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George Street's Top 6 Engagement Session Locations in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city full of culture. It's a culinary hotspot, home to the tech boom, and filled with some of the more picturesque places in the country. We have put together a compilation of the best photo spots in the Bay Area. Yes, we have the Golden Gate Bridge covered with Fort Point, Cupid's Span, and the Embarcadero. You'll swoon over the natural beauty of Sycamore Valley Park and the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. You'll love the unexpected beauty of Legion of Honor and the Oakland Airfield. Each of these places is magnificent in its own way.



If you're looking for a premiere photo spot in San Francisco, head to Rincon Park. Specifically, you want to make your way to Cupid's Span and the Embarcadero. It's filled with gorgeous architecture and views of San Francisco. We love the way that this spot has a muted, yet colorful palette. So it works as a backdrop that will brighten the frame, and it's neutral enough that it will enhance your looks, whatever you don. It's a romantic, fun spot that will reflect your vibrancy.



Berkeley is one of the most iconic countries in the nation. In addition to being a fantastic school that's tied to the history of the civil justice movement, Berkeley is also filled with spectacular beauty. The Botanical Garden at UC Berkeley is a fanciful place to take photos. As you explore the 34-acre park, you'll find much to inspire you. The Botanical Garden is filled with both exotic plants and those that naturally grow in the region. With the varied gardens, you have ample opportunity to find the backdrop that is just right for you.


Remember when you were a kid and your mom kindly pointed out that your fort in the living room might be a little bit of an eyesore? As much as it hurt, she was probably right. It's better to live the forts to the professionals. Luckily, San Francisco already has you covered with the magnificent Fort Point. Located just next to the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point was originally designed to protect the city from warships. How cool is that? Today, the well-preserved site has breathtaking views of the Bay and the bridge. You can't deny Fort Point is gorgeous in its own right.



When you live in a big city, sometimes venturing towards the outer perimeter can feel like you're traveling to the end of the world. When you reach Legion of Honor, you'll feel like it was well-worth the trip. It's located steps away from Land's End and the start of the Golden Gate Bridge near the edge of the city. Legion of Honor is a magnificent structure, almost unparalleled in its beauty. The classic lines and neo-classical architecture are all the more beautiful because of the views of San Francisco you'll find at Legion of Honor.



Love is in the air a Sycamore Valley Park. At least, it feels that way when you visit this forested oasis. The rolling hills are beyond compare. You'll feel like you've gone to Heaven on Earth. The tall grasses that adorn the hill have a decidedly romantic feel, as they billow in the wind. It's the perfect place to cozy up in a blanket or maybe bring a picnic, all the while letting your photographer capture the magic. You can explore the park, sit under the sun, or you can even play a game of bocce ball. Sycamore Valley Park pretty much has everything.



When you watch a movie that takes place during WWII, it's so easy to become enchanted by the airplanes. The Oakland Air Museum allows you to capture some of that magic. This unique San Francisco-area darling is located in the North Field of the Oakland International Airport. You'll be surprised what you can learn from the museum's exhibits and displays. We have to say, though, the best part about the Oakland Air Museum is the number of planes they have on display. The museum has a touch-and-feel approach, so you can climb into some of the planes to get some really incredible photos.

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