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Blue Hills Reservation Engagement Photos


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Blue Hills Reservation

Blue Hills Reservation

For an adventurous and nature-loving couple, the Blue Hills Reservation is heaven on earth and the perfect location to have their Boston engagement photography.

From lush green hiking trails and tree-lined walkways to waterfronts, raw natural beauty welcomes you at every step at the Blue Hills Reservation. Hike along the greenery surrounded by rocky crags of the Chickatawbut trail and enjoy the summer berries. There, you’ll find wonderful views of the Boston skyline. Or, follow the Blue Skyline Trail to the grassy flat top of Buck Hill and the majestic views of Boston Harbor. Blue Hills Reservation is home to many trails, wildlife and water-banks so, go exploring with your fiancé first to know the area and find scenic photography spots. And try to opt for the easier and shorter routes to not get winded along the way!

Preserving a treasure trove of untouched natural gems and splendor, Blue Hills Reservation will surely bring a rejuvenating energy to your day so, get ready for a day of adventure, romance, and refreshment. Just make sure that your photographer is up for some hiking and a bit of adventure to help you make the best of your Boston engagement photography!


Photo Permit Required: Yes

Blue Hills Reservation - Boston

695 Hillside St Milton
MA, 02186
(617) 698-1802

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