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Add Historic Ecstacy & Modern Appeal To Your Nuptials At Venue Artifacts Events, Chicago

The rituals are identical for every wedding, it's solely the ambiance and surroundings that make the distinction. Thus why not opt for an unusual wedding venue like Chicago's Artefact Events to make the recollections that might be persistent for either side of your bridal party. Founded in 1987, this antique brick and timber structure is known for its varied collection of beautiful salvaged objects. The site is standing in Historic Ravenswood neighborhood (near Montrose metro station) and can impeccably host 50 - 1000 guests (300, seat capacity) in its three debonair, big, luminous and breezy event spaces. The original buildings North Atrium, South Atrium, and Courtyard were combined to create a clear-cut event space to host your weddings. With window ceilings, string lights and an industrial feel, Artifact Events is perfect for large weddings searching a trendy setting.

The grand facility separates into 2 major areas-indoor spaces and outside grounds, all being managed by the team that brought you Morgan MFG and Chicago's superb Untitled nightspot. The spaces comprise of steel catwalks, atriums, giant floor, cocktailing and inherent bar adjacent to main event house, large newly restored ladies room, and wedding suite.

North atrium features a large dance floor with a cocktailing and built-in bar adjacent to the main event space apart from a graceful green room. The grand South Atrium soars to two levels. The first floor houses a private tucked away courtyard, iconic antique stone columns, a lavish lounge and Ravenswood room. Atrium offers stunning views of subject Artifacts storehouse, further as its secluded yard. Steel catwalks take your guests through the airy Atrium to the classic Loft on the second floor that looks perfect for theater-style seated wedding ceremonies. The warm hardwood floors and exposed brick and wood beams are quite appealing.

Exploring unique backdrops keeps your wedding photographer's heart beating. They enjoy looking for unconventional angles and reflections for their stills at this place. And this iconic space provides endless photo ops for your Chicago wedding photographer to incorporate the amazing artifacts as a backdrop to give your wedding photography a novel look. How about showcasing the wedding robe on that framed incomplete piece of Roman wall clock? Brides can't help it! It is an excellent spot for clicking some intimate photographs of the betrothed couple too. 

Remember that this lovely wedding venue is housed within an architectural preservation gallery. The photographer will have an absolute blast capturing your big day here. The dramatic atrium, towering columns, amazing entrance, and world-class art can all be a part of the price of admission for your wedding eve. The enclosed courtyard featuring 25-foot columns is a perfect place to get those in-the-moment pictures clicked while you are enjoying a cocktail party with your near and dear ones. 

Despite the fact you can’t move anything, you’ll still as much enjoy posing amid the unique built-in decorations of this property as your photographer. High ceilings, latest installations, refreshing natural light, hardwood floors, and many romantic indoor spaces make for wonderful backdrops for your Chicago wedding photography. And last but not least this exceptional tourist attraction would amuse your out-of-town guests also. They can check out interesting objects while you two love birds are busy posing for their post-nuptial pictures.

Besides, suggesting reputed vendors, this stunning Chicago venue is always ready to guide the couples on several other elements too such as decor, dress and even dining. Committed to delight the couples and their guests with expert hospitality and a tremendous assortment of artifacts, Artefact Events provides numerous ways for making the event one-of-its-kind. Our Chicago wedding photographers would love to form the simplest out of those antique objects for an incredible photoshoot.

Your love story is unique and so should be your wedding venue. Stepping into the future on the chariot from the past will fill your journey with new thrills. Imagine saying your vows amid art and history. Chicago’s loveliest and one of the most unique venue is waiting to host your special day in an unusual way, your guests have not experienced before ever.

Artifact Events

4325 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL   60613
(773) 348-0622

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