capture. 

Picture this! The perfect man you have chosen to be with you for the rest of your life is looking at you with his teary eyes as you enter the event space for the ‘first look’, in a pretty strapless lace bridal gown with a flowy veil, and you are looking as gorgeous as a bride could be. Simply breathtaking! And do you know what is the worth-capturing moment? His wet eyes and soft smile which is saying it all. To make this already-lovely moment a bit more gorgeous yet memorable, this Chicago-based facility offers brides a luxury bridal room to get ready with all the most-needed beauty tips to follow so that your perfect winged eyeliner does not disperse when you cry! Even for a happy reason. 

Like any other space of the Bloomingdale Golf Club, the suite is equipped with all the required amenities putting your comfort and privacy on priority. And top of all, you have the perfect space in hand to pose for some getting-ready pictures just before wearing that perfect all-white dress for the day, like every other bride. But the only thing which is not common is your genuine smile that our wedding experts in Chicago and its suburbs will capture, including all the other expressions and emotions of you as a couple, from that thrill in the eyes as you walk down the aisle to that giggle when you cut a scrumptious tiered wedding cake and yes, the smile as you say goodbye on your sparkler wedding exit by your lovely guests!

Get ready for yet another special moment for which all eyes have been waiting for years! Yes, you guessed it right. It is the worth-waiting view to see you as a stunning bride draped in a perfect wedding dress, while your group of bridesmaids in gorgeous floral dresses compliment you and create charisma for bridesmaids portraits. This would be the time when our Chicago suburbs photographer would love capturing your dapper groom looking at you without blinking his eyes and his dashing groomsmen doing something impish with their bestie. The bridal party photos will surely kill the frame. Yeah. Imagine- your groom in a blue suit who is looking as spotless as you and all your loved ones are clicking photos of you two with their iPhones like paparazzi. Dreamy enough! But the thing that excels everything else is the chemistry between you two, which is so much fun to photograph for our team of talented wedding photographers in and around Chicago

As you are done with couple portraits near the lush fairways and majestic trees for tons of memorable photo opportunities easy, take an escape from the celebration to spend some relaxing time when there is no one but you two smitten in love enjoying this lovely day with some warm hugs, tender kisses and an outburst of emotions!

Hey! This is not the only spot to gather emotions. As our digital artists move around the bridal party, there are plenty of instances to store in their cameras. Now picture this- your little nephew is super-duper excited to be a ring-bearer and pose with the most beautiful lady of the day- yes, it is you, the sweet bride while your parents are mingling with the guests telling them the sentimental stories about how you reacted on your first day at school! And now that little angel is celebrating one of the happiest days of her life. Time flies! 

For a chic reception that stands out, the venue flaunts its Grand Ballroom for a majestic celebration of its kind. The panoramic picture windows in the ballroom are just perfect to put the gorgeous landscaping throughout the golf course into the frame by our Chicago suburbs wedding photographers. As you slip away from your celebration and stroll over the overflowing grounds with your BAE, you will be amazed to see the colorful flowers, tall trees, and the tranquility at every nook and cranny. Posing in this striking location is truly fabulous because inside and out, you cannot get enough of these lovely and romantic fairytale backdrops.

The outdoor veranda adjacent to the banquet hall makes for the perfect cocktail hour space with views of the lush fairways, evergreens, and a fete full of love and joy. A perfect blend for flawless Chicago wedding photographs! For those who wish to have a small intimate affair, the banquet room can be used in the form of three smaller private rooms.

All these moments always bring a smile to your face and your loved ones, but with tears of joy. And this is what a wedding day is all about. To relive all those lovely moments once again with your favorite ones before you step into a new phase of your life as husband and wife. 

Your wedding is not just a day, ceremony, or ritual. Rather, it's an emotion. To hold the hand of that one person who seems to be so sweet to you that you want them to be with you till your last breath. One more event that brings the same resonance of goosebumps to you just like the wedding bells do, is your engagement! Yeah! To wear that ring from your favorite one while listening to those heart-melting proposal lines. We bet, no girl can wear that ring without shedding tears (of joy)!! 

Though this moment is complete in its respect due to such heartwarming feelings and emotions of two persons attached to it. But to grace it with the backdrop of an elegant spot is worth a try. And after, all you would want to tell your gal pals and colleagues, your proposal story with visual effects! Of course, it is not only the ring that you need to highlight. It is also about that tender love that you want to announce to the world. So a private location in Chicago and its suburban regions could be a nice pick where you would want to officially change your title from a girlfriend to a fiance. 

The cool breeze at the Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is just perfect for any time of the season to visit with your partner and pose for some lovely and memorable snapshots. Scattered woodlands and prairies that make up the 855 acres of this lush green land give Chicago couples a relaxing time to walk along wooded trails, especially in fall with the changing leaves. This is when you got to add some vibrant colors to your engagement pictures in Chicago along with the pinch of romance in the surroundings.

Another hidden gem of the Chicago region can be found at the northern edge of Lincoln Park across the Montrose Harbor and Beach that has gained its popularity due to its diverse range of architectural and natural elements to make your photos come to life. While both the harbor and the beach boast incredible views of the impressive Chicago skyline, there is nothing you as a couple could wait for! On the shore, Lake Michigan with the gorgeous downtown architecture of Chicago creates a lovely duo. The variety of textures here makes this beach a fantastic spot for Chicago engagement photography in your style.

As you explore the stunning city of Chicago, you will get to see the picturesque views of world-class architecture, stunning artwork, and awe-inspiring statues and sculptures that call for the perfect kind of photoshoot for the couples. This is the reason Chicago is known as a muse for photographers from around the globe. Lovingly nicknamed Windy City, the city is home to one of the most epic skylines in America and lets you enjoy the panoramic view from around the city! And it is not only about your grand wedding or engagement ceremony. Chicago welcomes the couples to spend some moments of love away from the daily old schedule and strike some candid poses together for their pre-wedding photography session or post-wedding photo shoot as well. 

A beach engagement photoshoot is always flirtatious for the couples and at the North Avenue Beach, the ambiance looks much intimate with endless blue water lines, dramatic ocean-liner buildings, white sand, and light wood boardwalk. Spread over an expansive 2,200 square feet, the beach captivates brides like you for a classy engagement session in Chicago. As the picture-perfect city skyline greets you, our Chicago engagement photographer by your side captures the magic. Spare some time with your partner at sunset or sunrise and take a lovable stroll along the boardwalk while our engagement photo experts in Chicago use some artistic background of the property in your couple portraits during golden hour.

Spreading on 85-acres of woodlands, prairie, wetlands and gardens, Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens is a 10-acre lake with so much to gaze at and store for a lifetime. And when you are with your soulmate, it is time to create memories and cherish them for the years to come. A pose near the waterfall is truly photogenic! If you love nature, another twist is to catch the beautiful sunset over the lake. This is what makes this place a complete package for Chicago engagement photography loaded with golden hour photos and silhouette shots.

If you enjoy challenging greens and thinking about tying the knot at a place that is filled with a sheer zen-like calm atmosphere, you have come to the right place. Bloomingdale Golf Club is the best-fit place for those who prefer to enjoy their intimate ceremony with nothing but love!

Bloomingdale Golf Club

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