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Great Brook Farm State Park Engagement Photos


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Great Brook Farm State Park

Great Brook Farm State Park

When you picture the pastoral beauty of classic Americana in your mind, Great Brook Farm State Park lives up to your daydream.

You can wander for miles at this sprawling ode to nature and see a new breathtaking view at every turn. This 1,000-acre park features more than 20 miles of trails with historic sites along the way. You’ll spot notable Native American sites, 17th-cellar holes leftover from English settlers and an active dairy farm. All of these historic features act as the perfect prop for your Boston engagement photography. Plus, the scenery is continuously gorgeous - mile after mile - so your engagement photographer will have no shortage of inspiration.

The vast and varied landscape is dotted with red barns and a grain silo near the water’s edge - a crystal-clear mirror reflection that doubles the beautiful view. Plus, all of that red barn architecture will add a pop of color to your photos!

Great Brook Farm State Park is home to a stunning backdrop for Boston engagement photography in every season. Love the winter? Head down the cross country trails for a pristine scene of freshly fallen snow. Stroll through the towering, mature trees in fall for a painterly portrait framed by the changing palette of autumn leaves. Tall grasses beckon for a playful summer run.

In other words, this place is a true American beauty.

Photo Permit Required: Yes

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Great Brook Farm State Park - Boston

165 N Rd Carlisle
MA, 01741
(978) 369-6312

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